Monday, November 3, 2014

We Have Pictures!

I promised photos from the baby shower yesterday.  But I want to give the disclaimer that I don't pretend to be a photographer.  A couple rushed ones were blurred.  And I didn't even get one of my presents being opened.  Oh well.   But here is a quick overview.
Cow Girl and Lil' Farm Gal meeting and greeting.
Lots of Older Son's friends were there too. It was a family and friends party.  Since Cow Girl is not from this area originally, most of the people knew my son first.  But they are learning to love her too.
This cake, and many pies were made by Son's Best Bud's wife.  Yummy.  Three layers of luciousness.
Clearly someone knew of Older Son's tractor preference.  It will look good with the Farmall Jacket, while riding with Daddy in the tractor.
Although many attendees were local friends, Cow Girl's familyattended.  Lil' Farm Gal is sitting on the other Grandma's knees, with Great Grandma nearby.  Behind is our baby's aunt and cousin.
I wish I had gotten a better picture of this quilt top from "Other Grandma." She said that she has had this fabric marinating in her stash for 19 years.  A perfect use for it.
I will try for a better picture when it is completed.  She does have until December before the baby comes.  

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