Friday, November 14, 2014

Pooped, But With Plans

These early morning trips to the next town are starting to drain me. Especially when I can't get a nap when I get home. Every time I tried, the Lizzy needed a walk. Since Hubby slept most of the day, I put him on the morning pickup. Since Younger Son only needs to work five hours tonight, he will also be taking hIm in to work at 1:00 am. Of course I will be the family alarm clock then and in morning. But tomorrow morning I can go back to bed. And sleep.

Today was a short nap day. I had an appointment to get some measurements and finalize plans for a sweater. (I swear this is my commissioned piece.) I have been in turmoil over how to make it without adequate measurements. I think I have a plan now. And measurements and yarn. As soon as the Green and White Jacket is finished, I can start the new project. Swatching can start sooner, to give me time to do the final calculations for stitch count and placement of markers. The sweater will have a couple cables and a wide overlapped front. Maybe five or six inches and no buttons so the opening can just hang open. I'm not sure what I will call it. Maybe the Cabled Flowy Sweater.

I am sure going to be tired of green by the time the new sweater is finished. The baby sweater is nearly finished and the new sweater is also green. They are both a slightly olivey green although the new sweater And besides that, I have about 9 skeins of Lamb's Pride by Brown Sheep Wool. And almost the same color as the new sweater.

I only have two one-pound skeins right now (shown here with my semi small dog), but I have up to five pounds if I need it. They are big skeins. And that is a lot of olivey green.

I may need to see if I can swap my green Lamb's Pride for a nice blue or teal. I like cool colors. And maybe Brown Sheep Nature Spun. After this sweater I may want something other than a single ply.

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