Friday, October 30, 2015

Vest Works

I finally got back to working on my Oatmeal Vest, dedicated to my friend Flo, who had purchased the yarn before passing away.

I tried it on the other day after clipping it together for sewing. The curled ends make it look small, but there will also be the front bands to give a little front ease as well. (Messy wool room can be seen behind me. It also doubles as a Christmas present hiding place.)

Shoulders and sides have been successfully seamed, while watching "The Cat People". I have begun picking up the armhole trim, and knitting, also in seed stitch.

After the second armhole, I just have front bands to pick up and knit followed by buttons and ends to trim. I may get to wear this next cold snap.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

This and That, With Yarn

I find myself hovering from WIP to WIP (Work In Progress) lately. After the weekly football game, I devote myself to the Scoreboard Cowl. These have been high scoring games, at least for the opponents, so I usually finish them late Sunday or sometime on Monday.

I finally changed the status of the Purple Swing Cardigan to finished, with the addition of the ribbon.

You can tell by my sloppy bow that, being the mother of boys only, I never quite mastered a neat bow. But the cardigan is all ready to exchange for a cuddle when the little Purple Princess is in the neighborhood visiting her grandparents. I only hope she doesn't blow out her diaper on me, like her brother did when I met him.

I have been working a lot on the Baby Hap Shawl. I know that is a crappy name, but the shawl/blankie will be wonderful when it is finished. There will be color, but not until the center square is finished. Right now this is my principal project.

I just haven't taken a recent picture, but it has grown a lot from this.

And today....

I swatched. From bottom to top, size 7, 8, 9, and 6 needles in the Coopworth/Teesdale handspun I coerced Sandy into buying when we were at the Fiber Festival last month. I agreed to knit a Traveling Woman Shawl for her, so I will let her pick the fabrics she likes. Even the size six needle this is a slightly larger gauge than called for, but with a shawl, it isn't too critical. We will go for the stitch she likes best. I'm leaning towards the top one, size six. I have plenty of time to finish that, it only needs to be done in time for her cruise next summer.

Hmmm. Looks like the Summer of Purple, is turning into the Winter White winter. Even though there is the Lilac Cardi and Lion's Cowl still on needles to keep it interesting. Since I don't think there is any danger of the Lions having a post season, I can start this shawl when the football season is finished.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whole Lot of Finishing Going On

A week or so ago I dug out the languishing Flo Oatmeal Vest and with the cooler weather was able to finish it fairly quickly. Last weekend I soaked it and laid it out to block. Hmmm...even getting gauge, it came out fairly long.

Next I need to finally sew the side and shoulder seams before picking up stitches around arm, neck and front bands. The end is in sight.

I also delivered Little Farmer's Spiral Blankie today.

With that done, I started a blankie for the little purple princess. It isn't purple, but it will have purple accents when finished.

It's a Shetland Hap Shawl. The idea is that it is a lacy blanket now, and when she grows up, she can use it as a shawl. If her mom lets her keep it that is. It will have some purple in it after all.

Once the center square is done, stitches will be picked up all around for a feather and fan section, this ripple pattern is then bound off sideways, like the spiral blankie. But this will have a zig-zag border instead of straight garter stitch. It will be similar to one I made a couple of years ago.

On a non-knitting front, I am once again clinging to my cane. On Monday a cousin and I went on a cemetery visit. A steep bumpy cemetery. We found all the relatives we were after, and then some. (Allens and Bartos and Fords, oh my.). But the hills were too much for my poor knee. I could hardly sleep that night and am still feeling the effects.

Now, back to my knitting.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Family Resemblance?

Little Josie made her appearance in time for the Michigan State vs. Michigan game.  Sparty fans start early in her home.
But I noticed something in this picture I saw posted.
Is it just me, or does it seem the same mold was used for both these Allen girls?

Dark hair?  Check.
Chubby cheeks?  Check.
Adorable smiles?  Check.
I think we have a match.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Family Expansion

The long awaited grand niece has made her appearance. The little girl obviously has delighted this grandma. And I think the other is equally thrilled.

The appearance of this little princess means it is time to turn and sew up the neck casing as well as weave in all the loose ends.

Then I will be ready to get my hands on the baby once she makes a trip up to the grandparents homes. After all, there is a reason I bribe the parents with my handknits.

Back to stitching, while my mind turns to another gift I have in mind.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spinning and Knitting, With a Side of Genealogy

Saturday was a bit chilly in this neck of the woods. A glorious low of 31.5 was recorded on our thermometer. I love the cooler weather, but I, or rather my Cemetery Walk alter ego, Calico Jane was scheduled to sit outside the Hesperia Library spinning that morning!

My Ashford Traditional wheel hasn't been used much, especially on the road. But I finally have a car that I can (barely) get it to fit into. I had to spend some time Friday getting it tuned up and remembering how to adjust it. But it spun like a dream after profuse oiling and fiddling.

Luckily, it was a great morning. While the local history and genealogy folk were gathered inside, I filled half a bobbin of light gray Shetland wool. I was well bundled against the chill, armed with hot coffee, wool socks, a hand-spun, hand-knit wool scarf, sweatshirt cardigan, and two knit tops. Only my foot in the shoe was cold. The other was kept warm by tredling along.

After a couple hours I went in to the gathering. I discovered my Cross family line that lived in Beaver Township left me related to several people who there, including some I went to school with. My family just keeps growing, even if a certain grandniece continues to take her own sweet time.

Back home and back to knitting. With the Gray Spiral Blankie done, and the Purple Swing Cardi off the needles, I needed to pick my main project to work on. I have been working along on the Lilac Lace Cardigan, but it is a project that requires careful watching. (And it is Lilac, not Lavendar as previously reported.) Now that the Lions somewhat embarrassing game is over I do have the Scoreboard Cowl to work on as well, but that usually is done by the day after the game.

The Raspberry Creme shawl resurfaced, as well as the Rustic Blue Silk Triangle Scarf. I may frog that and start it again. After seeing the one in the local yarn store, I think it needs to be redone at a tighter gauge. I'm not quite sure if I just need to knit tighter, or use smaller needle. Thus that sits in time out while I mull that project a bit more.

But now, back to my Scoreboard Cow. I'm sure glad I purchased the extra skein of silver colored yarn. And because I don't have many pictures in this post, I decided to include one of the cutest Little Farmer in the world.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I mentioned the Purple Swing Cardigan was finished except for the sewing. And now another item is finished.

I really like the way the spiral shows up so well once it's off the needles. Ends woven in and everything!

But now, I must be off. There is a genealogy event at the Hesperia Library today. "Calico Jane" will be there with her spinning wheel too.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lost in Knitting Land

I have been absent from my blog but knitting up a storm.

While the Purple Swing Cardi is off the needles, it obviously needs some finishing work. Loose ends need to be woven in, then stitch down the neckline to make the ribbon casing, followed by a soak and dry in front of a fan, and it will be done.

My 2015 Lions Scoreboard Cowl is done through game 4 out of 16.

There was some of the silver yarn (used for the opponent's points) left after the game. That means not quite a quarter of the opponent's yarn was used, now that a quarter of the games have been played. But, since game four was a much lower scoring game, I decided to splurge on a fifth skein of the silver yarn. Unfortunately, the Honolulu Blue is in no danger of running out.

Here is the cowl to this point.

With the knitting on the purple baby sweater finished, I have worked on the Lavender Lace Cardigan. Picking it up, I found some temporary markers that usually mean "here is a mistake to fix when you return", but luckily, I think this time I had simply marked the future front/back divides a bit early. It must be a at home project for the time being. At least until the end of the lace.

The Gray Spiral Blankie is almost finished, it requires cool weather to work on it. I am on the last section of the border and I hope to finish it tomorrow while watching Friday night's schmaltzy horror movies on good old TCM. (This week's theme is spooky body parts.)

I also have to tune up my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel tomorrow. More on the reason for that another time.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Knitting Status

I promised an update on my knitting progress.  So here goes.
The 2015 Lions Scoreboard Cowl continues to grow.  Unfortunately, mostly it is growing in silver, instead of Honolulu Blue.  If I need to start another silver ball during the next game, I will be investing in another ball.  I have four, and each should last four games, but this is game four coming up.  I am getting mighty thin on the silver.  I may get one anyway, just to make sure I have enough.  I can always make a hat or something using the leftovers of all three colors.
Little Farmers Gray Spiral Blankie is in the cast off phase yet.  I have only about 3 sections yet to go, but have been concentrating on a certain baby sweater pretty hard.   Plus until the past couple days, it has been too hot to work on it.  But I have confidence it will be finished very soon.
That certain baby sweater, the Purple Swing Cardigan is almost finished,  the second sleeve is farther along and an evening with that will have that cast off.  Then it is just the finishing details, sewing down the neck and weaving in ends, as well as the ribbon tie through the neck casing.  
And last of all, my most recent cast on, my Rustic Silk Triangle.
The lacy look is caused by the large needles, making it a speedy knit.  I like the squiggles here and there where the thicker part of the yarn shows up.  I hope to finish it soon.  It is only a small shawlette size, although I did purchase two skeins.  It will be more of a scarf than shawl when finished.  I think I will like it.