Saturday, October 26, 2013

We Return to the Previous Project

Well! that didn't take long at all.

My Blue Calorimetry ear warmer! And I found a nifty ceramic button to show off as well. I can't wait to wear it with the matching poncho. And alone as well. I would have been done early today, except Hubby drafted me to load some firewood in the truck, and then when we delivered that and returned, to help split some big blocks of our own.

And just to show it off, here is a picture of it in action. Actual color is half way in between the two photos.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Interrupt the Previously Scheduled Sweater...

My October Mystery Sweater has progressed to the point that it is getting heavy. As I came to the end of a row with a mere twelve inches left on the skein, I decided it was time to put the stitches on a string. That way I could try it on and check the fit. I could also work the sleeves before the body got too heavy.

I liked the fit on myself, as well as on Gertrude.

The cable up the back looks very nice. (If you see a miscrossed cable, I don't want to know.)

You can see in the top picture the beginning of one sleeve. But as the title states, I am temporarily interrupting this to start a small project.

I usually wear earmuffs in winter. Hats don't fit over my hair clasp. But I found this, Calorimetry on good old Ravelry. It is a tapered headband, with a button fastener.

So after a a dive in the homespun stash, I dug out some navy blue wool llama blend with a hint of glitz and cast on.

It should be done in a day or two. Oh, and please excuse the photobomb by Leo's feet and tail. He kept wanting to inspect.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Apple Crisp!

First, the crispy part.

Always a double batch. I save the rest for next time. Or mini microwave crisps.

Then ready for the oven.

And enjoy!

It may only be my second favorite season, after winter, but autumn has its benefits. Yum.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

And.....Four Steps Back

Or rather four rows. After the front knit increases I had merrily knit about five rows. As I started the return, I thought the chart was funny.

But no. I had knit the wrong cable on the right front. So you know what that meant.

Dive into the frog pond and rip-it, rip-it. So I ran needles through the sweater about four or five rows back before removing the original needle. At one time I had a 16 inch needle, a 24 inch and 4 double points, besides the original 40 inch. After ripping, some unknitting, and much gnashing of teeth, I was back to row two on the cable chart, with that delightful sticky wool/mohair wound around the skein. This yarn doesn't tend ladder down dropped stitches, except, it seems, at cables. Let's just say it was interesting.


Onward we go again. Excuse me now while I go count stitches.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Mystery

On Monday night, the October Mystery KAL went live. I printed off my pattern (love it!) and started swatching. In a rather daring move on my part, I cast on during knit night. When I realized that I would be establishing the cables, as well as placing markers, I would have switched to another project. However I forgot to bring one. All went well though. And just a bit ago I cast on the front neck stitches and started the front cables. I think it is going well.

The above picture was taken before I cast on the last of the front stitches. Below is a close up of the nearly completed first repeat of the cable,

Not bad for barely three days, huh?