Saturday, March 29, 2008

Socks and Socks

I finally finished the yellow Parakeet color way socks. And even though I don't wear many yellows, I had a blouse that matched perfectly! Now I can turn my attention to the Cherry Tree Hill socks in Blue/Green color way. I love the brilliant jewel tones in these and I am sure they won't take a year to finish like the last pair.

I finally heard on the radio this morning what I have been saying all along, this wasn't that bad of a winter, merely a normal winter. They said this is the first time in 14 years that we finally had a normal winter. I thought it has been a glorious winter.

We had a new calf born last Wednesday evening. The poor old mama was having a rough time, which isn't unusual for her. Know as "Bob's Cow", because Oldest Son originally purchased her when in school she struggles to calf each year. Last year the poor little guy was all hobbly footed, with a hard time keeping his ankles straight for a long time. But it improved throughout the summer and by fall was just fine. This year, Younger son and Hubby had to help pull the calf. (I stayed in the house for that little adventure.) Pure black heifer is what they both reported. Next day, hubby reported--oops, its a bull. Big 'un too. Now safely tagged and banded he and Mom will be turned out side once he gets to feeding better. That is the other problem with this cow. Her teats get so large, young calves can't grab hold of them on their own for a while. They often need help feeding for the first few days. Hubby has also been know to buy a Holstein steer to share the wealth and help the the surplus milk. With 50 degree days in the forecast and as the little one gains strength, we will have him nursing alone and outside before long. Since he is a black calf in a dark barn, with not a speck of white, I will instead share a picture of the first calf and his momma, out in the pasture.

And just so he won't feel left out, I better toss in one of my big old farm dog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drive Your Tractor to School Day

You gotta love it. Small town Michigan at its best. For the past several years, the local FFA chapter has sponsored "Drive Your Tractor to School Day" on the last day before Spring Break. Farmboys and women polish up the Ford/Case/John Deere/Farmall/Agco/etc. and drive to school, parking in the main parking lot.

I stopped by today and shot a few pictures. Tractors lined up both sides of the parking lot, and farmers in their Carhartts everywhere you looked.

I won't be there for lunch, that usually is a fund raiser for FFA, as well as a bale toss and milk chugging contest.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Merry Christmas,oops I Mean Easter

Pardon the mistake, but with the weather, it should be understandable. While we have been basking in warmth, the evil weather genie decided a wake up was in order. So, while here at home we only got an inch or so, farther south there was upwards of a foot of snow yesterday.
Quite the surprise. And it hit fast, too. I had to drive in to town last night to the business expo. Since Younger Son decided to come along, we wouldn't fit in the truck. I putzed along and we made it, but it was exciting. Glad it was still day light at the time.
I have been plugging away on the yellow sock, starting the heel flap so it should be on its way to being finished soon. Then as I continue with the blue/green pair, I can let my mind wonder through the sock stash to decide what I want to make next. A cotton pair--Sockatta would be good, for summer. but I also have some solids I would maybe like to attempt a cable pair in. Well I should have time to consider it before digging out the needles again. The only downside is that the yellow socks are on 8 inch dp. They feel so long. I do like my Knit Picks Harmony dps in 6 inches. much more manageable.
I am still waiting for pictures of my Great Nephew. Now that he has made his appearance, I guess the angora trimmed pink sweater will wait a while before being cast on. Maybe I can find some nice blue. Since we didn't know who he was till he came, he probably doesn't have a lot of blue yet.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday

Not a lot of knitting lately. I have plugged away on my yellow striped socks. I can't wait to get to the "eye of partridge" heel. I like the look of it. It was easier to do in the paler color. The first socks I used that heel on were harder to do, in a dark colorway.
I did finish the Shape It scarf, except for a multitude of ends to weave in. I lost interest in it at that point. The second ball of Platinum had at least 5 knots in a 99 yard ball, way too many to make it fun. I didn't touch the last ball, probably that was knot free.
We are still coughing a lot at home, I feel better, but am ready for the cold to be over. With the cold weather, I start coughing whenever I go outside.
Tonight is an evening edition of dinner with the aunts. We are meeting at another spot, so that hopefully we can get more of us together. Hubby is even planning on joining us. Then after that I need to bop over to church for a Maundy Thursday service. And Then---I signed up for the midnight shift for the prayer vigil. I need to find some prayer books to use to help keep me away for my hour. I have a feeling with my froggy throat, singing will be out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life on the Farm

Almost back. Sniffles are almost gone. I can for the most part survive without a box of tissues near by. And Hubby seems to be sleeping more, coughing less.
Farm news. Our first calf of the season was born. A robust black Simmental bull with a white blaze down his face and between his eyes. I don't know if I will be able to get close enough for pictures. He is only about 70 pounds, but a frisky thing. Every time Hubby goes out, he is bouncing around the pen or nursing, with his tail beating time as fast as he can. So only 3 more to go in this round until later in the summer.
Supposedly spring is coming. We had up to 50 degrees yesterday, but is much colder again today. Sunny though.
I have been plugging away on the pink shape it scarf. I haven't taken a new picture but will when it is done. I am in that stage where I need about an inch. Knit a humongous amount of rows/time, remeasure, and still need 7/8ths of an inch. Or at least it seems that way. Hopefully I will have that done today. I need to go back to the Lady Eleanor Entrelac shawl and finish it so I can start the Cinnamon colored one to raffle or sell for church.
I also need to find out where I could have put that water bottle cozy. Or I may have to fashion another. I will be using them more now, with warmer weather coming.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cough, Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze

Well it was bound to happen, living with a house full of sneezing, coughing men. I came down with the crawling crud. Thanks in no doubt to my regime of vitamins I have a much lighter dose. But I still say, thank the good Lord for Sudefed and Musinex. I have managed to keep my could somewhat at pay. And, I also want to give a shout out to Vicks scented Puffs Plus. The Vicks gives head a good jolt and the plus part means that even though I have been blowing my nose unashamedly all day, it feels soft and painless. I have selfishly been hiding them from my family who thinks it takes 5 tissues to blow their nose. I can't see wasting the money since they are a lower count box.
With the cold there hasn't been a lot of knitting done. I have been working on the pink shape it scarf at home and my yellow striped Arbor Yarn socks, in parakeet colorway. I have been setting them aside for over a year while finishing 2 other pairs, in a red/fuchsia/orange hand paint by either Lorna's Lace or Brown Sheep. (I forget which), as well as a deep red/wine/mauve pair in Arbor Yarns Cherry Festival colorway. I guess you can tell yellow is not my favorite color. It has a mint green and apricot splashes that are spiraling around the yellow and now that one sock is done, I am determined not to abandon it for the next pair. That is already on the needles, because I wanted to try out my Knit Picks Harmony DPs. This is a potluck blue/green jewel toned sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill that I can't wait to get on with. So, I guess the yellow sock must keep on slogging along.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Let me be clear about this right off--I hate it. I still get up in the dark, only its darker. Its dark when I drive to work--the only improvement is with this new and "improved" early DST that starts tonight, I at least didn't have to drive to work with the rising sun in my face and now have to go through it again. But it will be pitch dark when I get to work. At least I got the boss to change the light bulb over the door so maybe I can find the key hole.

Not sure if I will be able to make it to church tomorrow. What with moving the clocks ahead and also getting up Hubby and Younger Son at 2 am (new time) to go milk cows, and then be woken up again about 5:00 am, to have Hubby go back and pick up aforementioned son, I won't be getting a lot of sleep tonight otherwise.

My co-worker took a picture of the Lillie sweater I gave him, or rather gave his new daughter. Here it is. I do rather like it and may make one for my Neichew if it be comes a niece. I think for her (if she is a her) that I will use up a couple skeins of heathery Victorian I have, along with some hand spun white angora around the hood. Of course if Neichew turns out to be a nephew, I will save the pink I think.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ravelry--Here I Come

I finally made it on Ravelry. I can see where this will take up a bunch of time, adding my projects online. Unfortunately I don't use their picture program so I won't be able to add pictures at this time. So far I just put up my newest project, the Shape It scarf in pink. The Plymouth Platinum is SOOOO Soft!

I want to add my Wheelie. It is finished and on the car wheel. I ended up lacing the narrow spots too. I couldn't see the high beam indicator or top of the speedometer. Since that is the section with the 50 to 70 miles per hour, I thought it might be important to see that!

Other happenings going on are that construction has finally started on the new addition to my church. So far it is footings and foundations but at long last it is something. We have been talking about an addition for a good 10 to 15 years now. It is good to see bare dirt and cement.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gen Chat

Since Knit Night is no more, at least for me, I am getting back to Gen Chat in the Local History room at my local library. We just had three of us tonight. Apparently it has been a small crew lately. Sandy reminded me about the monthly meetings a few weeks ago. Tonight was the first meeting since the holidays. It is a great time--I never opened my knitting bag! She also told about the Genealogy conference this summer she is attending. I was jealous.
I found some tidbits on my Irish Hurley's. I want to dig a little deeper on the possible connection I found in the UK census during one of the recent genealogy classes.
On the knitting front, I have been eagerly awaiting my invite to an online knitting community called Ravelry. I should be getting my invite in a day or two now. Hopefully I can work on my organization on Thursday when I am off. I can get a lot of Internet time done at the library using their high-speed connection. Well I am off, I want to work on that luscious pink Shape It scarf. Ahh, here is a label; it is Platinum by Plymouth Yarn--20%,30%, 50%rayon. So soft.

Career Night and New Scarf

Attended a local Career Night event last night. Only employees were for either temps or part time jobs.
I did get some interview tips. I always have problems with the typical "Why you/Why us" questions. One speaker gave a lot of good hints and ideas of how to practice my answers.
Since the Career Night began before I got out of work, I took 4 hours vacation and came home early to get some knitting in before the meeting.
Since I had finished 2 projects this past weekend, both the Lillie sweater (and oops, forgot to get a finished picture of that one.) and my steering wheel cover--Wheelie, I felt not one bit guilty in starting a new Shape-It scarf. I love this Sally Melville pattern, and have 2 already. This one is a luscious pale pink, in a new yarn that has a touch of angora. Yummy and so soft.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Knitting and NASCAR

My baby is graduating. At least we think so, he is beginning the final trimester, and it is his second time as a senior, but he appears to have enough credits. So today we ordered the cap and gown, I had no desire to spend money (almost $50!!!) when we were not sure if he would make it. It has been a rough couple of years but hopefully we will end up with a graduate at the end of it.
I finished Wheelie! At least the main part, I have to make the I-cord and lace it on the wheel, but I have pictures and will add them later showing the un-stretched version. And I-cord I can knit while watching the race.
Busy day today. Breakfast with my aunt, cousin and some friends. Then slipped slided home to go to pick up "the Beef" from an area butcher. 800 lbs of meat! Luckily we have 2 freezers and managed to find room for all of it. Yummy. I never mind having food that I have met face to fact. Guess its a country girl thing.
Now, after just ordering the cap and gown, some TV time while I blog and watch "my man" Mark Martin who is currently leading the Nationwide series race in Las Vegas. Over 60 laps left so I can't cheer yet--the memories of Daytona 07 are seared in my memory. (I still haven't forgiven Harvick!!) But as usual Mark is making me proud. And my other favorite drivers, on Waltrip's team are doing well.
Oops, Stewart and Reutimann just wrecked. I'll have to pin my hopes on Mark. (UPDATE--He Won!!!)