Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Apples and Knitting

There is nothing like a farm fresh apple this time of year.  And since all my apple farming relatives have sold their farms, that sent me to a nearby friend and farmer.  Since I'm not the self pick type, I quickly left with a peck bag of Courtlands for general eating and cooking, and a half peck of Honey Crisp. So good and snappy fresh. Yum.
One of my favorite activities just started up a week ago.  The local Community Bible Study is a great chance to study and meet and learn with like minded people.  This is my fifth year in the group and this year I am part of the leadership!  I am a newbie leader of one of the small groups! It takes more time and work, but I am loving it so far.    
The "more time" part may cut into my knitting time.  I am still working hard on the Squared Shades Throw for my priest.  Now that it is cooler it is easier to work on a blanket.  It is strictly a "knit at home" project though.  There is much counting involved with this for Knit Nite. But I am almost done with the third quarter so I am making progress. 
Which is good, because....
I have this waiting for Thursday.  I am part of a Craftsy Knit A Long again.  The Tealeaf Cardigan, big boxy and snuggly.  The pattern drops on Thursday.  However, that is CBS day (Community Bible Study), and then I need to take Younger Son to White Cloud to hopefully expedite the return of his driver's license.  So I probably won't be able to download the pattern till Thursday evening.  I expect the speedy knitters will be half way to the arm divides by then.  But my last KAL was finished several weeks late, so I will finish when I finish.
All I. Edit.  Another project in the works.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Project Number Ten

I finished project number ten of the year today.  It was a light enough one that I could work through the heat.  Cooler weather is promised for later this coming week, so I will be able to work more on the blanket for Fr. Stanly as well as the one for my little peanut.
This is the Blue Easy Shaped Shawl, for me.  I started it in May and it is off the needles today, just waiting for cooler weather so I can wear it.  You can see a bit of the back in the mirror behind me.  The yarn is "Shawl In a Ball", in Soothing Blue.  It is a cotton acrylic blend.
Gertrude consented to model it for a better picture.
It is entirely in garter stitch, so I don't plan on blocking this one.  There will be more in the future.  I have another skein to make one for my travel buddy, Sandy, in pink and fuchsia with a touch of gold near the end.
And on the way home from our road trip, I also got another skein for me, in shades of purple.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Knit Sightings, in the Wild

This past Saturday evening was Hubby's 50th class reunion.  That's him in the striped shirt.

While I only knew a few people there, there were many faces familiar from around town.  But one of the evening's highlights was the sighting of a shawl worn by one of his classmates.  I kept describing it to Rosie, a friend we were sitting next to.  (She is legally blind.)  

I wasn't sure if it it was hand made or not, but it was gorgeous lace in dark teal.  Finally, after the meal, when people were up and mingling, I asked her about it.  

Yep, it was hand knit, from one of my favorite pattern books, "Victorian Lace Today," by Jane Sowerby.  It was one of the sampler shawls I have always wanted to knit.  And she whipped it out in two weeks.  And moreover, the border surrounding the sampler section is "true lace". Patterning on both right and wrong sides.  
But I am once again smitten by the pattern, and my fingers are just itching to cast on.  I have the book, I have some suitable yarn in the stash, in the color way Boysenberry.  I even some yarn I am tempted to buy, in a wool-silk blend in Silver to use instead.
I was pretty proud of myself for spotting it. And while it is fun to spot handknits in the wild, it can be bad for the WIP pile (Works In Progress), and sometimes the pocket.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Said There Was Knitting

I ran out of room and time in my last post before I could share my knitting.
I have almost finished the second square of Fr. Stanly's throw.  The heat and humidity has slowed that down some.  Once I have the first two sides of the circles squared to much of it hangs in my lap.  Hopefully cool weather will be here to stay soon and I can whip it out.
While on my road trip, I uploaded a picture of some of the knitting that had taken place as of the morning of our second day.  I have continued to work on that, at least part time.  You know me, I always have more than one project in the works.  But this is a picture of the Blue Easy Shaped Shawl as of this afternoon.
I was on the Royal Blue when we started the trip.  The color is starting to transition over to light blue again. Every other row the rows are one stictch longer, so it is going slowly now.  But it is an easy knit, just like the pattern said.  I even bought another skein of this "Shawl In A Ball" for another one.
I had started the first sock of this pair last week.  And now I am two rows from binding off the second sock.
My first sock with Fixation, a cotton and elastic yarn, and first time using a short row heel.  I had to use the extra contrast yarn on each side of the heel to stitch up the gaps after this picture was taken.  It looks and fits fine now.  As soon as I am done here, I will finish number two.
And as though I didn't have enough projects on hand, a friend gave me this at Knit Nite.
She had kept her size 4 needles, so I transferred it to a new needle and after a few rows, tinked back and tried again with a size two needle.  Much better.  Gauge does matter you know.  
I just need to finish the hood and then the front bands.  I also got a zipper today, so I may install instead of buttons.
I guess I have some knitting ahead of me.  As usual.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Road Trip, and Knitting

Since my last post, my BFF and I had a short but fun road trip.  Some of my friends followed the fun on Facebook, where I used a hashtag for the first time.  The #sandyandlindasupnorthadventure tag enabled us to see each other posts as well as anyone who wanted to vicariously join in the fun.
The first day was hot and sunny, but we rode in glorious air conditioned comfort, taking in Sea Shell City, Tahquamenon Falls (learning to spell it along the way) and Whitefish Point, with its Lake Superior shoreline and memorial to the Edmund Fitzgerald.
The Falls, were thunderous and wonderous.  And I've never seen the big lake so peaceful.
After a nights sleep we awoke to a drizzly cloudy day.  Our first stop was a bear ranch, that takes in nuisance bears from the DNR, thus saving their lives.  While Sandy had her picture taken with a live cub, I opted for the safer, though fiercer looking fake bear.


While heading down to US 2, the main east-west artery, we passed some sand hill cranes, and had to get a picture. 
And then while turning back around, of course we chose to use a cemetery, rather than a parking lot.
What else would you expect from the Cemetery Diva's?   We continued along  to the Lake Michigan shoreline.  It was doing its best to imitate the usual appearance of Lake Superior.

Even with the rain, we still had a good time.  It was down to a sprinkle when we hit the Casino for a bit. Later we returned to the land of the trolls, below "The Bridge", where we played tourist in Mackinaw City, shopping up a storm after a wonderful, if late, lunch. 
I got home after midnight, yet still earlier than I expected.
Whew, I guess I will leave the knitting details for another post.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Brief Catch Up

Wow, it's been since April when I last posted!  Well, on this blog anyway.  I did share on my Continous Journey blog.  Once.  But while I have missed blogging, I also have enjoyed the break from it.  It is funny, because I find myself still taking pictures for blogging.  I just don't blog.
I recently finished knitting a turban for wrapping up my wet hair.
Large cat included for scale.  Well, that and the fact he wouldn't move.  This pattern is really easy.  It is basically a long narrow triangle shawl, folded and stitched from ends to center back.
I decided to pass on the button.  I just fasten it up with a hair clip, one of my larger ones. It is 100% microfiber and soaks up the water just fine.  I like it, but super bulky yarn is still outside my comfort range.  I still prefer lace to worsted weight yarns.  
I also started a blanket for our priest.  Being from southern India he always escapes each winter for a trip home, escaping the January cold.  I thought he might appreciate a blanket.  
The pattern I found is a free one, The Squared Shades Throw.  It is fun. And easy, but not boring.  The large piece shows one of the squares.  It is started as a circle, in stockinette with occasional garter ridges.  Then is squared off using garter stitches and short rows, each side separately.  When all four are done, they are joined with a three needle bind off, and finished with I-cord all around.  The smaller circle on the lower right is almost ready to begin the short rows on the first side.  As long as it doesn't get too warm when it comes time to join them, should be finished fairly quickly.
Other news, most of our kittens found new homes, although we have some of the wilder ones that have come out of hiding.  One little cutie, a calico, has eyebrows like the ones Groucho Marx used to put on with shoe polish.
And next week, while hubby tends the homestead, I and a friend are trekking "Up North" for a little escape.  Can hardly wait.
I hope just it is cooler.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Bit of News

So much has happened since I last posted.  After all, I did say that I was cutting back on my posts.  
Now that the guilt over not posting so frequently is over, I find myself being called back.  As long as I can return here when I think I have something to say, I may be able to pop in every so often.  A month's break was quite refreshing.  I hope I don't make this a seemingly never ending post.
One of my most recent bits of news is our new family member.  Harbor Humane Society called him Figg.  Here he goes by Figgy Puddin'.
It took until last night for him to come out of hiding.  For the first couple days we could usually locate Figgy by thes hisses and by Leo staring (or glaring) in his direction.  But he has come out and now sleeps a lot in out of the way areas.
The highlight of the last month was my confirmation.  It was after much study and prayer that I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil service.  
Midge patiently shepherded me through the process. Mary was my sponsor and Fr. Stanley celebrated the sacrament that brought me into full communion with the Catholic Church.    Much of my Lenten reading, especially a book called "When the Church Was Young" strengthened the decision I had already made.  I am very happy with my choice.  It is good to know your church actually takes a stand.  And that it has a tradition going back to Christ and Peter.
And I have been knitting.  (Not crocheting Doug!)
I am making a Shape It Shawl for Mary to use at the silent auction for the new hospice house she is a part of.  It will be a long triangle with tapering ends.  Perfect to wrap around and tie or let hang.
I am using the left overs from my handspun yarn.  I originally used it for the yoke of a sweater I made about seven years or so ago.  I also had stripes of it around the bottom ribbing and the cuffs.
Well, there you have it.  I won't promise I won't be gone so long because I just may.  But I will pop back from time to time.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said, To Talk of Many Things:

Of shoes and ships--and sealing wax--and cabbages and kings.
Well, maybe not those particular topics, but with apologies to Lewis Carroll, but I have other topics.
Anyone who has been following my blog may have noticed that the postings have slowed down.  And when I do post, it seems like I am forcing myself to find something to post about.  I guess I am just too busy to muse.
And so, I think it is time to...well maybe not pull the plug on Farm Mom's Musing, but make the posts much more sporadic.  Maybe once a month, maybe more, probably less.
Or maybe when I have a picture of my Grands that I want to share.
But for now, it has been a grand ride and thanks for those who came along.
Until next time....Farm Mom.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I Said I Needed Something Quick

This definitely fit the bill.
This was just what I needed, a very quick project.  
Now I may need to cast on with something new, since I hear we have a very light schedule for Board of Review.  Maybe this? 
Same pattern in "Dragon" colorway.  The finished Cowl is in Kimono colorway.  It is totally brainless.  I may at least cast on and knit the first row tonight to have it as backup.  Of course I need to hand wind this skein again too.
But I do have this to get going on too.
This is (obviously) a Crazy Zauberball and I will be making a pair of helical striped Mitts after I finish the cuff.  It is lesson one in the Year of Techniques being featured on Mason Dixon Knitting.  Next pattern is out April, so I may fall behind but each pattern is a new technique featured on a quick pattern.  
I can almost guarantee I will fall behind.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Beginnings

After finishing the Graceful Harvest Cardigan, my thoughts turned to my unfinished works.  I need to sort through the Baby Hap and the purple Ten Stitch Blankie, checking against the patterns and seeing where I am again before starting with them.
But after the sweater and the Sockhead Hat (which was miles and miles of ribbing and stockinette,) I felt the need for something quick.  So, I cast on.
Well, first I had to hand wind this so I could knit.
As you may be able to read from the label it is mostly bamboo.  Actually it is bamboo rayon, with some wool and a touch of acrylic.  
After a couple days of knitting, including a near needle disaster I am doing quite well.  The tip came off the cable, leaving several inches of stitches swinging free.  I dug out a darning needle and heavy thread, and put them on a lifeline.  From there I was able to put them back on the needles and catch the ones that dropped back a row or two and all is well.
Did I mention it is going to be a cowl?  Easy peasy knitting, with some watching the one needle tip.
I also turned this:
into this.
I weighed them so they should be equal.  More on this project in the future.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

And It Is Done

I am knitting slower this year.  This is only Finished Object #2 for 2017 but it is done and delivered.  With the movies that have been on, I was able to make a push and got it done.
The second sleeve went well, although I kept having to think back when my mind absolutely would not purl in the first garter stitch round.  But eventually it all worked out.
Do you remember the dilemma about weather to knit the pocket in place or separately?  I sort of did both.  I fused the bottom by picking up stitches just above the garter stitch and knitting away.  I still had to sew them down but at least I knew the positioning was even.
And did my favorite teenage granddaughter like it?
I think so, complete with the contrasting pockets she requested.  
And so ends the Christmas knitting for 2016.  Now back to baby blankets.  And (oops) I may have cast on a thing or two.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Family Time

Last week was one of those times you dread.  The younger of my last two aunts passed away.  
Aunt Joyce was my dad's baby sister.  She had been living in a nursing home for several years, and passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family.
The weather for the visitation and funeral was fine, and downright sunny the day of the funeral, although quite chilly again.
Yet while it was a sad time.  It was a time of cousins sharing and hugging.  Saying it is a shame we only get together like this at funerals.  And yet there was the knowledge we probably won't be together again until the (hopefully long delayed) next time.
However my cousins, her sons and some of her grandsons have made a habit of showing off their Irish heritag.  They mostly come by it from their father's side, although the closest immigrant ancestor on the side I share is also from Ireland. 
My kilted cousins!  Clearly they love their Irish roots.  No wonder their mom and dad (or grandparents as the case may be,) were delighted with the trip they took to Ireland with my parents.
Needless to say, it was a memorable send off for Aunt Joyce.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hello Again

Perhaps I should have made it my goal to dial back my postings.  I certainly seem to have don that this month.  But I have excuses, really I do.
On the 16th I had my first colonoscopy and in preparation for that a friend advised me to eat light, so the actual "cleaning out" prep would be easier.  I did and it was, but still not fun.  I hardly got any sleep the night before.  I didn't dare knit, but got lots of reading done.  My latest kick has been mysteries in an old series, "Mrs. Bradley."
I then proceeded to get a tremendous cold, and bailed on all activities for a day.  It was mostly spent sleeping and helped a lot.  The next day was spent with a box of Kleenex in hand, and a bucket for the used ones close by at all times.
Unfortunately not a lot of knitting was done during that time.  But I have finished the first sleeve on the Graceful Harvest Cardigan, and made a good start on the second.  
With the return of NASCAR now there will be prime knitting time every week.  The race format has changed some this year, and of course I need to learn to identify all the new sponsors and paint schemes.  The sweater is brainless enough for that.  I just need to keep track of decrease rows.
This past week there were several small races.  But tomorrow is the biggy: the Daytona 500.  This sleeve should grow quite a bit then.

I think I have a solution to my low knitting output.  And it's a grand one.
I have been trying to remain faithful to one project at a time.  And I still want to concentrate on finishing my Works in Progress.  But while reading the Mason Dixon Knitters blog post, I discovered why.  I need more projects.  
No, really!
I think this is giving me an excuse to wind up some yarn and cast on something more brainless for travel.  The sweater is way to large for easy travel knitting.  And if I had something smaller, I probably would have grabbed it for on the go.
Yup, I may need to spend some time tonight winding yarn.

Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 Goal Roundup--Readingwise

I finished a couple of books and e-books in the last couple days.  One was even part of my reading goals for the year.
The e-book Mother Teresa (Revised Edition): An Authorized Biography was started just a bit last year and I finally finished it Sunday.  So that is one of my non-fiction list that I can cross off.  I also caught up to the December 2016 National Geographic in my Zinio account.  Considering that at one time I was almosr a year behind, that is some progress.
Of course I have also finished two fiction books since the middle of last week.  I mentioned when I set my goals that the fiction would take care of itself.
I usually give up reading fiction during Lent.  It is a way of fasting from frivolous thoughts.  This year, I am considering a more serious spiritual reading plan.  It involves reading scripture as well as a plan for spiritual reading that builds as you go along.  I'm not sure if I want to tackle it for Lent, or  wait till later, but I have all the recommended books lined up.
Of course you can't really read your way into heaven, but just like Community Bible Study, it will build the foundation of knowledge to help me share my faith with others.  As the back cover says, "Spiritual reading arms us for battle."  Having a preplanned, progressive plan will help me read with a purpose.
And I can still return to my fiction and mysteries after Lent.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two Steps Back

Just a bit of a setback on the sweater sleeves.  After a few rounds into the garter stitch cuff, I realized that I was supposed to switch to the smaller sized needles.  So first order of business was to think back and switch the tips on the needles.
That is what I love about the interchangeable needles.  The cable can stay put and just the tips need to be changed.  Once that was done, garter stitch in the round began again.
Seven ridges down, twelve more to go.  Then I can start the second sleeve.
And I can start making pocket plans.  Do I want to knit them in place?  Or make them separately and sew on?  Decisions, decisions.  Right now I am leaning toward knitting them in place.  Time will tell.
I'm not sure if I ever mentioned the pattern I am using for my Favorite Teen's Cardigan.  It is Harvest, by Tin can Knits.  It is a free pattern with sizes ranging from wee baby all the way up to "too big for me even."  It has been easy and I still want one for me.  I do recommend it as a fun knit to try.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sweater Update

I did manage to get a picture of the Graceful Harvest Cardigan at Knit Nite the other day.  
Since this picture the left sleeve (on your right) has grown quite a bit.  It is now 10 inches long.  Another few inches and I repeat the garter stitch edging for four inches.  I am really happy with how it is looking right now.  Hope my favorite teenager likes it too.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


There has been progress on the Graceful Harvest Cardigan.  
That's right, it may be hard to tell, but I am casting off the bottom of the cardigan in that shot.    I have picked up the stitches on the left arm and have nearly 2 inches into it.  The sleeve decreases will begin soon.  
I hope to get a better picture tonight at Knit Nite.  
And, believe it or not, here it is February 7, and I still have not started any new projects!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

And I Cook

Today was Fellowship day at Community Bible Study.  Once again, with the girls starting to lay more eggs I took an egg dish using the group for my guinea pigs. After my previous hits, this wasn't so great.  I guess I'll write off that recipe as a dud and have unmarked it as a favorite.
Maybe it would have been better with more cheddar, more egg/milk and less Swiss.  But I'll go back to the other recipes next time.  I like the potato ones best.
My ear is still a bit stuffy today, but greatly improved from yesterday.
And, with the return of the 31 Days of Oscar on TCM, I am enjoying The Band Wagon. This year, they are running the movies alphabetically.  And I am continuing knitting the cardigan shown yesterday.  Great old movies are great for knitting.  Almost as god as my NASCAR races.  (Go Brad, Go Junior!)
And so far, here it is into February and I still haven't started anything new.  I can hardly believe it myself.  I am doing very well in sticking to my goals.
On my way home I stopped at the nearby Amish Grocery to pick up a few items.  Among them a new 8 inch pan.
It says it is seasoned.  I am hoping my buddy who is addicted to old iron will send me some tips for handling my new iron.  Even though it's seasoned, I probably need to do something to it, but I bet she will know just how I should break it in.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Idle Thoughts While Sitting in the Doctor's Office

So there I was today, sitting in the doctors' office merrily knitting away.
That is the Graceful Harvest Cardigan for my oldest granddaughter.  I am still in the bottom garter stitch border, but it is growing.  I need my NASCAR back, with my quality knitting time.
I was there to see if my sore stuffed up ear was infected, and if it would prevent my upcoming colonoscopy.  It wasn't infected and won't prevent the afore mentioned procedure. (Darn.). But I was advised there was some wax and also a bit of fluid built up.  I was told what to do to drain the ear and sent on my way,
But before getting my medical prognosis, as I knit I was studying the wall graphics.  Obviously this room is used with children and there was an alphabet  around the top of the room, as well as other child friendly decor.  
But it was the alphabet that gave me pause,  especially the G and K.
Do you see the problem?  G for Gnome and K for Knight.  Both of which are silent in those words!  Instead of being fancy, they should have stuck with Goat and Kangaroo.
An idle mind is a dangerous thing when it thinks too much.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Chickens Know

Spring is coming.  The chickens say so.
Since early December or before, my girls have been slacking in the egg production department.  All they were giving was one egg a day.  Not a lot, but we were catching up in the supply.
But this week?  We had two on Saturday, and two more Sunday.  Yesterday and today, three eggs each day.  Not bad.  The entire flock is shown above.  (That is Lacey flapping and showing off, trying to hide Rita by the tire)
At their peak, last fall we were getting around four or five eggs per day, so that is quite a bounce back. If this keeps up, I may be cooking egg rich dishes again.
Eggs anyone?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ode to Kate

There once was a farm girl named Kate.
When we met, '89 was the date.
The oldest of four,
And never a bore,
To be friends as she grew was just fate.

With her whole family I've been quite close.
To them all I will raise a toast.
To her parents and Hubs
And home full of cubs
I ask blessings to fall on their house.

As the day approaches to meet number seven
And your bundle from God is "geven"
May your contractions be swift,
As you receive life's gift.
And you'll be flooded with blessings from heaven.