Saturday, November 29, 2014

Knitting Diligently

With all the baby excitement going on around here (yippee!), I have still been getting some knitting done.

Yesterday, I and Lil' Farm Gal did some non-hectic Black Friday shopping. We had already made plans for that, since it was going to be Cow Girl's last day of work. Little Farmer, however had other plans as far as that last day of work went, deciding he was ready to be born. But since Cow Girl and Little Farmer were in hospital yet, Lil' Farm Gal and I were able to continue with our plans.

We did get a lot of shopping done with a minimum of lines. Staying local and starting after 9:30 helped keep it peaceful too. She got a lot of her shopping done, and just following her around, I got shopping ideas. Useful because she also has an approaching birthday, besides Christmas. We also went to the local yarn shop so she could pick out the yarn for her thrummed mittens I promised to make.

Even with another visit to her mom and baby brother, we made it home for a few chores before Older Son arrived. When I got home, I worked on the back of the Green Flowy Cardigan. The same back that went from three inches to one inch the other day. After more time with it today, I am back past the spot I frogged from and only have about 6 rows or so before switching to stockinette stitch. Gauge looks better this time too.

After all this seed stitch, that will be a piece of cake. Simple mindless knitting for about 130 rows before starting the arm hole shaping.

I may need to intersperse some thrummed mittens to keep my sanity.

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