Saturday, June 27, 2015

One Down, a Bazillion to Go

I finished it! One of my stealth knitting projects is finished. I was so excited that I turned into a knitting floozy and knit a little it on all my other projects, not faithful to any of them. But I do still have another stealth project I must return to tomorrow.

No pictures of either of those stealth projects yet. Never fear, all will be revealed later, with lots of pictures.

Also today, the hay was raked, turned over and fluffed into the warm wind.

Now we wait for the baler.

In the meantime, the hay smells delightful.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Bringing the Big Rigs

On our 40 acre farm we don't use the big huge tractors you see around the areas on some of the area farms.  We have a comfortable sized 550 Oliver.   A moderate sized green and white tractor that I can even see over the top of its hood.
However, this year when Hubby decided he didn't want to bale the four little fields along side our house, extending to the pines that stretch across the back of the property, he turned to Older Son and his Best Bud.  He offered them the haying rights and they snapped them up.  So, Tuesday, Older Son showed up.
I definitely cannot look over the hood of this big red beast.  Older Son and his boss have always been partial to Red.  I have a warm spot in my heart for them myself.  In my formative years, all my grandpa and uncle, who lived next door, ever drove were Farmall and International Harvester.  Red all the way.
Older Son and a friend were operating this monster in the fields.  If you can see, there are three cutters here.  One in front, and another on each side.
Luckily there has been no rain to speak of since it was cut.  It is just waiting for another neighbor to come with their big (possibly Green and Yellow) tractor to rake and then bale.
 Hubby and Older Son took a look at the swathes.
They agreed there was a pretty good stand of hay.
In defense of Older Son, and the crooked wind rows......He wasn't driving.
And in case any city folk are among the readers, know that the color and brand of tractor is a big deal.  On the order of Michigan versus Ohio State.  Or for knitters, soft merino versus cheap acrylic.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Me Day

While trying to energize myself for the day, I got a call from my friend and former co-worker Donna to see if I would be interested in riding along with her to Holland. Sure I said, always up for a day with her. And she shamelessly bribed me with lunch too. Of course I said yes.

I thought she said she was heading to the farm store. But she was headed to the Heinz outlet store. With a few side trips to some thrift stores.

What fun. I found tops for me and a couple shorts for my Little Farmer too. After a minor disaster at the Heinz store, while Donna smelled of Worcestershire sauce, I merely had dirt on my shirt. Luckily the next resale store let me change into one of my new tops before we went to lunch. I "accidentally" came home with a lifetime supply of Jack Daniels barbecue sauce--six large bottles, among ketchup, relish, vinegar and more.

Lunch was fabulous..too much food and we each had boxes of appetizers, main course and dessert to bring home. We each had a bag full. We both may smell like garlic for a week. We both had new delicious things to eat. How did I survive this long without having cannoli.

Donna, I'm ready for your next day trip anytime.

Except for Wednesday. Wednesdays Belong to my Little Farmer.



Monday, June 22, 2015

Back Again

Unfortunately, except for special occasion posts like the one posted yesterday, there isn't much to blog about.  I didn't get to get any new pictures this past week of Little Farmer because he went to a conference with his mom on the day I usually watch him.
However, my knitting, is making much progress.  Unfortunately, the items I have been working on are stealth projects. So I can't share any pictures of them.
But since I have been making such good time them, I started and finished another fun little project.
A fun little coaster.  It was quick and dirty, just what I needed to take my mind off the stealth knitting.  It only took a bit of yarn, and not much time.  I may make a set of them.  But I can just do one here and there, and now, pretty much without the pattern nearby.  I have another pattern I want to try too.  Not many out there that are knit. 
And that makes five completed projects for the year.  And oh so many on deck, besides the WIPs. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

My dad has been gone 9 years now.
Such a patient, loving man.  He was devoted to my mom in the years after her stroke, caring for her at home.  And never missing a day when she was hospitalized.
Yeah, he was pretty smitten, you might say.  He was a great role model, and I still miss him.
He was pretty handy too.  I still have the tv table and stereo stand he made, out of walnut lumber he had milled from a friend's downed tree. He was often out in his shop in the barn, puttering around, and working on things.  Why, he and mom even built both homes they lived in, from scratch.   
My dad.  He was quite the catch.
And quite the handsome dude he was too. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Walk With Grammy

Yesterday Little Farmer asked me what all this blogging thing is. I tried to explain and he said he wanted to give it a try. So here is a post from my guest blogger, Little Farmer. Not too bad for a 6 1/2 month old.

Hi Folks! Grammy said I could tell about the fun we had yesterday when Grammy came to play with me.

We ate lunch to build up our stamina. After I had some yummy carrots, and a bottle, I played while Grammy had her lunch.

I'm such a big boy now that I told Grammy to have Daddy get my stroller out so she wouldn't get too tired. (She is really old you know. About eleventy-twelve, or so. I think anyway)

Being a farmer, I wanted Grammy to see our cattle. So I took her to the barn.

Mommy and Daddy had something called a wedding in there. But it's just Daddy's boss's heifers in this part now. They like to come say "Hi" to me when I come.

One of the barn kitties came by, but she didn't want to play.

Then I showed Grammy my cows. Daddy thinks they are his. I let him think so. That way I don't need to do chores. Hee hee. I'm such a stinker.

Here is Daddy's big pile of sawdust. I'm gonna drive tractors in it when I'm bigger. My toy tractors anyway.

Here is the ramp Daddy backs the spreader down so he can fill it easier.

I wanted Grammy to give me a push and let me ride down, but she wouldn't. I thought I would be fun, but Grammy didn't think so.

Next I showed Grammy our flowers. She liked these pink ones.

The smoke bush had a nice resting stone, but Grammy said she was good. So we kept going.

Then there was these pink and white bushes. Not sure what they are, but they are pretty.

I showed her the maple and walnut trees too. Then I thought she better take a rest. She is old, remember?

So I told her how to go to the big people's swing.

You gotta take good care of Grammies. So they will come again and play. And maybe even let me blog again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

End of an Era

I have mentioned here before I believe, that on my Dad's branch from the family tree, I was the last born female.

But, only a week ago, it was announced that Nephew #2 and his lovely wife are expecting a sister for their son. Yup, after ten males born to this branch of the family, a little girl is coming.

While I may be losing my standing as the last born female, I am gaining a chance for girly knitting.

I am told the baby likes purple. I have a couple projects in mind.

Once some of this other knitting is finished that is.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Keeping on

As may be surmised by the lack of blogging, I have been knitting up a storm. The two stealth projects continue and I am almost a third of the way done with one. And the magic loop proficient loop project is also going well.

I did graduate from a 40 inch to a 47 inch cable, because of the size of the project. I am sure that for socks if I try this method on them, I can easily get by with the 40 inch cable. I think I like this method, especially when making traveling projects.

I have a way to go yet, but it is coming along and I probably won't be posting any more photos until this is done.

I think I will dig out my long sock needles and possibly transfer at least one pair of socks to try with magic loop. Well, probably only one pair, since I only have one long size one circular needle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Farewell Cousin

Last evening I attended a funeral.

Scratch that. I attended a celebration of the life of one of my cousins. And it was a celebration.

My cousin was a fun loving, feisty and patient gal. She had to be. Besides four harum scarum boisterous boys, she also had raised one daughter. She loved them all fiercely. She married the love of her life and was still crazy about him.

Karen was the oldest daughter of my favorite aunt and when I went to visit her each summer, during cherry picking season, Karen was almost a big sister. Her boys during those two weeks were almost like little brothers. Crazy, pesky, somewhat obnoxious, but well loved little brothers.

We packed the church, family and friends, to remember her. As her oldest son sang, every eye seemed to glisten, or more. We remininsced and we laughed. We celebrated Karen.

I will even forgive her for calling me Pinda Poo when we were young.

Monday, June 1, 2015

But There is Still Knitting

I mentioned in my last post that some of my current knitting will not be featured here on the blog. Sunday with the suddenly cooler temperatures was wonderful for working on my bulky wool vest.

One of my new projects will be shown here at least some. For a while it won't look like anything at all so I can share it here. I have been thinking it would be a good project to try a new to me technique...magic loop.

I think the yarn I will be using on it will be this rose grey bulky alpaca that I found in the stash. I love this color.


Yeah, I know, bulky again. I really dislike knitting with bulky yarn. And now I am going to have two projects running with it. This is a fairly small one though. I think I will live.

About the "new to me" technique of magic loop: It involves using a really long circular needle to knit in the round. But by leaving loops of the needle cable sticking out at the start of a round as well as half way around, you don't need to be knitting enough stitches to fill the needle.

For example, a knitter may use a 40 inch long needle to knit a sock. Obviously your foot is less than 40 inches around. The extra cable will form loops on either side of the foot. To me the main advantage would be that the same needle can be used throughout. On a sleeve, as you knit from cuff to body in the round, you may increase to where it is difficult to keep them on double pointed needles. Plus, you can't drop a needle somewhere and lose it. Great for travel knitting.

I am excited to try it.