Monday, November 10, 2014

A Granny Shower!

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised.  But I was.
This past weekend, I sent out an e-mail to see if anyone was coming to Spin Guild today.  Sometimes, when life gets in the way, we may have a fairly low turnout.  As in myself and one or two other and once only me.  But it sounded like quite a few were coming this month.
And when I got there, a bit later than usual, I didn't think anything of the food and gifts on the table.  I figured that the people who worked at the Senior Center, where we meet, had had a celebration of some kind.
But after a while, they started bringing all the gifts to me. A surprise Granny shower!
We have had a few previously when one of our group was getting an eagerly awaited first grandchild.
But now that we are down to meeting only once a month, instead of weekly, I was nonetheless surprised that they had been able to plan it, let along all come.
Lots of great baby, clothes, a couple quilts.
Such good friends.

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