Monday, March 31, 2014

Return of the Spinners

With the wild winter that is finally starting to end, Spin Guild hasn't met all year.  Partly that was because we had decided to meet monthly instead of weekly.  And I knew I couldn't afford weekly trips on my reduced gas budget.   (I've become a hermit, remember?)
So when Evelyn proposed an impromptu spinning and potluck at her house, we were all game.
Sure the dirt road and mud drive were challenging for my poor little car but a great time was had by all.  We ate, talked up a storm and our time was gone   before we knew it.
And I made it back to pavement nearly intact.
I can hardly wait for our next meeting.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Additional Life Tidbits and Knitting Knews

In my last post, I mentioned another knitting project that suddenly jumped up in front of me.  I suddenly realized, while listening to our lecturer at Bible Study, who is about 8 months pregnant, that..whoa!  More knitting!
Since I just happened to be going to the Local Yarn Shop later that afternoon, I stopped to browse.  I was going into yarn buying withdrawal and needed a fix.  I also wanted to scope out the shop in light of my upcoming birthday discount.  I found a great book I want.  They had two copies, so I hope one will still be there.
But, back on topic, I found a pattern for some sweet little baby  vests.  I wasn't sure at the time if the baby in question was a boy or a girl, although I later confirmed it is a girl.  And I found some lovely ivory colored yarn.
Aren't they adorable?  I will be going with the one on the right in the yarn shown.
I also made another purchase.
Ignore the ugly cuticles please.  But these things are all the rage at Knit Nite.  I find it is great for lace with a repeat because I can reset it easily, with the small button, after every 12 rows.  I can also advance with the thumb, and never need to let go of my knitting.  There are adjustable straps on the back that even fit my fat fingers.  And it isn't so bulky that it gets in the way, even with my fingers being so short.
I have my Grandma's fingers.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lace and More

Life still goes on.  I am sorry if I can't manage to post more often.  You would think that not going to work would free up lots of time,but that doesn't always seem to be the case.
Knitting has been zooming right along, in spite of everything.
Since this picture was taken I have progressed around the third corner and am starting down the last side.  The lace ends with the fourth corner and then grafting 12 stitches. Then, blocking.
I don't, as a rule block acrylic.  But after Stephanie's post at the Yarn Harlot blog this past week (you may have to read back a couple posts from the link), I feel shamed into it.  Hopefully it will help with the fuzzies and settle it down.  And it may just help fit the lace to the inside border better.  You can see a couple ruffles here, and maybe they will quiet down with the blocking.
Or not, we will see.  This is acrylic after all. 
Yeah, I know, I am a yarn snob.  I feel bad that this isn't wool, but the reciepient will be happier I think.  She is not a fibery person, or a yarn snob.
While that picture was taken Tuesday at Knt Nite, I didn't dare try to work on the border with all the chatting and such that goes on.   So I prepared before hand and also packed needles and yarn for another project. 
While I have been referring to this yarn as a medium raspberry, I see that the lable reads "dark rose heather".  Either way, I am starting a top down doll sweater, similar to the light green one I made earlier this year for a gal at church.  This one is for Lil Farm Gal's American Girl Doll, and I will be making a matching one for Lil Farm Girl as well. (Lil Farm Gal is short for Older Son's Girlfriend's Daughter.)
I have a ways to go.  But I also have another project looming as well.  More on that tomorrow.
I promise.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Knitting For Others

As I mentioned last time, I am giving up knitting for myself during Lent.  While no family members had any knitting needs yet, I did have a friend in my Bible Study small group who recently announced she was having a baby girl this summer.  
Whooo Hoo!  Pink knitting!
So I rummaged around and decided on the classic Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern, Baby Sweater on Two Needles.  Which is more commonly known among knitters as the February Baby Sweater, because the pattern is found in her Knitting Almanac as one of the February projects.
While I may have been a month late, I knit it up anyway.  And was ready to present it to her this past Thursday.  She wasn't able to attend this week, but her mother was there and promised to deliver it to her.
I hope so, because here is the picture of the finished sweater. 
That is project number seven for this year.  I am on a hot streak!
I have got a good start on the next project.  I am not sure if I will say exactly what it is, but it is based on another of Elizabeth's famous patterns, the Stonington Shawl.  
Here is a portion of that project.  And or course, small dog included for scale.  I hope to have this stage done this week, and have a good dent on the final stage next.  That will leaving me with more time for another project.
And I just happen to have some yarn sitting around with Lil' Farm Gal's name on it (a dolly and me sweater set.)  I'm thinking that will carry me through Easter and then I can knit for me again. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life, Lent and Knitting

With the warm weather and sloppy yard and driveway, I haven't been out much. Hubby and I have each been enjoying (?) a cold. And in this weather it is hard to dress correctly. I finally dug out my light winter coat that I have used the last several winters and wore it yesterday. I'll probably keep it handy for a while. Winter just may be starting to break, but it could still roar back.

I have had to rearrange my knitting schedule. My SWestie Shawl and the basket weave scarf (owner to be determined, but I may keep) have been moved to the back of the knitting queue. At least until Easter has passed. I made the decision to give up knitting for me during Lent.

Which means I have been starting new projects! Yea!

And while I will post a picture of my finished project later, I can give this peek at project number two.

No. It's not a washcloth. But that guess would be strangely close.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Number Six Done, On to the Next

I managed to finally finish my Duchess of Cambridge Featherweight Cardigan.  (So named because I worked on it early one morning while watching a royal wedding.)  I say finally because, according to Ravelry, I started it in August of 2010.
It is warm and comfy and I love the color.  Its Brown Sheep Naturespun fingering weight yarn, in Nordic Blue colorway.  I still have a fair amount left of the one pound cone, perhaps enough for another small project.  I guess I will need to weigh the sweater, so I can figure out how much is left on the cone.
But in the mean time, I have been working on my SWestie shawl.  And I may have started something new.
I may or may not be using this.