Saturday, November 22, 2014

Off the Needles and Back on Again

I cast off the Green and White Jacket this afternoon. I love how it changes from this:

to this with just a couple folds. That Elizabeth Zimmermann was an amazing knitter and designer.

Of course I need to sew the shoulder seams and there are a bunch of loose ends that have to be woven in. But I am pretty happy with it.

Which leaves me with the Gray Spiral Blankie to knit, and my Blue Blood Cardigan to sew up and work the collar and front bands. And, my next project.

The former so-called commissioned project, henceforth to be known as Green Flowy Cardigan is almost ready to begin. I am not sure of the yarn as it was delivered in two one-pound cakes. But it is a medium shade of yellowish green in a single ply. I love it. It was pictured a couple days (with fat small dog for scale). I have sketched out the schematic. All I need now is the swatch, knit, washed and dried.

Swatching, of course, has commenced. I love working with wool.


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