Monday, January 31, 2011


On a farm, you get used to critters.  We have our cattle in the barn.
Gilbert the wonder dog, who hangs out in the house and mostly rules the roost.
A herd of barn cats who travel from barn to garage, where the food dish is, to the basement, where they can get out of the cold.
They are able to freely come and go from the basement, where, it is my theory, the field mice decide to become house mice. 
So then why did my fat lazy house cat, Callie find a mouse in the house the other night?  A mouse that she apparently cherished enough to keep away from Gilbert, but not enough to hang onto?   Great, so somewhere under the couch (or somewhere in the house anyway), is a small verminy mouse.
Yuck.  I hate mice.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Started More Projects!

Yes, I started more projects.  One project was inevitable.  I had finished one pair of socks, so of course I had to cast on another.  While my Mini Mochi socks are first in the sock rotation, these will be backup traveling socks. 
 I love the pairs of socks I have out of that yarn, warm, fuzzy and so comfy.  I have enough for at least e more pairs once these are done.  And since I use a size 1.5 needles, due to the size of the yarn, rather than my usual size 1, they are usually a fairly quick knit.
But even with those socks already on the needles, I found some recent yarn to cast on for a new pair.
These are out of some sock yarn dyed by Rita Pettys of Yarn Hallow, and I got this last fall when Sandy and I had our girls day out.  It was my purchase in Rockford at the yarn shop there.
I am not sure if you can see the label, at least clearly enough to read, but there is 2% silver in this yarn.  Just a subtle bling, that is almost visible in this picture also.
And I couldn't believe the colorway is the same as the Well Traveled Shawl I finished last fall as well.  A bit more purple, but it is the same Dove Gray.   I really like the way this is knitting up, but I need to get the Mochi socks done, so I can start full speed on these.
Then I'll be walking on silver.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Next?

Now that I have finished yet another project (Whoooo Hooooo!) my mind started casting itself over my list of unfinished WIPs.  Ahh, all those Works In Progress just waiting to be pushed to the top of the rotation.   I must confess, the recently cast on Shrieks in the Night mobiusshawl has me intrigued.  I finished the first skein, which means I am at least a quarter done, since I only had four skeins to start off with. 
 These pictures were taken shortly before I had finished the first skein.  I have a width of about 5 inches now.  And, while I haven't been brave enough to remove all the markers, the pattern is surprisingly easy to remember.
This close-up also shows both the subtle color variations (The silver streaks from the name of the color) as well as the garter and moss stitch sections divided by the yarn overs.
Fast easy knitting.  What more could I want? 
Well, I did cast on two new projects in the last couple days.  But more about them next time.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rose Garden Socks Finished!

Not even the end of January and another project is finished.  The Rose Garden Socks out of some squishy soft merino.  I also made an eye of partridge heel on this pair of socks.  I do enjoy the look--not so striped as a regular slip stitch heel.
 As is often the case, the color pooling on the two socks are different, but just part of the charm of hand painted yarn.
I love having a new pair of warm socks to wear.  And I also have a new pair of clogs to leave under my desk at my secretary job, just like I have at the library job.  I won't have to worry about wearing my boots all day because I forgot to bring shoes.  
Bring on the next projects.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Almost Time!

I made my yearly purchase the other day of my NASCAR magazine.  I get it every year, the one with all the schedules for all 3 series plus driver profiles and track information.
It gives information and wrap-ups on 2010 and previews and predictions for 2011.
And it was then I realized--Only about 2 weeks (this Saturday) from the Bud Shoot-Out, and only one week more till the Daytona 500!!!
All right, let's go racing boys!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally Some Knit Pictures

I've mentioned earlier this week that I had been on a casting on spree last weekend.  Basically I started on a mini-Brown Sheep love-athon.  First up, I finally started Shrieks in the Night mobius.  I have only been waiting since Halloween.  It out of regular Lamb's Pride, in a black color that has a bit of silver shading and is called Silver Streaks at Night.  I spread it out here to try to show the arrowhead pattern.  It has garter sections separated from a moss stitch section by eyelet that run diagonally from the center.  
This picture is closer to the true color.  I am using size 10 stainless tips on a 60 inch cable.  I have the two row pattern memorized and it is going quite well.  At the moment it is a hair over 4 inches wide.
This is the yarn Evelyn and I call my "Good & Plenty" yarn.   It is Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals in a color officially called Rose Slate.  It is a 80% mohair/20% wool blend and so soft.
 I am making a keyhole style shawl in a garter stitch with what is called English Rib edges.  Sort of a slip stitch patten that looks similar to i-cord.
I haven't done as much with that after starting, as the Shrieks in the Night was taking most of my time.  But, just to add variety, I had a pair of socks in my hands too.  I had barely started the ribbing of the second sock but now am past the gusset and sailing on to the toe. 
So now there are two WIPs complete this year, but two new projects cast on.
Now that's progress.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Frosty morning around here.  The temp was already up to minus 7 when I got up, but this shows (faintly due to the flash) was that we had a low of minus 19.5 around quarter to 5 this morning.
Yup, just a bit  chilly this morning.  So cold that the Hubs wanted me to stay home from church and keep an eye on the fire this morning.  He was up late keeping an eye on it, so I make sure it was well this morning.  At minus 19 degrees it does take a bit of wood to keep house and water hot. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

It Can Be Amazing

How much you can knit when you concentrate on one project, I mean.
In spite of starting two other projects last weekend, I have gone from a bit of ribbing last weekend, to gusset on the second sock of this pair. It will be good travel knitting Sunday when I want to keep my mouth shut during the meeting after church.
And I do have pictures and will share about those other projects soon.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farewell Old Friend

Yesterday, some family friends lost their dog.
Ginger was about 17 years old. And she wasn't just a family friend. Ginger was a hard working cowdog. When milking time came, she would joyously gather the gentle Jersey cattle, and herd them to the barn.
Ginger announced company, and if it was a friend, she was there to be acknowledged by them.
Even after an accident years ago resulted in a wonky leg, she may have slowed, but she never gave up. Driving in their driveway, she usually came to greet you from the barnyard, rather than the house.
Farewell Ginger. You were what a farmdog should be.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Finished Object?

Well not yet, but I should have it done by bedtime.
My second purple mitten that is.
And then that will be another finished object for 2011.  The picture above was taken last weekend and now I am just a few rows short of finishing the thumb on the second mitten.  The light purple thrumms stuffing the mitten make it big and puffy till its been worn a few times, but it promises to be warm.  I hope to be able to give it to Linda at Spin guild on Monday.
Then I am debating about working on Silver Streaks Mobius or starting a sweater while I work on the tunic for Flo, and while waiting for the alpaca silk for Betty's jacket.  Once I get that yarn, it will be my next dedicated project.
Or.......I can wind yarn for the Good & Plenty shawl.  Mmmmmm....tempting idea.  I'll let you know what I decide.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Frosty Mornings

I guess, inspite of my rushed schedule, and lack of posting time, I better share these before spring comes.
Last weekend we had some great cold crisp morinings.  Three days in a row with lows in the minus numbers.  Out here in the land beyond hi-speed internet connections, the up side is the weather.  Look at the frost on the trees.....
and on the weeds and equipment.....
I'm not sure if you can really see just how thick the frost was,  The tips were surrounded with frost making them about a half inch thick. 
I love winter.  Have I mentioned that before?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Finished Rib Warmer

I know that I have some readers who have been waiting probably impatiently for me to post, although I haven't gotten any reminder notes.  But I have been remiss, and may be a bit tardy, as I do have some tax papers to go through before next weekend.
But in the meantime, here is the Victorian Pink ribwarmer I call my Pink Vicky. 
I love the rounded front corners.  I also did the second half by picking up stitches at the neck tab and knitting it down, then after turning the bottom corner, joined both halves and knit up in one piece.  I joined the front to the back with working an i-cord from one sholder, across the neck and on the other sholder.  I did not do the optional i-cord around the edges, but may consider it on a future ribwarmer.
The jury is still out on the big arrow pointing to my bottom, but even though it is plainer in real life than in the picture, I can't see it, so I guess I can live with it.  And it is my first completed WIP. 
I'm a month and a half ahead on my WIP club!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So That's My Problem

Yup, that's what I have all right.
And if the Yarn Harlot has come down with it, what hope do I have, other than my WIP club.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Finished Object 2011

I will get a better picture at spin guild today. But until then, I'll share this picture.
All garter stitch, other than I-cord joining front and back. Elizabeth Zimmermann comes through again.
Not too warm, but cozy.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

If I Haven't Blogged.....

Then I must have been knitting.
And knitting is what I have been doing. The Pink Vicky Ribwarmer is off the needles. Just ends to weave and I have my first finished WIP of 2011. Pictures will follow.
Now back to Linda's purple mittens. Right after I sort out the tax papers.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting the Back

See that little pink triangle near the top of the pink blob? That is the beginning of the back, as I work my way back up the short rows to the full back.
I am almost at the end of skein 3, with 3 more left. Since I'm not planning to i-cord the edges, that should be plenty.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year--Off and Knitting

Much knitting has been done with the new year.  Since one of my jobs was closed for the week last week, it made for a lot of knitting time.  I don't have many pictures, but have made progress.
The purple stuffed mittens I am making for Linda are coming along.  I had to have her try them on today to make sure they weren't too big.  On to the end with those.
My Pink Vicky Ribwarmer is coming right along.  If I hadn't had to rip back so much last week, I might have had it done.  But as it is, both fronts are finished and I am on the second side, and hopefully before bedtime I will be started on the last corner. 
I plan to join the two sides and knit the back in one piece, when I begin working back up the short rows to the full number of stitches. 

As with the Baby Surprise Jacket, so far it looks like a mess of random knitting, but I have confidence it will be a snug warm vest by the end of the week.
There is something so gratifying about garter stitch.