Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 30--The End At Last

As April 30th rolls around, it's time to heave a sigh.

Poetry month comes to an end, away my rhymes will fly.

And as May bustles in, with all those flowers it brings.

We say farewell to poetry, until April once more springs.


That marks the end of the rhymes for another year, so I can return to my regular blogging. I have been slogging through the next pattern repeat of the Traveling Woman Shawl. I must also pick up the stitches for the second front band of the colorful baby Tulips Cardigan. The new project, the Tapestry Hitchhiker will probably come with me to my doctor appointment Monday.

The dusting pan I put in with The Girls (the chicks) got filled with water. (By the way, the girls seem much larger now. I'll need to get new pictures if we get some sun.)

It was an old roaster. But apparently, even with the lid, all the moisture collects around the rim and runs back into the pan. So instead dust, they have mud. Once it dries out, I may need to keep it under the coop section of their pen, away from the sides and rain.

And my big news today was that today I underwent the sacrament of reconciliation and had my first Holy Comunion in the Catholic Church. More than ever, it feels like home.

Friday, April 29, 2016

poetry Month, Day 29--Salad Luncheon

I helped work today at the church salad luncheon.

Oh my, what riches of salads to munch on!

And since Hubby is strictly a meat and potatoes man,

It was a feast for this salad loving fan.

But the torture to watch as I fetched and washed trays!

The sights and aromas taunting the tummy in so many ways.

Finally, my shift ended, I sat down. And yum!

If you missed it, you must wait for next year to come.


Great fun to work at the salad luncheon for All Saints today. Plus I got to meet many fellow parishioners. I can recognize the faces, even it I can't places names to all the faces.

I forgot to take my picture in my purple apron. So, in the meantime, here is a picture of the yarn for my newest project. It will be another Hitchhiker that will be a better traveling project, since Sandy's Traveling Woman shawl is strictly charted work now. This yarns as part of my Christmas gift certificate purchase and is a rayon metallic. The colorway is called Tapestry and is brown/burgandy with a coppery thread running through it.

And tomorrow, my first Sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession), and Eucharist!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 28--Good Day

Bible study, lunch with friend.

Scrabble with my aunt.

Good day, despite rain and cold.


As poetry month winds down, it is getting harder to make up poems about nothing in particular. Bible study was visitors day. One of my friends came to check us out. Then afterward, we had a great chatty lunch together. She made the same journey I am making to the Catholic Church. We had a great visit together.

Later, I visited my 93 year old aunt. We played a rousing game of Scrabble. She beat me by 100 points. Next time, we better try Yahtzee. I may have a better chance of winning.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 27--Grammy Time

When Wednesday rolls around each week

This Grammy spirits start to peak.

It's Grammy time, as I spend all day

With my Little Farmer. Yes, all day!

The day resounds with rumbley noises

With trucks and tractors. Boys will be boys's.

On the run the whole day long.

Ending with Grammy hugs, so strong.

I do believe little boys are born knowing how to make tractor and truck noise. I know Little Farmer sure does.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 26--Rainy Night

Rain, rain in the night,

Thunder booms with all its might.

Thankfully the power stayed on.

The rain in puddles sunk in the ground,

The plants were dripping all around.

And thankfully the power stayed on.

The storm was brief but full of fury.

It blew through in a great hurry,

And thankfully the power stayed on.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 25--Still Knitting

The first repeat of the pattern is done,

A simple chart, such knitting fun!

Two, three and four are yet to knit

And then an edging, lickety split.

All to finish by end of June.

When it will sail off under the Alaskan moon

While I remain, in the heat, to swoon.


The knitting is going well, as time allows. I have been reading a lot, with the last couple lessons for this year's Bible study, and reading for my Catholic studies. But, I have managed to finish this repeat, and soon the studying will be much less.

Which means the knitting can be much more.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 24---Re-Run

I was looking back at last year's poems. You can find them by browsing April 2015 in the sidebar. This little ditty is no less appropriate now than it was last year.

Stash? What Stash?

A chubby old lady with knitting

Was asked, "Do you think that it's fitting?

To have enough yarn

To cover a barn?"

She replied "There is nothing that I am admitting."


This is especially fitting, seeing that I recently took advantage of my birthday discount to add to the aforementioned stash.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Month of Poetry, Day 23---Spring? Maybe.

Sunny day, chicks enjoying,

Running, full of life.

Keeping busy, in and out.


Maybe it's finally spring. Hubby has plowed the garden and run the disc over it.

The chicks seem to think it's spring. Everyone but Dizzy loves running up and down the ramp

Dizzy, the little black one who walks mostly in circles, can get down the ramp, but needs help getting up into the coop again. He is still the smallest of all.

I now am able to tell the two Red Cross chicks apart, they are Lucy (as in Ball with the lightest head), and Rita (as in Hayworth) after a couple illustrious red heads. The lightest Aurancana is Dovie, she has a gray tinge. She is by the water fountain above. Other than Dizzy, Rocky and Lacey (the one on the ramp) I still need to study the others for name, one more black one and the rest seem to be Aurancanas.

They're not babies any longer.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Poetry Month Day 22 (For Real), Take Heart

My rythmns and rhymes are back on time

But this late in the month, don't expect the sublime.

I find ideas are running thin.

(I'm making poems about nothing again.)

But you must admit, it does take talent.

To ramble on with an aimless bent.

So, Readers, have a stalwart heart. Rejoice! Take cheer!

Just a few more poems, before they end until next year.

Poetry Month, Day 21 (+1). Oops!

It wasn't for the lack of rhyming,

Just blame my not so accurate timing!


So...yesterday, I got ready to blog, and behold! It was after midnight. So instead I will try to catch up today.

In the mean time, just enjoy this picture of some Little Lambs praising the Lord, at the children's program, yesterday at Community Bible Study.

Sing out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 20...Inspiration

As the month goes on, the poems get more lame.

My inspiration surely will not gain me fame.

No epics here. Or iambic pentameter.

My couplets and haiku just will not get better.

And though I may hide them at the end of the day

These silly rhymes still have their way.

And now there are only ten days left

Till the lack of my poems will leave you bereft.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Month of Poetry, Day 19---Yawn!

All too soon another day will dawn.

Right now all I can say is...yawn!

So I will see you on the flip side.

Poetically, at least I tried.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 18----Heat Wave!

On the occasion of clearing out the long sleeves and bringing out my sleeveless tops, I give you this little ditty.

Heat wave! Never been a fan.

They make me want snow.

Sorry. I was born that way.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 17, Assorted Sizes

While my chicks now come both big and small

I try to adjust the coop for all.

With temperatures now so very warm,

A trip outside would cause no harm.

Four of the biggest, feeling so brave

Ventured down the ramp for scratch and a wave.

The little ones stayed in the coop and twittered.

Enviously watching, as in the grass the big four skittered.

Lacey, the gold laced Wyandotte is the biggest chick I have. She is in back. The two gold ones on the right are (I think) the two Red Cross chicks, and I believe the biggish one closest on left is one of my Aurancanas. I have food and water outside for them but they all are able to get back in by themselves.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 16----Tulips Cardigan Haiku

The lack of yarn for the Traveling Woman, means lots of time for knitting on this fun little sweater. I think there is just one more color (purple) and then back to turquoise for the edges. And the sleeves of course.

Bright wool, soft wool, feels so good.

Carefree no wash wool,

Wrapping a child with much love.

It is a quick knit. But I'm not looking forward to weaving in those ends. They are the downside of stripes.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Month of Poetry, Day 15---Velociraptors?

Nothing like a growing chick to make you realize

That they resemble a small velociraptor, at least in my eyes.

They're like a feathery little dinosaur with undinosaury cheeps.

Just suppose a world where T Rex only issued gentle peeps?


Ok, it's late, and my inspiration is tired. But it is a poem, even if it is lame.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Poetry Month.....Day 14, Sweater Haiku.

With the Traveling Woman shawl waiting for yarn, I picked up an oldie but goodie. This is the Tulips sweater from a kit purchased when I was dreaming of a grandchild, several years ago. I finally started it last October in the 12 to 18 month size. It goes through several colors yet: grassy green, turquoise, baby blue and purple. Then turquoise border and ties. With the pink and peach, not sure that Little Farmer could carry it off. So at this point, the recipient remains to be seen.

Merino yarn, soft, yummy.

Baby sweater love.

For a little farmerette?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poetry Month Day 12-----Still Nothing

Today was busy and, since I used an entirely appropriate poem a year ago, here is the link right here.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 11, "Spin" Guild

With only a forecast of two in attendance,

We decided to meet and take our chance.

Cyndie and I sat, talked and knit instead,

We had but an hour, so our wheels stayed a' bed.

So come next month, we will try it again

Hopefully more folks will be out of their den.

But even if it is just us two who show,

We can spin a yarn with time to blow.


As mentioned above there were just the two of us coming to spin guild today. And I had to leave after an hour. But we had a good time, even if it was just the two of us.

Our group has been at cross purposes lately. Last month I couldn't attend at all. But the two months before, I had come at one and left after half an hour when no one showed. Cyndie showed up later (each month) and did the same. Hopefully we can do better in the future, both meeting up and getting people. Cyndie and I at least committed to come, at least for the first hour, next month.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 10--Chicks and Knits

The chickens are getting bigger, their feathers are starting to sprout!

The little blue coop will lose the tub, and they will soon be running about

Inside the coop, but sheltered from chill.

My little chickies will cheep and mill.


Meanwhile, in my knitting chair, I sit and knit the the latest shawl.

The needles fly, the chart is fun, I am having quite a ball.

It's just simple lace, with stockinette,

Will she like it? Yes, I'll bet.

As you can see, my babies are almost all starting to sprout feathers. Winnie, the Gold Laced Wyanndotte has quite lovely feathers on her wings, and even getting some tail feathers.

She is busy running from the camera, but you can see the feathers starting on the others.

The shawl has grown beyond what was shown here. I have done several rows of lace now and will soon be needing to get back the wound skeins so I can continue.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 9, The Flock

The size of my little flock has grown.

Instead of five, eleven I own.

A small mixed flock of black, red and brown,

Already their antics can chase a frown.

Araucana, Golden Laced Wyandotte (just one!)

Red Cross, Australop, Barred Rock? What fun.

Matching pictures to babies running around

And wondering how soon they can hit the ground.

There are eleven running around in there. I am considering taking the tub out in a day or two, weather permitting. I can lower the heat lamp some so they can go under it, or away, as they want. That will give them a bit more room to wander, and maybe they won't keep throwing litter in the water. I am thinking about raising it a little, on a small block to prevent all the shavings in their water.

The largest chick is the Gold laced Wyandotte. I can already make out the gold edging on her feathers. One of the tiny black chicks, Dizzy, kept walking in circles. I discovered she had a case of pasty butt, but after helping with that, she seemed better.

So far so good.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Month of Poetry, Day 8---Fast and Brief

My poem is short and quick tonight.

For I must rise at two, and turn on the light.

John needs his ride home at 3 in the morn.

I'm off to bed before my night is torn.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 7, Car Repairs

Drips on the pavement, spots on the floor.

Fear of money flying out the door.

Leaky gas lines, full of holes

Fix them both, such worthy goals.

But now they're mended, hallelu!

And better mileage once again too.

That's right, the dreaded need of car repairs once again reared its ugly head. I had two leaky gas lines (main and return line). They have since been repaired and the only damage was to the pocket.

Supplemental chickens have also been purchased and added to the coop. So far, all the flock seem to be thriving. Pictures will follow.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Poetry Month--Day 6, They Arrive

Sorry for no poems yesterday. I'm sure my faithful readers were just devastated. But life intervened so maybe I will add some extra poetry as the year goes on.

They Arrive

Into life as a chicken farmer I dive.

For eggs, and custards, and scrambles I strive.

But equipment malfunction

Meant no crossing life's junction

So instead of twenty chicks, there are five.

Yes I arranged pickup the chicks today, after my time with Little Farmer. I'm not sure what varieties they are, but there are at least two it appears.

Three mostly black, one of whom has a white blaze where the comb will be. The others are more brownish. With only five, I hazard a guess that there are two or three roosters. I think I will probably supplement these guys with whatever I can find at the farm supply store.

So far, after a noisy ride home, where I narrowly avoided heat stroke, no signs of bumble foot or pasty butt.