Monday, July 30, 2012

Onward the Knitting

I have started my fifth color section on my Summer Games Rumpus shawl.  I squeezed smooth as much as I could out of my precious handspun angora.  Only a few yards left. 
As a brief aside, when spinning angora, if you are plying a single batch, and want to use the andean plying method, take some advice.  Do not attempt on a hot humid day.   I did and had the grandaddy of all tangled.  Way too much of that precious fiber was lost.
Anyway, as Rumpus grows, I finally have Color Affection #1 on the blocking mats.   Only problem I have with the shawl, it is a bit large for the bed.  Even on the diagonal.  The one end is slightly climbing the wall.
Now if it will only cool enough to wear it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm In

Yup, I succumbed.  I really love this pattern.  Amy King's Rumpus Shawl.  And It's free on Ravelry till those Summer Games in London are over.
I've sorted out some coordinating handspun, and some neutrals, mostly white, for separating the different color sections.  As you can see the colors are mostly red and pinkish.
I have to wind up some of the larger skeins yet, but I was so anxious to start, I even hand wound some balls.
So, now I have this as my pretty much exclusive knitting for the duration of those games over in London.
I may not watch the games, but I can still knit along.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Will I? Won't I?

The jury is still out on whether I plan to knit along with the Summer Games of that organization that does not want any association with knitters.  (Hint, they start in London tomorrow.)   I have plenty of knitting to keep me busy; I won't even go into all my WIPS.
Since finishing my Color Affection #1 on Monday, I have grazed among my projects. 
Tuesday was devoted to my Duchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan.   Easy peasy no brainer knitting.  Another inch or two was added to the length.  I think my hesitation with this stems from not knowing what endings I want,  if I want lace or patterned sleeve edge and bottom edge.  Or just ribbing.  And the neck/front band: I want a non-rolling edge.  So...lace or seed or garter or what?  Decisions, decisions.
Yesterday I worked on my Paisley triangle, see picture below.  It's a bamboo, merino, silk blend that was dyed by Yarn Hallow.  It took a minute to find my place on the chart, but then went swimmingly.
And earlier this evening I picked up my current sock in progress for a few rounds.
But back to where I started.   I am almost decided I want to take some of my precious handspun and make the Rumpus Recipe shawl.  It's a pick-your-option sampler shawl, by Spunky Eclectic.  Different cast-ons. Different endings. Different middles.  Different colors.
Problem is I haven't seen the pattern because it isn't posted yet. But if I like what I seen, I think the answer will be yes, I will.  But I will simply compete against time and myself in my own private knitting  oly----s. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ready For Blocking

Gertrude gladly modeled my Color Affection #1.  Although it still is waiting for blocking, I love it. 
Even with a dropped yarnover on the edges, it still feels a bit tight along the top edge.  I am not sure that blocking will help much, but can hardly wait for cool enough weather to wear it.
I have gone back to my Duchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan for now.  I am below the arm holes three inches or so.  I just need to decide if I do want to knit during the Olympics.
I don't want to be detrimental to the athletes.  Maybe if I knit and ignore the games, the US Olympic Committee won't mind.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Growing and Growing.

My Color Affection #1 is growing rapidly.  I can't stretch it to show off well while it is on the needles, but you can see all the color sections here.
I even managed to even start the solid border, in the dark purple. 
Just a couple inches left.

Friday, July 20, 2012


What a difference a day makes.  (Hey that sounds like a good title for a song!)
Uh, anyway, after our inch of rain yesterday the crops look fresher.  The corn has uncurled the leaves and looks relaxed.   I just hope the local farmers were helped in time.
Our hay field is looking good too.  At least Lizzie thinks so in the picture below.  All that yellow trefoil is self seeded.  When Hubby bounced the big bales out of the far field, the seeds apparently scattered themselves in this closer field.  After a little more growth, which this rain will promote, we just may still get a second cutting.
As for my knitting, there some good movies this weekend.  With only 16 rows on my Color Affection #1 before the solid purple rows, I hope to at least get to those solid rows this weekend.
Even if they are lllooonnnggg rows.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Festival Continues

Got to town a bit early today.  I wanted to visit the sidewalk sales.  At least the one at our local Birkenstock store.  And I scored!
Totally my color, although in real life they are not so florescent.  More of a deep rose.  I found them, grabbed then, and after trying them on, had several people ask where I got them and what the name was.  But I fought them off and they are safely with me. 
I think they will go well with most of my handknit socks.
People watching was going well yesterday, despite the morning downpour we had.  (Only 1/10 inch at home.  Darn.) The canopy above was erected in the afternoon, promising goodies for the sidewalk sale.
And I was right.  This morning it was full of shoes and sandals. 
This morning is a bit quieter though, as the rides and midway have been restricted to special needs children.  I think that is a wonderful thing to do.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Love This Pattern

I have truly caught the infection of the Color Affection Pattern.  I started it just about a week and a half ago, and have been going strong on the third color section.
Adding the eggplant to the mix does show up.  I was afraid the eggplant and the bordeaux were too close a color match, but as you can see they have just enough contrast.
I am much farther along than this picture shows.  I am on the eleventh stripe of short rows, and so have only about 5 more to go.
And, after stash diving, I think I found the yarn for my Color Affection #2. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Annual People Watching Time Is Here

Also know as the National Baby Food Festival, it officially opens tomorrow at the home of Gerber Baby Food, Fremont Michigan.  And all happening outside my window at the history center.
All day today the carnies set up the rides and cleaned the food wagons.
All in temperatures close to 95 degrees.  Ugh.  I am almost glad I have to work in the air-conditioned comfort of the center.
Except look what I face.  All day. 
I hope I don't weaken.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Growing Affection

My Color Affection Infection #1 keeps growing.  I am just a few rows now away from adding color number 3, eggplant.
 I love how the different colors show up so well from the Sonatina.  So far it looks narrower that I planned, although I know that the short rows will eventually add some more depth. 
And, hey, if it isn't deep enough, I'll just have to knit another.  After all, I do have two tubs full of sock yarn to sort through. 
Stash is good.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I've Been Affected

Less than two days after completing Torri's Azure Sea Shawl, I'm in deep.  My Color Affection #1 is already on the second section.   Only partly through the fourth stripe, out of twelve, and I have already been stash diving to pick colors for my second.
I think I caught the Color Affection Infection.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Torri's Azure Sea Fan Shell shawl was delivered today and pictures duly taken.  (Don't worry, it was in the air-conditioned part of the church.)
I think she liked it.  So did the church knitters who had been watching it grow.
And now on to the new project, my Color Affection Infection. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ok, I'm Bummed

After waiting with bated breath for the arrival of Ann Budd's latest book, The Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweater Patterns, on the Knit-Picks website, It's on backorder.  And it isn't expected until after their current booksale is ended.
Not that I was ready to cast on a top Down sweater immediately.  But still! 
I guess I need to hold my breath a while longer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I Like Winter

Short version, see below. 
I know others are worse than we are here  in West Michigan.   But the weatherman is saying cooler tomorrow, only about 95. Yikes!
That does not compute.
Less miserable than today, but still miserable.
Long time readers may remember that I NEVER complain about the cold in winter.  Rather, I revel in it.  And so I feel I am entitled to say:  I hate this weather.
(Oh, Torri's shawl is on the final skein, about 10 ridges left.)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Then There Was One

One last skein.  The end is near on Torri's shawl.  Not that I am in a big hurry, but even with air conditioning, and with the bulk of the shawl confined in a plastic bag, this is not the best project to knit when the temperature is over 90. 
Plus I am just a wee bit ready to start my Color Affection Affliction.  This may be the first pattern that I have actually started while it is still going viral.  I even started ny project page on Ravelry for it. 
But, there is still that last skein standing in my way.

Monday, July 2, 2012

From Zero to Hero

After a few days when it looked like Ruffly Joy scarf was destined for the frog pond, if not the trash, thanks to lifelines, it swiftly was finished and cast off.  I like the full boa-like look of this scarf
It was finished and cast off yesterday.  The picture above shows it coiled on the footstool with my white background .  Below is Gertie showing it off in the beauty shot.
Glad I made it.  Even gladder its done.  As I said before, it is fiddly.  And I recommend anyone trying to make this to be sure to use lifelines every couple inches.