Friday, October 24, 2014

Finishing Frenzy Friday

Even with sleeping in this morning I managed to accomplish quite a bit on the knitting front. And without much in the way of knitting either.

The Sweet Pea Cardigan was off the needles by bedtime last night. So today it was time to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons.

Then while I was in the mood, I tidied up the loose ends on the Farmall Jacket as well.

The neck on this one is kind of tight. I don't think that top button will see much use. But they are both officially done, ready to be blocked. Plenty of time to be dry for the baby shower.

The gray striped sweater is larger, so I will hold off on that one till later.

So back to my Blue Blood Red cardigan. Plenty of time now. The commissioned sweater is waiting for more complete measurements so I have time to work on it. And I also may started something new. More on that another time.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Almost Forgot You

Dear Blog,

I almost forgot you today. After Bible Study, and a wee bit of shopping, I tried to catch up on some of my reading. Then after supper I was attached to my needles and knitting up a storm. I was a mere couple rows from my final cast off of the Sweet Pea Cardigan......when I remembered! My poor blog. I need to post today!

So here I am. You are not forgotten Dear Blog. And just to make you pretty, here is a week old picture of the back property line.

That back field isn't quite so pretty now that the wind and rain knocked off a bunch of the leaves. But it is an ever changing panorama. Always interesting. I love country living.

So, my friend Blog, I wish you a fond farewell until tomorrow.

Now give me some peace so can finish that sweater.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back in the Coop

Manyof you may remember that Hubby frequently keeps a calf in the old chicken coop.  The last one recently graduated to the barn, so I guess he felt the need to keep making milk replacer.  While at the auction Monday, he purchased a new calf, a white and red holstein.
He had to go back the next day to pick it up, and now it is safely at home in the coop.  I tried to get a picture of little #55, but he had the inside door shut.  Once it warms in a few days, I will try again for a picture to share.
So in the meantime, here is Fuzzyface, all fuzzed up for the coming winter.
All of the barn cats were sunning themselves in front of the garage, taking advantage of the late season sun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Buttons

I'm still plodding away here on my blog.  Four days and counting.  Not bad.
I also have been working hard on finishing the Sweet Pea Cardigan.  There is a baby shower coming up rapidly.  Trying to have it before Little Farmer makes his debut no doubt.  I want to have some knitting done. So far, I have two off the needles, both needing buttons sewn on and one of them, the Farmmall Jacket needing ends woven in besides.  I would like to finish this little one as well.  After that, I can work on the Tulip cardigan, which is the kit I have shown here previously.  And eventually a Wallaby hoodie sweater.
But I have the second sleeve of the Sweet Pea Cardigan half done, so it is progressing well.  And the other day, I also found some buttons that I think will work well with the green.
They look like little light yellow M & M's so I better make sure they are sewn down very tightly.
Now, back to that sleeve, followed by front bands.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Button Day

So far there hasn't been a lot of knitting today.
None actually.  But as soon as I am done here, I plan to rectify that.
I went for groceries, and even ordered some Christmas presents online this evening. While in town getting groceries, I made a button stop.  I forgot to bring the small ball left from one skein of my Blue Blood Red yarn.  So I had to guess.  I didn't really want red buttons, unless I found some I loved that would work.  But I was thinking black, gray, pewter or white.
This is what I ended up with.
Please excuse the glare from the white.  The evening shot with flash and the white backing caused a bit of a blur.  But I like what I came home with.  Not sure if the red will work.  They seem to have a bit of orange tinge, compared to the sweater, but I am sure I can use them in the future.  The gray are a soft gray, almost a pewter color.  There were some nice pewter ones, but they either too big, or not enough of them left.  I do like the white.  They are harder to see, on the white background and causing the glare.  But they are an off-white, with a wonky off kilter square shape.  I kind of like them.  I am leaning to the white, unless I go out and find some pewter ones I like.
Which I just might do.  These are buttons that could go with much of the yarn I have stashed right now.