Tuesday, August 23, 2016


So, I arrive at Knit Nite to be greeted with a big bag of toilet paper tubes.

Apparently, one of my knitting friends had offered to give them to my teaching friend down by St. Joe. And since her mom and I are heading down there on Friday, I stuck them in my trunk. Hopefully I won't forget them.

To help me remember, I also stuck four ice cream buckets with lids I had promised her mom in the trunk as well. I really hope I don't forget. I'm gonna need my trunk soon to get chicken feed.

Also, while I was at Knit Nite, I was knitting away on my truly brainless project, the Ten Stitch blanket.

Alas, it is apparently not brainless enough. Just before packing it up for the night, I discovered I had 11 stitches. For the TEN Stitch Blanket.

Sigh. Some few rows of frogging back resulted in...eleven stitches.

I see more frogging in my near future. As well as more frequent stitch counting. I mean I only need to count to ten. How hard can that be?

Apparently too hard.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whacking Away

A month or so back, we got a letter from our farm insurance company stating that they were no longer offering coverage in our area. Our local agent came out last week and offered alternate coverage. However, before they come to take pictures, we need to clear the grass, weeds and, in some areas, brush away from all the buildings.

Our tractor is needing a new tire rim, which means the brush hog is not an option. We can't keep a string weed wacker working. So, yesterday I ended up springing for Hubby's next Christmas and birthday present...a hand held bush whacker. Think weed whacker with a blade instead of a string.

Hubby has been buzzing up a storm, clearing around house, barn and garage.

In the meantime, while waiting for the rain delayed NASCAR race to finally finish, I worked on my Cactus Flower Gold Digger sock. I need to finish the cable chart twice before starting the heel gusset. The gussets get increased, and there is no flap. Just short row shaping/heel turn after the gusset.

I was worried the cables would be lost in this Madelinetosh yarn.

But they seem to be showing up nicely. These pictures show me at about row 8 of 24, on the second time through the chart, first the front then the back.

Then dark came and I turned to the Ten Stitch Blankie for my evening knitting.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cables After Dark, and Kids

Even with relative bright colors, it seems that once the natural light is gone, cabling difficulties multiply. Especially at 8 stitches per inch on size zero knitting needles.

After I needed to unknit a needle with cabling, I decided to wait until tomorrow to pick this sock back up.

At least it was the back, with smaller cables that needed to be tinkled. I guess I better work on these during the daytime and find other evening knitting.

My visit with the grand kids the other day of course needed a few pictures. Little Farmer was mugging for the camera, as usual.

"See Grammy? I have two ears!"
My Little Peanut showed off her long fingers. Knitting fingers? Maybe I better bring a pair of needles to put in her hands. (And look! Open eyes this time.)

Legend says that is how new knitters are created, by having a knitter place knitting needles in a baby's hand. I need to find some dull needles.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

WIPs Parade

This past Monday, before my Tuesday sock class, I spent some time on several of my active WIPs, or Works In Progress. While the Baby Hap was out of the question due to the heat, I did manage to work on the Ten Stitch Blankie for my Little Peanut.

Once the heat started getting to me, I turned to the Tapestry Hitchhiker. Being a rayon yarn, it was less fuzzy and much more comfortable to knit.

I have quite a bit of yarn left, and it is already wearable.

Poor picture, but you get the idea.

Finally I dug out the poor forgotten Smocked Brown Cow Socks and tried to figure out where I left off.

I figured out that I had left off with the gusset almost done. I am now working down the foot.
And of course on Tuesday I had my class on the Golddigger Socks. I have completed the cuff since this picture and am on the cable set up rows. I need to get through the chart twice before my next class.

I better get back to the charts.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crisis Averted

Well, maybe not a crisis, but a possible large expense.

Monday, we brought our beef back from the meat packer. Being a bit on the warm side, it softened a bit so when we got home we stuffed it into the freezer as soon as we could. I had offered to get it with my air conditioned car, but but Hubby didn't think Hharry could make it up the hills with over 700 pounds of meat.

We noticed the alarm flashing on the freezer because the temperature was above -5. I hit reset, but still the freezer didn't get below 19 degrees. Hubby was starting to worry the freezer was going out. We put the big barn fan on, aimed at the compressor, as it was getting warm.

And two days and one service call later, (I told you Hubby was getting nervous) the freezer is down to -5 degrees. And as you can see above, not a smidgen of room for anything else.

Plus the smaller freezer has the extra hamburger in with the usual bread and frozen veggies.

Now to repair/replace the rear tractor tire rim. It's always something, isn't it?