Monday, November 23, 2015

Small Steps

One thing I have noticed since Lewie came here to live is that it is really hard to get a good picture of a black cat. Especially when he doesn't cooperate.

But the upside is that as time goes on, the growling and staring (glaring?) by Leo has greatly diminished. I have even seen them both on the bed at the same time. Yes they were at opposite sides of the bed, but they seem to be adapting well.

On the knitting front, I have finished another birthday present.

Isn't just the cutest thing? I am considering making one in my size. The pattern is sized from baby to adult large, and now that I know how it works, it would be easily adjustable.

That leaves me with some Christmas knitting to do. I have even thought about casting on for another vest for me, this time in garter stitch. As though I don't have a pile of WIPs (Works In Progress) already.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Games and Races.

Great day for sports in the farmhouse.

The Detroit Lions actually won their second game in a row today. And while I don't watch football (I have a friend who shoots me the score while I give her race updates), I do appreciate the fact that both of these last two games haven't been high scoring games. My Scoreboard Cowl isn't growing quite as fast as it was previously.

The knitting goes easier with the majority of the cowl folded up into a plastic bag. I can manage the three skeins much better without the length of the cowl getting all wrapped up in it.

The other sporting event, more near and dear to my heart was the NASCAR finals. My favorite driver was out of the running for the championship, but up until about 10 laps left, was leading the pack. Then a caution hit. He ended up third, and since Brad couldn't win the championship, I am glad Kyle did.

What a comeback it was too, after missing the first couple months of the season with both a broken leg on one side and a broken foot on the other. I am happy with the outcome of the season.

Now how long till the Daytona 500?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gift Time Knitting.

I can't call it Christmas knitting, because I have two birthdays coming first. Both Little Farmer, who first popped into the world last Thanksgiving, and my Lil Farm Gal,whose birthday is early December, are needing presents, so that is coming first.

First up is this Turquoise Benedict Cowl. The yarn was just purchased last Friday and I am ready to start my last sawtooth section. I should have it done by bedtime, if this post doesn't take too long, at least as far as the knitting goes. But sewing up and hiding in ends should go quickly, so probably tomorrow with that.

Than, after tossing the stash, I came up with this. I'm thinking a Farmall colored earflap hat. I have a bit of time to decide which of two patterns I like best.

At least until tomorrow sometime.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Was it only eight years ago when I began this humble blog? Way back in 2007, after seeing so many of my friends writing blogs about their knitting, I bit the bullet and signed in to blogger and started blogging.

Many of those same blogs I followed then have faded away. Others I have discovered and enjoy continue. I follow blogs of knitters in Scotland and Canada. Blogs of multi-taskers in Oklahoma, a weatherman in Grand Rapids, and a few farmers, scattered from Alberta, Canada to Wisconsin, are among those I still enjoy. Not many of those local friends still blog, at least with any regularity.

I miss those blogs I used to read that are no more. There was a knitter and backyard chicken farmer in Austrailia whose blog I particularly loved to read and miss.

Still, I trudge along with my little blathering here, grateful to whoever happens to read them. My readership has possibly increased with my discovering how to share them on Facebook. Nothing like self promotion, huh?

Sometimes it takes real effort to think of something to write, signified by longish pauses here. Other times I have so many ideas, I could post several times a day if I typed them, instead of just composing them in my head.

Blogging has been a great source of discipline. It keeps me on task with my knitting and writing, even if I sometimes need to be reminded by a friend when it has been a while since a post. I love the challenges I sometimes set, like a poem a day for a month, or just posting daily. (November is a lousy time for National Blogging Daily Month, just saying.) I love having a reason to just write, even if I don't get many readers. Or even any readers.

So, to any of you reading this, thanks for the support. And if you start your own blog, let me know. I'd love to follow it.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Time For Gift Knitting

With both birthdays for grandchildren as well as Christmas fast approaching, it is time for gift knitting. Some is coming from the stash, but I did make a few purchases. Just as a supplement you know.

I started a cowl like my St Augustine Cowl finished early this year. This one though is in turquoise. I think I can find someone who would like that.

I have plans for a hat and possibly mittens too but they may be able to wait until Christmas, I hope. Hope is high for a pair of Mary Jane style slippers also by Christmas.

And then there is this, already started...a pair of fingerless mitts.

In navy tweed, from my stash, they are definitely daytime knitting.

But, with all this knitting ramping up I present this:

I finally sat down and added buttons to the Flo Oatmeal Vest.

Ta dah! Although I will need to see if I can get some better pictures, I think it isn't half bad. And enough left over for a hat.

That makes my tenth finished project for 2015! I'm doing better than I thought.