Friday, November 21, 2014

It is Finally Back

Dish TV and Turner Broadcasting finally came to their senses and my movies are back. Of course I did miss the ending of one to the first movies I caught again when I had to help Hubby hook up the gravity box to the truck to go get feed.

But it is now available On Demand. Yea!

Now, if you excuse me, I will go back to my knitting and movie watching.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Starts and Finishes, Almost.

The red sweater pieces managed to dry before bedtime, thank goodness. The pieces blocked out great, with the pieces just falling into the right dimensions.

For now the pieces are folded and back in their baggy as I rush to finish the Green and White Jacket. I hope to at least cast off that this weekend. Then I will need to sort through the button bin to see if I need to get some for the jacket or if I have some that will work.

I have finished the back flap extension and started the last series of stripes. I must admit I am eager to finish this so I can get back to knitting with wool again. The acrylic tires my fingers, it's less resilient than wool.

I also spent some time working on my commissioned piece. I finally have the basic design down and have the measurements on paper. Picked the pattern/recipe I will be using as starting point, as well as the cable I will be using. I do need to type up the chart for that, so it is a more reasonable size. And I have plotted the basic modifications I will be making to the pattern. Once I have swatched and decided on needle size and gauge, I can calculate the stitch counts for cast on.

And then the new sweater adventure can begin.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Now the Waiting

The sweater pieces finally got to take their bath this morning.  They are now spread out on the blocking squares, assembled on the cutting board on my bed.  The antique cutting board, probably 35 to 40 years old, is one of those fold-up cardboard mats that back when I sewed, I would use to cut out the material.  Now it gives a firm base for the foam squares I use to pin out articles when blocking.
After pouring out the water, I had this pile of wet wooly sweater pieces in the bottom of the pan.
Oh, let me tell you about this pan.  I have seen it advertised before, as part of a blocking kit.  It included a bottle of Soak (a wool wash soap that doesn't need rinsing) with sample sized packets in assorted scents.)  I thought it might be sort of a splurge, having a dedicated soaking tub, but the great thing is the handles.  You can barely see them here, but the tub is so flexible that you can hold both handles in one hand and tip out the water.  The water will run right out, with no chance of the garment escaping.  It makes for a lot less stress on the wool, when you need to pick it up and roll it in towels to get as much water out as possible.
This pile of towels were just waiting on the mat while I let the water drain a little more.  I think I will make sure I have the dishpan sized strainers available and ready to let the water drain more than this time.  I may need to figure a way to raise them from the bottom of the tub just a bit to help drain. I am considering getting an old window frame or screen that will lay across the tub.  That may help.
But finally, they were unrolled from the towels.  (I can't believe I forgot a picture of that.  Five lumpy white sausages filled with wool.)  Unrolled and pinned into the dimensions indicated on my Custom Fit pattern, and they are drying.
Slowly drying.
I have turned on the fan, and even left the door open to better circulate the air, hoping Leo will decide he doesn't want a damp nap.  Once they are dry, I can
And now I wait.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Blogiversary!

That's right. This silly little blog of mine has been going on for seven years today.  You can see the archives in the sidebar if you want to see just how silly they have been.  (I had a great yearly series on The Stupid Time Change.)
I started out on this adventure because so may of my knitting friends were doing blogs, mostly about their knitting.  Mine was going to be that, but more, with family and life thrown in.  That first post wasn't much, but it did mention what I was knitting and spinning.  No pictures. I had to figure out the process for that yet.  And refigure it several times in the last several years, as computers and cameras changed.
I still plod along with this, sometimes using my computer, more often the antique first generation iPad that I bought used. But I have been able to post on the fly with my phone as well.
Many of those friends no longer blog,  Other friends have started and stopped blogging in the past seven years.  Many of the blogs I followed then, I still follow with the help of Feedly after Google Reader abandoned me.  For example:  Pink Lemon Twist, and my beloved Yarn Harlot.  Both of those are mostly knitting.  I have found new ones to follow most recently is Jean's Knitting.  Though these blogs I have been able to touch the lives of people in Texas (Pink Lemon), Canada (Yarn Harlot) and even Scotland (Jean).  Until it ended, I greatly enjoyed the upside down weather via the blog of a knitter in Australia.
I know my blog is nothing spectacular, but it has been fun, challenging and a bit of a disciplinarian.  I almost made it a full month of daily posting, missing only a couple days in the past month.   I hope that you have enjoyed and perhaps continue to enjoy the journey with me.
And just because I don't want to go without a picture, here is one from March 2013.  But it is a good picture of what it looked like all day today.
Yea winter!
Here is to another seven years, perhaps a bit more family heavy, as I gain a grandson to go with my instant granddaughter Lil Farm Gal.  But I promise knitting, and life and farming as we go along.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I Haven't Forgotten It

I have rather neglected posting any updates on My Blue Blood Red Cardi.

Alas, all the sections are still sitting in the bag waiting for their bath and blocking session.

What with needing to pick up Younger Son from work at 6am followed by a nap to catch up on the missing sleep, I haven't been able to get them blocked early enough to be able to use the bed by night time. The plan was, with the winter storm warning we are currently under, that Hubby would take him in tonight as well as get him in the morning. But Hubby's wipers aren't working till he takes his (4 wheel drive!) truck in on Wednesday. So I am left to do the driving until then.

Hubs doesn't know yet, but he is driving double shifts the rest of the week.