Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bonus Post--Finished Shawl

Even though I had a previous post today and have picked up another project, I wanted to share some preliminary pictures of Sandy's Traveling Woman Shawl.

Last night, I only had a wee bit of yarn before beginning the bind off. So I wound the yarn I had dug out of my stash to use for the final cast off only.

Gertrude graciously consented to model. She feels the heat much less than I do. Of course it needs blocking and I have already passed along the blocking frame boards to Sandy to see if Robin could make a frame.

A good firm blocking should work its usual magic, accenting the points and opening the lace.

I couldn't resist a quick try on. Even if the wool room doesn't get the benefit of the air conditioning.

And now on to some of my previously started projects.

In Memory of Those Who Gave All

In my family tree we have quite a few veterans. Probably even some I have not confirmed as having served. The veterans outnumber the fallen, but on this Memorial Day, when we honor the fallen, I would like to mention a couple from my mothers branch of the family tree who did make the ultimate sacrifice during war.

Although he is listed in the letter above as Paul Gilbert, his name was really Paul Davis. After GGrandma Ada Samis Gilbert died, GGrampa Roy married her sister Delia whose husband had died. Her son Paul enlisted as Gilbert instead of Davis, honoring GGrampa but also causing me great difficulty finding military information on him. As you can read, he died during World War II, on October 18, 1944 in Lorraine, France. He has a grave marker with his brother and parents in Michigan. I believe his body was returned after the war and is indeed buried there. I don't know if he was a part of D Day. But I do remember watching a movie about the landing, or perhaps a documentary. My mother mentioned something about wondering if cousin Paul was there. Either way, he was in the thick of battle. And I salute him.

The other member of my family who fell in battle is Gilbert Samis.

Gilbert Samis is a double cousin. His mother Sadie was my GGrampa Roy's sister and his father Frank was the brother of GGreat Grandma Ada, and Delia of course. According to a news clipping he fought in Mexico during the Spanish American War. He came home to help his father run a restaurant, but enlisted in February 1917 once again. He was wounded in battle at Chateau Thierry, France, recovered and returned to action. Sadly, just over a month before the Armistice, he was wounded again at Arogonne Forest in France and died of his wounds on October 28; just two weeks before the war ended, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. I have always been so saddened by those who died within days of the end of war.

So in memory of these two family members as well as all the others who gave their lives, I give a heartfelt, humble thank you.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Time To Post

No blogging today. I am in the middle of casting off Sandy's Traveling Woman.

More tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Knitting Through the Heat

Even in a heat wave, the knitting must go on. On Sandy's Traveling Woman Shawl, I have five rows left, then bind off. And only three of the rows are the right side, and need to be watched closely. In this heat, a large fuzzy wool shawl is more of a blast oven on the lap than two cats. I can hardly wait to be done. (Praise the Lord for air conditioning!)

But, the caked yarn is dwindling, as you can see below. I raided the stash (such a useful thing, a stash), and found some of my handspun Leicester long wool blend. The color is close as shown in the twisted skein, although it is not quite as fuzzy. If necessary, it will be a close enough match to finish the shawl. I think my yarn may have more of a sheen to it, just a bit.

And with the end of this shawl in sight, startitis may be rearing its head.

In spite of all the projects on needles already, I may have started something with the above yarn.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Knitting Around Obstacles

This shows why my knitting volume has slowed some recently. Lewie seems to feel the best place to rest is either on my shoulder, with his tail in my face or on my chest on top of any knitting. Not only does he interfere with the knitting, but he is a little blast furnace!

In spite of all that I managed to finish the last repeat of chart A on Sandy's Traveling Woman shawl.

Working on this is also like having a blast furnace on my lap. The handspun Romney/Leister wool will certainly be warm enough for an Alaskan cruise. And as you can see, I have started the final chart.

Barely started, but started nonetheless. And now we have the heat I need to knit through. I need to turn on the AC ASAP.