Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Typically Michigan

I make no excuses about the fact I like this winter.  Even this past winter was okay by me. 
Spring has always been highly rated in my opinion.  I am not a fan of mud and sloppy driveways.   
Last week, we almost got to one of the nice parts of spring.  The weather was finally warm enough for no coats.  At least for me.  Hubby wore a sweatshirt, to my short sleeves on Saturday.  And with sandals, no socks in my Berkis.  The pasture, hay-fields and drive had dried off and the sun was shining.
By evening it was a different story.
Rain, wind, rain, lightening, thunder.  And did I mention rain?  
The power never flickered, but the Dish went out a couple times, very briefly, causing me to miss the end of Nascar.  
We were not an area that had the tremendous straight line winds that caused a lot of power outages and down trees.  But we did get rain.
The above picture is of the hay-field, as well as the one below.  It also includes the corner of the drive by the barn.
The pasture picked up some too.
And just to put it in perspective.  This crock pot liner was empty that morning. and the next morning, it looked like this.
And this morning?  Just a couple inches of snow.   Typical Michigan.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Startitis Rears its Ugly Head

With all of the projects I have going right now, all I needed was another one, right?  I have the doll sweater done, and baby sweater too, all but the buttons.  And of course I have all my projects waiting for the end of Lent, but the off-white blankie will probably carry me that far.  (And if you are counting, those will take me up to project 11 for the year.)
Well, actually I did need one.
I finished the doll sweater for Lil' Farm Gal, (project 9) and so I decided to cast on the size 11/12 for Lil' Farm Gal herself.  In spite of the off-white baby blankie (more on that later) still in progress, I needed something that is less of a dirt magnet than the off-white for when I am going on a road trip with Hubby.
I am making her a sweater very similar to the the doll sweater.  It will have an eyelet yoke with a garter ridge above each eyelet row.  Once I get past the increases I will probably just do a plain stockinette, with sleeves and body ending in a few garter rows.  Just like the doll sweater.
Both are the same yarn; same skein so far.  I guess the background color messes with the camera.  I did that much Tuesday while I was mulling options on the off-white blankie.  
I decided against the purple ceramic buttons.  A friend at Knit Nite advised me that they are more likely to chip on a machine washable sweater.  So I will did out the pink ones I found, and use those.  That means I won't need to buy yarn for the stripe and lace on the blankie, but can use the pink left from the previous blankie.  The purple can wait for a hand wash wool sweater. 
I estimate the blankie is about 15 inches on each side right now.  I will add the stripes as I get closer to the edge.  I think a narrow strip, and then more white before the lace will work the way I want. 
So even though I have been starting lots of things lately, they have been quick things.  Like I said before, baby knitting is fast.  Doll knitting is even faster. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Knitting

I like baby knitting. The Pink Blankie was delivered and admired.

I started the sweater vest for another baby coming to one of the lecturers at Bible study. Again, this one will have several older siblings. It's nice to have something new for the younger children. The vest off the needles. It still wants a soak and blocking, ends hidden and two buttons added.

It went so quickly that I decided to make a nearly matching blankie. Different brand of yarn, but the off white color is almost the same. I'm winging this pattern as well. It is a plain square, center out. And I'll add a simple lace edging, and perhaps stripes.

It's is garter stitch, knit a round and increase at each corner, and purl a round. I may add some pink stripes, with yarn left from the Pink Blankie. Or I may buy something for stripes and lace to match the buttons on the sweater. I found some purple ceramic ones in the button stash that I really like.

I will definitely be blocking all of these, even if they are acrylic.

Then I'm going back to wool. Or at least a blend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shopping Frustrations

A few weeks ago, I had a grocery and miscellaneous shopping trip.  I had decided to invest in a couple new spring tops or jeans.
But,  NOTHING.  My favorite plus size store  had closed.
Huh.  I didn't think it had been that long since I was in that area.  A quick trip around another shop reminded me that their clothes are funky and expensive.  Neither attribute was what I was looking for.
Not even Meijers had a top in my size.  Drats.
I hate it when I want to spend money and there is nothing to buy. I mean, I couldn't even find anything I wanted in the craft store.  And I don't know when is the last time that happened.
So, I went to the Christian book store and bought a study Bible, in the translation we use at Community Bible Study, the English Stand Version.
Educational and useful, even if I can't wear it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Return of the Spinners

With the wild winter that is finally starting to end, Spin Guild hasn't met all year.  Partly that was because we had decided to meet monthly instead of weekly.  And I knew I couldn't afford weekly trips on my reduced gas budget.   (I've become a hermit, remember?)
So when Evelyn proposed an impromptu spinning and potluck at her house, we were all game.
Sure the dirt road and mud drive were challenging for my poor little car but a great time was had by all.  We ate, talked up a storm and our time was gone   before we knew it.
And I made it back to pavement nearly intact.
I can hardly wait for our next meeting.