Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chilly Farm Work

Hubby has been asking for help a couple afternoons this past week. In preparation for bringing the cattle in from pasture, he has been bringing big buckets of sand from the sandpit out back to put in front of the barn door. The ground by door the cattle use is always muddy from the rain runoff from the roof. When the cattle come in and out, they churn it up, making it even muddier.

And I do mean big buckets of sand. I was on electric fence detail, hooking and unhooking the gate. (Unplugged at the time.) Even though it was sunny that day, the wind was frigid.

We finished up today with another five buckets. Not so sunny. Equally cold.

The cattle were not impressed.

Not at all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweater Parts

The final piece has been cast off! All the many markers removed.

And that, my friends, is a bag full of parts of the Blue Blood Cardigan. I will need a few days before I can soak, block and dry. Then comes the dreaded "sewing up," so hated by many knitters. Followed by knitting the neck and front bands.

And after that....wearing!

The end is in sight. Maybe I should cast on something else.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blocking! Easy Edition

I gave both the Sweet Pea Cardigan and the Farmall Jacket a dip in the soaking pan to prepare for blocking. I soaked them separately luckily because the red did bleed slightly in the warm water.

It doesn't show the bleeding here, as it only showed when I gave it a gentle swish. But before I took this out of the water, I drained and pushed as much water as I could by kneading the Sweet Pea Cardi in the strainer. I do that by rolling my knuckles over it to get as water removed as possible, letting the water drain out the bottom.

Then it gets wrapped in some towels that I save just for wet wool. While wrapped up, I squeeze out as much more dampness as possible and then lay on a dry towel on the blocking mat.

And now they are all patted into shape, waiting to dry before the cat tries to take a nap on them.

One heart stopping moment did occur when I discovered a hole near the bottom cast off edge of the Farmall Jacket. Apparently there was stitch dropped when casting off. I calmed myself and put a pin in it and once it is dry, I can use a crochet hook to run it up the three or four rows of garter stitch and then use a scrap of the same yarn to tie it off and weave in.

No problem.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Number 55

No, it isn't my 55th project, but I did promise a picture of our newest calf, a white and red Holstein, purchased by Hubby last week..
There he is, #55 in all his glory.  He is happly thriving in the calf hut/chicken coop.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Knitting

While waiting actual usable measurments to start knitting a commissioned project, and with the completion of the Sweet Pea Cardigan, I found myself in need of some fairly brainless knitting.  So, I debated between a couple projects and ended up choosing to start a new baby project:  the Spiral Gray Blankie.
The color is a sort of cadet bluish gray. The yarn isn't wool, but is washable and extremely soft.  It is center out, but with a neat spiral design.  And now that the pattern is established, it is fairly intuitive.
I have strings on the markers to help keep them from falling off, but I like the spiral that has started. Can you see it?  It continues until, at the end, there is a picot bind off border.
And I still can continue on the last sleeve of my red cardigan.  I am almost done with the second sleeve increases, and will soon be able to start the top shaping.  After that it is a matter of blocking, and sewing, and then the front and neck bands.
And when that is finished, it will be my 20th finished project for 2014.  Whooo Hoo!