Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Shower on a Sunny Day

Busy day today, but I am afraid all my pictures are still on my camera. I didn't take a single picture with my more easily uploaded cell phone. I'll see if I can share some tomorrow.

Tons of people, mostly friends of Older Son, with Cow Girl's family as well attended a baby shower to celebrate Little Farmer's impending birth. Those who know my son will not be surprised to hear that he failed to attend. It was supposed to be his weekend off, but he had to cut wood after being called in to work the day before. At least that was his excuse.

Luckily, Cow Girl is understanding and puts up with him.

And just to prove that my sometimes sweet (but rarely cuddly) Leo is not a demon cat as he appeared yesterday on Facebook, here he is in better light. Doesn't he have gorgeous eyes?

He is a force to reckoned with however. And he will let you know it.


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