Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Now the Waiting

The sweater pieces finally got to take their bath this morning.  They are now spread out on the blocking squares, assembled on the cutting board on my bed.  The antique cutting board, probably 35 to 40 years old, is one of those fold-up cardboard mats that back when I sewed, I would use to cut out the material.  Now it gives a firm base for the foam squares I use to pin out articles when blocking.
After pouring out the water, I had this pile of wet wooly sweater pieces in the bottom of the pan.
Oh, let me tell you about this pan.  I have seen it advertised before, as part of a blocking kit.  It included a bottle of Soak (a wool wash soap that doesn't need rinsing) with sample sized packets in assorted scents.)  I thought it might be sort of a splurge, having a dedicated soaking tub, but the great thing is the handles.  You can barely see them here, but the tub is so flexible that you can hold both handles in one hand and tip out the water.  The water will run right out, with no chance of the garment escaping.  It makes for a lot less stress on the wool, when you need to pick it up and roll it in towels to get as much water out as possible.
This pile of towels were just waiting on the mat while I let the water drain a little more.  I think I will make sure I have the dishpan sized strainers available and ready to let the water drain more than this time.  I may need to figure a way to raise them from the bottom of the tub just a bit to help drain. I am considering getting an old window frame or screen that will lay across the tub.  That may help.
But finally, they were unrolled from the towels.  (I can't believe I forgot a picture of that.  Five lumpy white sausages filled with wool.)  Unrolled and pinned into the dimensions indicated on my Custom Fit pattern, and they are drying.
Slowly drying.
I have turned on the fan, and even left the door open to better circulate the air, hoping Leo will decide he doesn't want a damp nap.  Once they are dry, I can
And now I wait.

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