Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Oh, I Did it Again

I was wondering around the wool room the other day, just touching and getting high on the fumes. Then this pile of skeins hypnotized me.

Next thing I knew the skeins were on the swift and spinning around on the ball winder. And before I could say "hand-dyed wool", it was all wound into neat little balls, and had leaped onto my favorite needles.
Upon counting the skeins, I discovered to my delight that I had enough to make a sweater for me. It is some of Jane's old handdyed Peruvian wool, worsted weight in a colorway called old jeans. And the best part is just a hint of shading to give it a slight kettle-dyed look.

So far I have 10 1/2 inches of the back done. This will be my first sweater made in pieces that will need to be sewn together.
I love it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Changing Seasons

As I try to finish the Flying Geese Shawl--those rows of the triangle top are getting longer and longer--I have been enjoying the cool weather we were having. I say were because it was in the 60's today. First time all month I think. I much preferred the snowflakes I saw flying on Saturday.
But cooler weather is coming. I am counting on a cold winter--lots of reasons to use wool.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daughters of the King Assembly

My chapter of Daughters of the King hosted the diocesan Fall Assembly. We didn't have a huge group, but had a great time. We had a wonderful speaker, speaking on Understanding as a gift of the Holy Spirit......
Did some rousing singing......
And Fr Duncan preached a great sermon during the opening Eucharist.

Inspiring day, and great. although cool, weather too.
And check out the work Dawn is doing on the courtyard too.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Have Been Spinning Too

Yes, although I mostly have been mentioning the knitting lately. I have been finishing some spinning. I just haven't had any pictures of that.
I have plied half of the 2 bobbins of black shetland and have 2 nice skeins, so I may be able to start the yoke cardi soon. I also plied 6 ounces of wool/mohair blend in shades of pink and got a nice sized skein out of that. Today at Spin guild, I started spinning some of my Leister fleece I got at the Michigan Fiber Festival. It spins up wonderfully and has a nice halo to it. I think it is whispering shawl.
On the knitting front, I have been going great guns on both the Pi Are Squared shawl. I worked on that Saturday while at an all day assembly at church. Lots of knitting done, and lots of showing the pattern as well. The Flying Geese shawl is on the home stretch. I am on the last geese section--I added one extra. I should have finished in a couple days. I won't get much done on this tomorrow: I am taking my wheel to Knit Nite this week, and besides, I need to count on the right side rows or I mess up.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Health Checks

Last week I went to the doctor for a diabetes check. A1C could be better @ 7.5, but I and the doc were pleased with my combined cholesterol of 167. Due to no health insurance I went to the Health Department for the old yearly pap test and to schedule a mammogram.
I liked the gal at the Health Department. She was thrilled that knitting and spinning have resulted in steady, although slow weight loss. She assigned me the “task” of trying to spend an hour each day knitting (for blood pressure) or spinning. While spinning she wants me to concentrate on my muscle use, perhaps tightening abs while treadleing. I like those kind of assignments.
Right now though, my biggest health complaint is the flu shots. Not the H1N1, I’m not sure if I will try to scrape up money for that, since I am not a high risk group for that. I haven’t been able to get my regular seasonal flu shot, which I have gotten every fall for over 20 years. No one has the serum in town. Every time I find out about a flu shot clinic, it gets canceled before the date scheduled.
They’re probably waiting until I get sick or something. At least my pneumonia shots are up to date.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cemetery Divas

My Boss/friend/co-worker and I finally took the plunge and started our new joint blog. The Cemetery Divas is sort of in conjunction with our job in the local history room. We plan on talking about our family search, tips and thoughts on genealogy, and an occasional rant on why some people have horrible obituaries. Examples: No dates, every person they ever met in the survivors--and special friends named Bambi or Trixie. It makes you wonder if its a dog or a secret lover.
But I digress. If you have any interest in family history or local history, click on the link above or in the side bar and check it out sometime.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chilly Weather

We have been experiencing some chilly weather here in West Michigan for the past couple weeks. I swear that when I drove out of the oil change building yesterday I saw little white things in the air.
I got all excited until I realized that, being corn picking time, and being right across the road from the farm Co-Op where corn drying was in full swing, that corn chaff may have been a more reasonable explanation than snow.
But snow has fallen in the UP and across norther lower Michigan. I saw by the blog of my favorite weatherman that snow was sighted in a nearby town. So maybe we did get snow.
And despite the "global warming" scaremongering, he is predicting a cold winter.
I better start knitting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Chalk Up Another One

I finished the Wrap Me Up Shawl.
I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And I may not block it. I kind of like the way the saw tooth edge kind of ruffles. I had to take it with me to Spin Guild today for Show and Tell.
Mary showed off the sweater she is making and look what Evelyn brought!!
Sort of defeats the purpose of spinning to lose weight. (No lie! I've lost weight since I started to knit and spin--need to keep the hands clean you know.)
I also started the Flying Geese Shawl for the Silent Auction. I think I like the slight striping and it should get more subtle as I go along. Other than the stinking size 15 needles (I'm a small needle gal myself), it is going well.
Hope the committee likes it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thinking Ahead

This past week the historical committee for the fair met and talked about our next year's theme and the silent auction that we use for a fund raiser during the time our exhibit is open.

Previously we have tried to solicit donations from businesses but with the economy it is really hard. This past year, some of the favorite items were homemade pies, and some handmade quilts. So each of us on the committee are to try to find 2 items for the sale.

I am no good at asking for donations, so I am going to make a couple shawls. I had found 2 patterns I thought looked fairly simple, Laura Chau's Milkweed, and HelloKnitty's Multnomah shawl. If you look at the links, both are fairly simple and small shoulder shawls. I figure a large skein of sock yarn will work just fine to make one.

So I stopped at the New Ewe yarn shop in Newaygo to see their selection. I found some lovely soft and subtle Alpaca Sox that has enough yardage for either one. But as I was browsing, one of the gals that work there (AKA Number 1 Enabler) pointed out a store sample shawl knit in bulky yarn called Flying Geese. It is a triangle shawl and basic garter stitch, with repeating triangles of yarn overs to make a pattern similar to the Flying Geese quilt square. I browsed further and found this wonderful chunky yarn.
It is the same brand I made the Rose Green Cardigan out of. And it is 100% acrylic so good for a raffle that probably would not be won by a fiber fiend. This acrylic does not feel like a cheap acrylic and I loved knitting with it. I ended up picking the wonderful fall colors of gold, red, yellow and green that should knit up nicely--they are a little brighter in real life. And with the gold and yellow, I shouldn't not have too hard a time giving it up.

I want to knit it up quick and pass it to the committee chair before I fall too strongly in love with it. Our next meeting is November 2. I wonder if I can have it done by then? I guess I may have to start it soon. Then I will decide between one of the other two patterns with the alpaca.

Oh darn. Another project. :-)

Blog Fodder

My co-worker/boss and I are soon to start a new venture. I have managed to get her started in her life as a fiber addict, taking her to her first fiber festival a few weeks ago, and encouraging her in purchasing a floor loom before that.

I kept talking about the fun I had blogging and she started one.
And now we are about to embark on a joint blog for the Local History Room where we work. We help library patrons research their family history and county history. I think it will be a fun project. We will explore some of our own genealogy, local cemeterys, fun history tidbits, all sorts of things. Hopefully we will be linked on the Library Web site, and I will be adding a link here after we get it established.
Hope to see you there soon.

Closer to the End

Busy busy. I have been knitting up as storm. I am (TA DAH!) on the final border of the Wrap Me Up Shawl. The Saw Tooth edge (or what the pattern calls the Dragon Tooth edge) is going slowly but easily.
I am pleased with how it looks and not sure if I will show off at Spin Guild and Knit Nite before blocking or block first.
Nah--showing off is much more fun than blocking.

I have added several more colors to the Pi Are Square shawl, and have finished one full skein. Since I switched in the middle of the first, I actually now have about 2 done, since I have knit out a bit on the new one. I have 10 inches and probably about 15 or 20 more to go. No new pictures yet, but will soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wrapping It Up

Nope, I'm not quite done with the Wrap Me Up Shawl yet. But I have finished both ends and one of the I-cords. Just the two long side edgings and the sorter I-cord to finish it. Oh, yeah--and blocking. The pattern recommends blocking before applying the long edges but I am not sure if I will block first or last. You can see the picot edging on the one bind-off here.
I also spend an hour or so finishing off most of the loose ends on the back.
That is the before shot.
On a another note, I have made progress on my current travel project, the Pi Are Square Shawl. I am pleased with the progress and look forward to seeing how the yarn works its magic.
And as for the grey chevron sock--that traveled to Knit Night last night and is almost at the end of the flap and ready for turning the heel. Whoo Hoo!

Quote from 1934

Here is a very sage quote from 5 July 1934 Fremont Times Indicator:
There are two kinds of people in this world. 
Those who know and won't tell, and those who don't know and WILL tell!
How often that seems to be accurate!
I love working in the history room.  The gems you pick up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sock Flaps and Borders

Finally, I started the heel flap on the second grey chevron sock. It hasn't really been suffering from second sock syndrom. Just so many other projects that kept crowding ahead of it. Now that the flap has started, that makes me feel that much farther along and it will be progressing along. Next sock in rotation is the pair I'm making from the sock blank I kool-aid dyed. I can't wait to get those going again. And I think the pair I started on the ridiculously tiny 9 inch circular needle will soon be transfering to my good old double points. I just cannot get a grip on the little toothpicks on the end of the cable.
I have grabbed the chevron socks and the Pi are Square shawl for Knit Nite tonight. I kept loosing markers from the Pink Lady sweater last week. And the Wrap Me Up is in a difficult traveling phase right now. Just a couple rows of garter before casting off the last end. Then weaving in ends and blocking before the pattern recommends picking up the bajillion stitches on each long side for the borders. Just garter along the top edge which should be ok, and then a lacy and saw-tooth edging for the last, bottom side. I think it will be relegated to stay at home project for the duration now. I hope to have some pictures to put up later tonight.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nearing the End

I am only a couple rows away from casting off the top edge of the Wrap Me Up Shawl. And that is after frogging back the last big square, because it wasn't joining right. But just a picot cast off on this edge, and 6 rows of garter on the beginning edge

I have some ends to weave in and a couple i-cords to apply and I see myself wearing it soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh Well

I heard back from one of the places where I recently applied for a job. 
They'll keep my application on file for a year, but I'm not one of the ones to get an interview.
And I had called another place that I took an application to.  They were going to make a decision this week. 
I haven't heard from them yet either.
Double Drat.
It would be nice to be working more than 15 hours a week before unemployment runs out.