Saturday, December 31, 2011


Now how did that happen?
I was swatching along for my handspun Sporto, hereby christened Jeweled Sporto, due to the rich jewel tones in the handspun.  Then all of a sudden I found myself working on the back of the hood.
Oops. I wasn't going to start it until after the end of the year.
I must have gotten confused after going to see the movie New Year's Eve yesterday.  Yeah, that's it.  Seeing the 2012 ball drop in the movie  messed with my mind.
Entirely understandable, right?
Oh, no turning back now.
I hereby return to my previously unscheduled knittting.
Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Channeling Carly Simon

As that 70s song sung by Carly Simon goes, anticipation is making me late, is keeping me waiting.  Anticipation of a new project that is.
I have wound 4 skeins, checked my last swatch, and decided it has a good body to it.  I want to get started knitting Sporty. 
Ahhh, anticipation.
Maybe I'll get a needle out and reknit the swatch.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plugging Away

I am plugging away on the Midnight Northern Lights shawl. Slow but sure. Black fuzzy yarn is truly the production knitter's nightmare. I was patiently trying to follow the written directions, moving my marker up and down the page.
Finally, my poor brain revolted. I am a more visual knitter. So I dug out one of my graph index cards. I love those things. After several restarts, I finally got the pattern charted out. It looks much simpler this way. I planned on charting it out on the computer, but it was so simple, I simple went over the pencil marks with a good old sharpie, and viola! An easy to read chart for my shawl.
My progress is better now, about 4 inches yesterday.
And, I still haven't started anything new. Although I am ready to start winding up some of the skein of handspun into balls/cakes for Sporto. But no knitting, or even swatching until at least Sunday.
I know myself. Once I swatch, I'm a goner.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Choir of Christmas Carols

Having a bit more time on my hands lately, I of been doing a lot of knitting and watching tv.  And in the past month have viewed a wide assortment of "A Christmas Carol".  A veritable choir of versions.
Versions with Reginald Owen,  Alastair Sim, Albert Finney.  Even Disney's animated version with Jim Carrey.  The only one I would have liked to see was the Muppet version.
And realize too, that I saw White Christmas (twice), Holiday Inn, Christmas in Connecticut, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Holiday Affair, It Happened on Fifth Avenue, and many other movies with a touch of Christmas.  But it is the Christmas Carol movies that most touched me this past month.
Each has a different twist.  And whole I gained new appreciation for the Reginald Owen version, my favorite is still Alastair Sim's version.  Closer to the book.  Oh yeah, I read the original this month too.
And don't even bother with the Disney/Carrey version.  For animation, it is too graphic, in a pimply faced kind of way.
But as they all end, so will I.
God bless us.  Every one.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Christmas (Eve Anyway)

Well, we got some snow finally. A little over an inch or so. But, as you can see, the sun is shining as well. I'm not going to count on a white Christmas yet.
But at least the weather is finally nice. At least close to seasonal. But I still miss blizzards. Maybe next month.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh Yeah, Life Does Go On

I am getting lots of knitting done with all my extra time.
The midnight northern lights shawl is progressing.  Slow but sure, I hope to be on second skein soon.
Hmmmm.  It may be a scarf, unless I can find another skein of this.  Or I will need to donate it, if it doesn't fit  Gertrude or me.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...October?

You may be able to detect a theme developing.
Please realise that I normally am not affected by the winter's lack of daylight.  I find snow and cold invigorating.  But when the weather is more in line with the picture below, I get depressed.
I mean why else should I be depressed?  Just because I lost a job last week (#7) and am losing another next Thursday (#8), what reason would there be to be depressed?
Yes, I do know mine is not a popular stance, but I need snow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Darkness and Light

Sure, I know it is the shortest day of the year.  Darkness and gloom with lots of clouds just seemed to fit today.
I really don't like these days when there is no snow on the ground.  Nights are too dark when driving home without the snow bouncing the light around.  Even letting Lizzie out for a late evening romp is easier with snow on the ground lessening the gloom so I can see her.
But that said.......
The dark ain't going nowhere.  No snow. And none expected till after the new year.
Bah!  Humbug!
(The picture is just here to remind me of the glories of winters past.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Finished Tee and More

Gertrude truly enjoyed her chance to wear the Blue Henley Tee. So did I. It is very comfy and warm. The sleeves come just to my elbow and are the perfect length.
I am plugging away on the black Northern Lights Shawl, although it is slow going. Every row is patterned, even if only ribbing. And it is not charted, only written. Even though the repeat is only 6 stitches, I still prefer the charts. So since I have to carefully keep track of the row I am on, I am going quite slowly.
So slowly, in fact, that I have been mulling over new projects. Again. For a while I had no travel knitting. My latest simple socks were waiting for gusset stitches to be picked up. The triangle shawl was patterned, although charted. The Duchess of Cambridge sweater is easy, but bulky for travel. So of course my thoughts were turning to new easy patterns.
Of course I have vowed not to start anything new till after the new year. And I will be spending another year trying to clear up some of my WIPs. But in the meantime, here are the plans January 1st.
This is a bit over 2 1/4 pounds of handspun brown shetland and white lambs wool. I spun it for a recent Tour de Fleece. I am thinking this may work better for a shawl collared sweater than my previous choice.
The yarn I bumped from the shawl collared sweater is this.
Again, I think there is a bit over 2 pounds. This was gifted/earned when I made a custom shawl for me. It is also payment for a future project, probably another sweater. I hesitate to use it until I have fully done the work it is payment for. But right now, this is what I want to use for the Sporto hoodie, from the latest Knitty. I can use the yarn plied with white for most of the sweater, and the darker, plied on itself for cuffs, bottom band and possibly the pocket.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Weather Outside is Frightful

And I don't mean because of snow.  Instead the lack thereof is driving me crazy.  Even though I no longer crosscountry ski, don't snowmobile.....don't even make snowmen anymore, I still love snow.  And I hate this unseasonable weather.  (I had to grit my teeth the last couple weeks at church, when reading the intercessory prayers after some one wrote thanksgivings for warm weather.)
And may I just add,  what is with people calling a snowless Christmas a green Christmas?  They are not green.  They are brown, muddy and dirty. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Final Day Number One

Well, it is my final day at the lawyer's office, as he retires.  I finished a quit claim deed, and packed up.
He is paying me through end of year, softening the blow.  Plus he and his wife gave me a gift certificate to my local yarn shop.
Since I will have lots of knitting time for a while, I can definitely put it to work.
And to take my mind of the gloom of unemployment, here is a self portrait taken at work yesterday, in the blue Henley tee.  I really like it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And the Winner Is...

The black kid mohair shawl from the depths of the WIP pile.  This was started way before I heard of Ravelry, back in February 2006.  It has been gnawing at the edge of awareness, earning its place on top of the rotation.
The pattern is Northern Lights Shawl by Marla Mutch.  I took a workshop on it at the first Knit Michigan marathon and made a sample there.  But due to the combination of black mohair and other projects, it had hardly been touched.
It also has a ruffle formed by dropped stitched.  That is where I have been since last night, dropping stitches in grabby mohair.  Ugh.
And yes the blue Henley is finished.  Gertrude is enjoying now and I will take my turn tomorrow.
In the meantime, here is a shot of my northern lights shawl.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Well That Didn't Happen

I tried to finish my blue Henley tee yesterday.  I really did. 
But I have learned that when my eyes start crossing while I knit, it is best to stop.  Even if there are only 4 rows and 3 buttons to go.
(Is that like 4th down and 3 yards?)
Anyway, I WILL finish it tonight.  Even if Hubby will be home, instead of going to cattle auction.
And now my thoughts will turn to which WIP I will focus on next.  One of the pairs of socks, perhaps?  One of my shawls?  I have one that is before Ravelry, in black kid mohair.  Or maybe my Dutchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan.
Ahhh, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Following Made Easy

Due to overwhelming requests, (ok,one person asked,) I have added a way for readers to get e-mail alerts when I post to my blog.
Now, if anyone else is interested on getting updates, there is a place in the sidebar, just above the archives, to to enter your e-mail address and be notified whenever there is a new post by Farmmom.
I've heard it works well.
Now, back to my regularly scheduled knitting.  Just one sleeve left.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Closing In

Look at that!
Neckband?  Check.  Right placket?  Check.  Left placket?  Check, plus both are sewn down.  First sleeve...almost.  About another inch and then the garter edge.  And except for sleeves, all the ends are woven in.  My final button choice is displayed on the placket.  They are navy, with an outer circle of frosted navy, and with a touch of bling.  I hope to be wearing it sometime this week.  Maybe to spin guild Monday.  I can find someone there who can take a picture. 
But I think I can convince Gertrude to pose tomorrow.
Yup, the end is almost here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Have you seen the latest Knitty?  There is a great hoodie knit, from handspun that I love!  It's called Sporto, and I have been mulling over my handspun stash, trying to decide what would work best.
White leister?  Gray shetland? 
Hmmmm.  There is some multi colored marl that could be great too.
Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the Mend

When Younger Son last appeared he, he looked like this, following his moped/automobile accident. At this point we didn't know if surgery was in the future, or what.
Wednesday, after a follow-up doctor appointment, he was released to work. The compression fractures have healed enough to remove the restrictions, although he now has to have some therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks.
Now we have to hope he can get back into work.

Nearing the End?

I finally took the plunge, and tried the Henley tee on tonight. I threaded all the stitches onto an long, long piece of yarn, and put it on.
It is wonderful! I'm glad I'm keeping good notes so I can try t
o duplicate it sometime. I was also right in that this will be winter wear. Cozy warm.
Even Gertrude thought it fit well. I think I will go another 2 inches, and then 1 1/2 inch of garter stitch. After that, neck band and tabs on the v-neck so I can add buttons. Maybe, if I can find buttons in my stash, I can finish it this weekend.
Of course if that happens, Lizzie will go to her haircut on Monday with no sweater for the ride home.
It hasn't grown much since this picture was taken in October. I hope I remember what I was doing.!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A New Old Dress

Well, almost anyway.
This old denim dress is a comfortable favorite.  The embroidered skirt and tee top were SO comfy.  But, alas, the top had a stain I couldn't get out.  Not even with Oxyclean!
However Pat, one of my buddies from Spin Guild (who doesn't spin), is a great seamstress.  And she has a heavy duty machine that can plow through that thick demin.  Below is the result.  We are going to shorten the top about 2 more inches, so Pat still has it.  But isn't it great?
But now I am settling down to watch some Charles Dickens movies and plodded along on the blue Henley tee.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


As I enter my last two weeks at one of my jobs (and last four weeks at the other) I find that I am still somewhat in denial. I do have a possible position in a new history center that will be opening in town next year. While I am only working 23 hours now between two jobs, it may take awhile to get back to that level of pay again. I am trying not to panic.
However, I am getting a lot of movies watched, and knitting done.
Practicing for all my coming spare time, you know. I have nearly 8 inches completed past the arm division on the blue Henley tee.
And look here: I finished the flap and turned the heel on my first gray blue sock.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Movies Make Me Happy

As the blue Henley continues to grow at a breathtaking snails pace, I decided to talk about my favorite thing to watch...old movies.
As I sit here in front of "Knute Rockne, all American", I was reflecting on the discoveries I've made this year.  I love it when I "discover" new to me actors that have probably died of old age by now.
Eric Blore is a riot. Usually playing a butler as he does in "The Gay Divorcee" and in "Top Hat", he is a put-upon servant, with a pained expression, enduring the people around him.
Frank McHugh has a funny whiny laugh and is always good for comic relief.
Warren William is sauve and debonair.  Sometimes romantic sometimes slimy, always fun to watch.
This month promises to be a good one for a movie buff like me.  The king of debonair is the featured star this month on Turner Classic Movies: William Powell.  Whether he butles in "My Man Godfrey", or sleuths in "The Thin Man" or as Philo Vance, he is elegant, poised and always fun.
Yup, lots of good knitting movies this month.
Maybe I will be able to finish my blue Henley tee after all.
Now, on to the Gipper.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.......

Christmas!  I don't go in much for that politically correct "holiday" stuff.
And as I sat at my desk at work this morning, I saw this sight outside my window.
City workers were draping and plugging in lights.
Yup, Christmas is in the air.