Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Knitting Goes On

While await further instructions and dimensions for the commissioned sweater, I have been watching the Gray Spiral Blankie for Little Farmer grow.  I have also been hard at work on the Green and White BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket).  It is a favorite pattern of mine.  And with the 3/4 length sleeves, it will work for a baby in a southern state.
I think I will go back to green and then later do another set of 3 white stripes a couple times as I knit along.  It will be mostly green though.  And because I don't know if the recipient is a fibery person, I am going with a non-wool yarn,  I figure the sweater will have a longer life if I am not around to hand wash.
On the family front, we found out today that the co-worker Younger Son was car pooling with got let go.  So, once again I am on the early morning run to pick him up and bring home.
Just the thought makes me yawn.  Well, one good thing about not having my favorite movie channel available, I won't be staying up late watching movies.  I am still in mourning over them.

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