Friday, February 27, 2009

And the Rain Came

TONS of rain yesterday. Or at least it seems that way on the frozen ground. Our hay field is again flooded, although it is staying about a foot below the surface of the road. And today, it is all covered with ice gain.
I managed to get some work done and the heel is turned on the Iris Mini Mochi sock. That extra half size on the needle sure makes it quick to knit.

That and the fact that I have been ignoring the Pink Lady sweater. That will get its turn this weekend, as well as some on Maidenshawl.

I also missed out on Spinning today. I was asked to substitute for Sandy who has been off almost all week with a chipped ankle that refused to return to normal size. I will also be getting in extra hours next week, as she won't return until Thursday at the earliest. I hated to miss the Spin Guild, but would have hated even more missing the extra hours, now that I have FINALLY been offered a few.

Sandy and Lois still are trying to get me a permanent extra day. That would give me enough hours for vacation time, as well as holiday and sick time I think.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hard at Work

When I came to work on Tuesday, my supervisor was out. Apparently while helping another co-worker move books they had to use the steps because the elevator was being serviced. She fell and apparently chipped a bone. Now I hear they also found some cracks and want to keep her off her foot till next week. We are hoping that she can persuade the director to have me substitute in the Local History room tomorrow for her. Normally I have Fridays off, and I go to Spinning. But if I can get 7 hours of extra work, I'll give that up in a moment.
Still waiting to hear.
In the mean time--no pictures yet, but I am going great guns on the peony pink/green sock that I started Monday. Using a 2.5mm--a size 1.5 sure seems to be going quicker than my usual ones. The yarn was thicker so I am still getting tight stitches at a gauge of 7.5 stitches to the inch. I will get a picture to post soon. I started the heel flap last night. I kind of want to see how fast I can finish a pair, if I knit exclusively on them. I do like the Mini Mochi yarn. It is a single ply, and fuzzy and soft. I think the socks will be a favorite when finished.
I will go back to the February Pink Lady sweater this weekend. I need to finish before it gets too warm to wear.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whole Lot of Knitting Going On

One thing you can say about being employed only part time--as long as you have a good sized stash, you can get a whole lot of knitting done.

I FINALLY finished the blue socks I had started ages ago--last September. So comfy, and warm. Loved this color way I got from Arbor Yarns.
I already started a new pair, although I still have a solid pink pair on the needles. Those are in a mini cable type pattern. I started using the new yarn I purchased a few weeks ago at Knit Michigan. The yarn is a luscious soft fuzzy single in a peony pink and green.

As always, more pictures are on Ravelry if you are interested--my ID is farmmom.

Then I frogged my MaidenShawl. I loved the yarn, but it just was not working with the pattern. I now have a lovely wine colored kettle-dyed wool/silk blend that I cast on last night. I added markers as I cast on. It made counting the stitches much easier. I got the yarn from knittindiva's Etsy shop. I love that place.
The color on the picture is pretty accurate. I think it will work great with the pattern.
I even got some different buttons for my February Pink Lady. I made a conscious effort to ignore it this past couple days. I had the push on to finish old socks, start new, and re-start my MaidenShawl. But I have done a couple pattern repeats beyond the sleeves and think all is going well. I also got Gertrude patched up this past weekend so she is good to go as well.
What do you think of the buttons? I am leaning toward the pinkish one, which is much darker, but matches perfectly. The pewter ones will be added to the button stash for a future project.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Returns, and Knitting Goes On

Snow, cold, knitting, NASCAR, reading, old movies, and more knitting.
Hubby went to an auction sale today, in the cold and blowy weather. I stay home and depending on how you look at it I accomplished little or accomplished much. I read through an entire mystery book. I worked on the February Pink Lady, and now that the arms are on hold, I can finish a row much faster. My old standby, Turner Classic Movies theme was American History Department. I saw the end of "30 Seconds Over Tokyo with Van Johnson this morning, and am relishing "They Were Expendable" with John Wayne now.
I also found time to mend Gertrude. I think her problem was that I was being stingy with the duct tape when I taped up the back seam. I used good healthy strips of tape this time after putting Gertie on a diet and removing some of her stuffing. Hopefully this time she won't bust out her back again.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Info for Son

I heard the tail end of an interesting news piece the other day on Fox News. I had to find the website to check it out. I must remember to tell Oldest Son about it. It is an online dating service for farmers and country people. The website is
What a kick! That is what he needs, so he can meet a nice country farm girl and settle down. I know, he just moved out less than a year ago....Do you think I am rushing things?
Maybe I should share it with the mothers of some of his friends too. I do find it amusing that since the news story on Fox News this past weekend it has apparently been overrun with business, as it states that service may be slow due the the Valentines rush.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pink Lady Progress

I have been able to start the lace pattern rows on my February Pink Lady sweater. Finally--something other than just garter stitch.

While having Gertrude try on the sweater to check the sleeve depth, I noticed her back felt sticky. I turned her around to discover--
Gertrude had popped her seam open! I was told to stuff her full, but maybe I over did it. I guess I will pull out some fiber fill and re-seal up her back.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New Shawl--maybe.

Here is a picture of my new shawl--MaidenShawl from Jane's new book. I love the yarn and love the pattern, but am not sure of the two together. I have laid it aside on row 19 while I decide if I want to frog back and use a different solid color instead.

Many of us were casting on, here is a picture of Mary last Tuesday as she cast on.

As far as my regular knitting, I am progressing nicely on my February Pink Lady. I have right stitch count after the eyelet row. (Thank you Lord!) I am threading it onto a lifeline so I can try it on and see if I can start the gull wing lace pattern.

Hmmmmm, more lace? Maybe I better stick to the sweater for a while while I mull over the MaidenShawl. I don't want to confuse my brain with too much lace.

Boogety Boogety Boogety

Lets go racing boys.
The RACE is on. I have immerced myself in NASCAR since coming home right after church. (Sorry Bishop--I gave up Mothers Day on your last visit. I am NOT curtailing the Daytona 500)
My man Mark Martin was on the the outside pole.
Now if Kyle Busch could get a DNF, and Mark could win and all would be wonderful.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Project

I thought I would show a picture of the little MP3 pouch I whipped up last Friday before our trek to Knit Michigan. I needed something that would secure the cable better as well as be able to hold the player and ear buds.

I cast on 28 stitches of Shepherds Shades in a pale pink. Using size 4 DPs, I knit top down in stockinette, except for a eyelet row of "YO SSK" around. When I deemed the pouch to be long enough I started decreasing. I debated grafting, but I wanted a rounder bottom. I decreased like a star toe on a sock, starting with K2, then SSK around, knit a row then K1 SSK, etc. Drew the tail through the last 7 stitches and secured inside. A couple crochets chains for the drawstrings, and I was done.

It came in handy for the trip to Knit Michigan, as the back of the van was quite noisy on the expressway and I was able to listen to most of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

I also found time yesterday for purchasing some buttons. The wooden ones could be reversible, I have them laid out to show both sides. Right now I am leaning toward the burgundy ones I think.....
As you can see, I love to knit with plenty of markers. I have about 10 more rows to the eyelet increase row. Then I will have to run a lifeline along the stitches to try it on for length and width.

Well, back to knitting.
Oh, and did I mention this is Speed Week? Daytona 500 in just a few more days!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knit Michigan and NASCAR

Yesterday Rachel and I drove Jane, our favorite celebrated author to Knit Michigan in Bloomfield Hills. Her book, Maidenshawl, is out and she and the shawl designer Marla Mutch were doing a book signing there. What fun!

They did well, especially considering that the publicity in some of Interweave magazines hasn't even hit the stands yet. We had a good time.

There were lots of people there, although we did not stay for the marathon like we did a couple years ago.

I got some new sock yarn brands I have been wanting to try, Noro and Mini Muchi. I also got a couple new shawl patterns. So much yarn, so little time.

It was a warm sunny day too. Lots of snow melted. :-(

BUT, NASCAR was on when I got home and if the boys are racing, life is good.

And hey, my man, Mark Martin was lined up for (last I knew today) in the front row for the Daytona 500 next weekend.

Life is Good.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rose Green Meets Pink Lady

Ok, here is the picture I promised of my Rose Green Cardigan. I do like it.

It was funny--I wore it to Knit Nite to brag, and there was Rachel in her new sweater that she finished this past week.

And Cindy, pictured trying to decide between 2 yarn cones, was wearing a sweater she was working on a few weeks ago.

And lo and behold......Jane actually FINISHED A PROJECT!!! So much for my bragging!

All in all we were a happy productive bunch. I was knitting away on my February Pink Lady sweater. I am rolling along and spent tonight (before blogging) trying to decide what I need to take with me for my car knitting Saturday. Extra markers, spare cables, smooth yarn for a safety line. Maybe even an extra project like some socks in case something throws a stopping block in the sweater. And my audio books on MP3, since I will be in the back seat alone most of the way.
And maybe a puzzle book.
And .....
Can you tell I like to be prepared for all contingencies?
Anyway, here is a picture of the February Pink Lady as she sits tonight.

Jane's book, Maidenshawl is out and Knit Michigan is having a book signing with her and Marla, who designed the shawl pattern in it. Rachel, and I are driving Jane there, and Cindy is going to meet us there. We are her entourage. Or as I like to call us, her posse.

At least there is no blizzard in the forecast like there was the last time we went there.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally DONE!!!

I finished the rose green cardigan today, ends woven in and buttons on. It may be a bit long and the button band may have had too many stitches picked up, but I still love it. I will be wearing it tomorrow and hope to have pictures taken at knit nite. Plus, I have to brag to my fellow workers at the library.
And now, onward with the February Pink Lady, using the yarn I showed yesterday. I am using needles 2 sizes too small, but the gauge is still slightly bigger than called for. But I did some number crunching and even though the gauge is larger than called for, so am I. I think my gauge will up-size it enough to fit perfectly and then I just have to watch the length. I like the 3/4 length sleeves and being a top down sweater, I can keep trying them on until I get them right.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Almost Done

I have almost finished the rose green cardigan. After a shaky start (crowded stitches, and the cable pulling off the needle), it is working well. I find that it isn't too bad. I just handle one yarn with each hand, throwing the purl stitches with my right, and picking the knit stitches with my left. Hey at this rate, I could just learn to knit continental. The buttonholes seemed to work well, although I may do them a little differently next time. All I have to do is the last half row on the button band, and then cast off, buttons and weave in ends. And since most of the ends are taken care of, I will be wearing it soon.
Next up, in the shades of pink shown is the February Lady Sweater in Pink Fantastic Lanaloft worsted. I swatched last night and should be casting on tonight or tomorrow.
Super Bowl is today, but my mind is on the Turner Classic Movies 31 days of Oscar that began today. So far I've seen a Jack Benny film and now am watching Rosalind Russel/Fred McMurray movie called Take A Letter, Darling where Fred plays her secretary.
Well, back to knitting.