Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disbelief! As NASCAR Comes to a Close

Only one more race in the NASCAR season. I cannot believe that one of the four finalists for the championship hasn't won a single race all year. Harvick, Hamlin, Lugano, and .....Newman? Really?

After last week, I am glad Jeff didn't make it, but feel sorry for Brad. So, who will I cheer for next week? I guess Lugano, then Harvick. (I never thought I would be on Harvick's side. Ever since he snatched the Daytona 500 from my man Mark Martin he has been my least favorite driver.) Just one more week though for this year.

The race came right down to the end before knowing who would advance to the final four still eligible for the championship. So to was a great race.

But really, a finalist who never won a race all year? With a new points system and chase format specifically designed to favor wins?

What a strange season this has been.

Oh, there has been knitting too. And snow.


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