Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well. I had planned a nice chatty post, with pictures and overflowing with witticisms. I charged up the laptop, and was raring to go.

Unfortunately the said laptop was not.

So after updating virus definitions, doing a system restore and various other piddly things, I am leaving it to scan itself, after giving it a stern talking to. After all that is done, maybe I will try my email and Internet there. (Wish me luck.)

After that, I'm not sure how witty I can be, but here goes, on my tablet.

I think I mentioned that I am back knitting my previous projects, but I am also starting a couple new ones. These are deadline stealth or at least semi-stealth projects. One I can share up to a point and the other not at all. So I will need to find other items to blog about.

Which means there may be more non-knitting posts.

And, of course, incredibly cute baby pictures. Even a stranger at the band concert the other day, who saw me searching for Cow girl and Little Farmer in the bleachers, said to me "Is that your cute baby up there?" And by golly, it was.

Because he is. Cute I mean.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rethinking Projects

While I am continuing to knit on Little Farmer's spiral blankie and my vest, the blankie at least is a strictly at-home project.   The patterned section definitely requires complete concentration once every eight segments.  It is brainless on seven sections, but that eighth one means it won't be traveling to Knit Night, at least until I get to the border.  I think I am going to do a garter stitch bind off at right angle to the body.  It is nice and stretchy and looks less lacy than the picot bind off the pattern calls for.
My Oatmeal Vest needs a spot of cool weather to do a lot of work on that.  Either that or air conditioning, since it is bulky wool.  It may rest for a while until closer to fall for finishing.  In the meantime, I have lots of other knitting to do.  Some may be stealth knitting, some not.  But after all that cotton for the shower gift, I think I will spend a bit of time working on that Raspberry Creme Shawl, with lace-weight wool.  My fingers are craving wool for a while and that is not too not to work on.  Cotton is cooler, but harder on the hands, since it is less stretchy.
Oh, and by the way, did I mention I won a prize at the wedding shower last Saturday?
Good think my friend Linda lives in Lansing, or she would be plotting to take it.  She loves purple.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Gave All

In thankful memory of those who fought and gave their lives.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Emergency 0ver

The knitting emergency has passed.  Successfully, I might add.
A friend of mine is getting married this summer and her wedding shower was Saturday morning.  (She is the one referred to as the older sister of my sons' friends who remembered to nag them each Mother's day.)
She is pictured here with her mother and sister.   And it looks like another friend's pinky finger photobombed me.
The gift, pictured below being checked out by Leo, was finished in plenty of time.  A pie/casserole carrier.
Part of the gift, that I tucked inside, wasn't finished until after midnight the night before.  At least a good movie was on!
I like circular dishcloths better than square. Square ones always seem to stretch out of shape.  Round ones can stretch equally in each direction.
And just like that--I doubled my finished projects for the year to four,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Knitting Emergency

Yes. There is such a thing.

I discovered I will need a gift very soon so if blogging wanes, you will know the reasons. For obvious reasons I won't be showing any pictures here until later. But there will knitting going on. Fiddly, and fussy, but I think it will fun. And even better, I can use stash yarn!

So, I will need more things to blog about when I do blog. Hmmmm.

Well today was my Grammy day. No time for pictures today. He kept waking when I put him down for his nap. I finally had to hold him so he could get a good nap. Nearly all afternoon. My poor arm was dead. We also were back to the green beans.

It seems that Little Farmer flunked fruits. I was flummoxed. When his daddy was little, I could hardly keep fruit in the house. And this guy won't touch them. Amazing.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


One of the advantages of being a mother-in-law, is having a daughter-in-law. Once the sister of my sons' best friends moved away, and wasn't able to nag them to remember to buy a Mother's Day card or flowers, my celebration was rather sparse.
However, with Older Son's marriage, came Cow Girl and my wonderful grandkids. And gifts on Mother's Day!

Thanks Farm Gal and Little Farmer! And thanks to my wonderful DIL too.
Oh yes, my boys too.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Catch Up--This and That

The knitting has gone on during all the poetry writing, although slowly.  I managed to finally finish the first front of the Hug From Flo/Oatmeal Vest.  It doesn't photograph well, since it seems that the bulky yarn curls even more than worsted, at least in an unblocked state.  That has been folded and put in the bag with the completed back, awaiting the second front and blocking and sewing.  The bands come after that.  Just the kind of thing I love knitting in 80 degree temps--bulky wool. But it will be nice come winter.
And I am ready.  For cooler temperatures anyway.  Remember if you will, I never complained about the cold.  I figure I am entitled to complain about the heat. 
About a week ago I snapped a picture of the information screen on Hharry's instrument panel.
I was thrilled to have reached 28.8 miles per gallon with Hharry.  But pictures but when I drove into the garage, it read 29.2 mpg.  
I love my HHR. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Playing Catch Up--Grammy Style

Well that was a well needed break.
All that daily posting of poems really was hard to keep up with and I needed a break.
So, just what has been happening in the mean time?  Lots of little things.  Nothing worthy of a large post, but bits and pieces.  I will try to catch you up out there in bloggerland.  First up--Grammyhood.
Little Farmer was introduced to the wonderful world of cereal and veggies.  Here he is enjoying his strained beans.
Now he is done with veggies and ready to advance on to fruits.  Yum.
He is also exploring his new favorite toys.  His feet.
I think he was trying how he could chew on them like he does everything else he grabs.
I have also been working on his gray spiral blankie.  Three more spirals of seven rounds each have been completed.  But the blankie itself looks basically the same.  Since it is too large to spread out, pictures will have to wait on that.
More catching up tomorrow.