Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last Weekend Events

I forgot to mention (or was distracted) last weekends events. 
Friday was Spinning Guild.  We had huge mob of people and we were lining the walls.  There was a special appearance of the baby bunnies, who after weaning themselves were heading off to their new homes.  I wanted to get pictures, and was beating myself for forgetting my camera.  The seven little bunnies were a hit, and were amazingly bigger than they had been the week before, when a few of them had come for a visit.
We had Allison (AKA The Pygora Lady) looking at wheels and bartering some pygora for spinning.  She also had extra to sell and I bought another ounce, of type b again I think and in a dark gray.
Kelly, the first Momma of my Sadie, came to visit, spin and collect three of the bunnies. 
We spun and laughted and had a great time.
Sunday was Annual Meeting.  I sucessfully managed to avoid being on the vestry again.  There are some parishioners who need to be on vestry for a while I think.  They were asking questions that I learned the answers to while on vestry.  And I thought the treasurers report had just gone right over my head all those meetings!.
And again, I forgot my camera.

Knitting Trials

I am continuing to plug away at the rose-green cardigan.  Now that I have picked up stitches around the front and neck, and doubled them I have a humongous amount of stitches on my 60 inch needle.  In the process of working through them for what would technically be row 2.....Yikes!! The cable slipped off the needle.  I struggled to pick up stitches.  And of course this is made harder by the fact that being double knitting, they separate in to the knit side and the purl side.  I managed to pick them up, while dealing with about 5 phones calls from Younger Son (why couldn't that phone have stayed lost?) Each call necessitated moving the sweater, needles and lost stitches en-masse to the foot stool and running to my purse for the cell phone, then carefully moving the glob of sweater carefully back to lap and JUST as I got the mess back into position and ready to start the pickup process again....  Yup, he called again. 
I decided this was NOT the project to take to Knit Nite last night, but later finished the pickup and knit the rest of the row.  I am now on my way back across, binding off the buttonholes as I go and after this row is completed, only 2 more rows and then I can bind off!!  Yea.  Oh, yeah, and weave in a few loose ends and sew on buttons, but the end is in sight. 
I also discovered the black mohair shawl from the class Jane and I took at Knit Michigan about 2 years ago.  I have so far knit about 1 inch since the class.  I took it to Knit Nite last night, but black mohair is better handled at home, next to my bright light.  I worked on socks after 2 rows.  I don't think it will be done by the 7th.  I had hoped to be able to wear it when we got back to Knit Michigan for the day for a booksigning with Jane and Marla of Jane's book Maidenshawl.  The boxes of books arrived and I am holding off my purchase until I can get both of them to sign it there.   (Or I will get one Friday and have it read by then but take it anyway.  I think I may weaken before the 7th of February.) 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't They Grow Up?

Younger Son.   Easily the reason for 2/3 of my silver highlights (aka gray hair).
Lost cell phone.  Stresses me out because no money for new cell phone.  No insurance for lost phones.  (I must look into that one, especially since Older Son accidently sent his through the auger of the corn combine.)
Claims looked everywhere for phone.
His roomie/landlord calls me to state found cell phone, on large bale of straw in barn.  Luckily before we plunk down money for new/used phone.
In the words in Judith Viorst in the  classic book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day" : I think I'll move to Australia.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reading and Knitting

Well I finished Harry Potter year 4 today. I am getting so much more out of the series reading it non stop like this. I will be going into the library for a couple hours tomorrow, so I must pick up the last 3 books. I did lay down the book last night for a while so I could start the button band while watching Bye Bye Birdie. But that probably means my knitting/spinning time at home will be cut down, if I am reading the rest of the series.
I hate picking up stitches--it takes sooooo long. I have picked up stitches on the right front, across the back neck and am still picking up down the left side. The area by the pockets takes a while, because the stitches are being picked up through two layers. I am beginning to think I will finish the rose green cardigan by spring time.
Well I better go, I have a report to write for our churches Annual Meeting this weekend (weather permitting of course.)

Obama-Free Zone

I am declaring this blog an "O" free zone. In this last week to the inauguration, except for the time the news media spent covering the plane in the river, the coverage exceeded my saturation point.
I am henceforth banning the name of "He Who Must Not Be Mentioned" from this blog.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knitting and Reading

I probably should have my button band started, only about a dozen or so decreas rows and I will run out of arm stitches. But, I was inspired the other day to read through all of the Harry Potter books, back to back, instead of after a year's pause. Very much more interesting when read this way. I started with year 1 on Thursday night and now am on year 4, so you can see where my knitting time went. Luckily, I won't be back to the library for the next three books until either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Snow finally seems to be ending. We have over 8 inches here at home. Hubby didn't plow all weekend until this afternoon, so I didn't get to church. Still chilly, near zero but we had some nice sunshine this afternoon.
Well, better get off the 'net and back to either knitting or reading.
Hmmm--I see that Turner Classic movies is having Bye Bye Birdie at 8pm. I guess I will be knitting by then at least.
And I almost forgot--NASCAR will be back in a month. Saw the first ad this weekend on tv and SPEED channel is showing some teasers too. YES!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Button Band Contemplation

As my Rose Green Cardi nears the neckline I have been contemplating the button band. I didn't really want to use ribbing or seed stitch. I wanted to pick up stitches and go from there all around the neck and both fronts. I managed to google this link for a double knit button band tutorial. I may have found the solution. It sounds promising--thick but being double with stockinette on both the inside and outside of the sweater, it should stay straight and not curl.

But in the meantime, Gertrude kindly consented to model the sweater tonight for an updated picture...

or even two pictures...

Keep in mind that the front edge still curls because it is a raw stockinette edge right now. But I think it is going to fit fine once the button band is on. Next time...I'm thinking zipper instead of buttons. But doesn't Gertrude take a nice picture?

Oh yeah, we are still in the icebox around here. I am swathing myself in wool. But it is pretty out.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knitting News

I have been very diligent in my knitting lately, even if I haven't been so faithful in my blogging.
I continue to plug away on the rose green cardigan.  I will try to get a picture of it on Gertrude soon and post it.  I grafted both underarms and and quite proud of that, since until recently I have been using only a 3 needle bind off on socks and underarms.  They look smooth and tidy.  It is a lot more satisfying to knit now that it doesn't take 30 minutes of non-distracted knitting to finish a row.  The raglan decreases have done their duty and the rows are much quicker now.  Soon I will need to turn my attention on the button band, which will also go around the back of the neck.  I have thought about ribbing, or seed stitch, rather than garter.  I am afraid ribbing may pull in too much, and seed stitch would be introducing a whole new element to the sweater.  Maybe a mistake rib would work. 
I must spend some time mulling this step over.
And weather is still lovely.  Crunchy crisp snow.  And last night, the ice crystals were making pillars in the sky out of distant lights. 
I do love winter, no matter what the grumpusses say.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Frosty cold day today.  Temp falling,
But gorgeous out!  

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Bad--No Recent Posts

I know, I have been delinquent here. Busy with not much time on the computer. I have been doing much spinning and knitting--finished a braid of roving from Yarn Hollow in pink, red and grays that is so soft. I finished one of the blue socks started quite some time ago, and have been working as well on the rose green cardigan. I actually grafted one of the underarms while watching Pride and Prejudice today. (New version, not the classic Greer Garson one.)

New Year I spent with a friend doing our usual ladies day out. We saw the movie "Australia" which I heartily recommend. It was great. And...well Hugh Jackman is easy on both the eyes and the ears.

This afternoon, amid the softly falling snow, I had to help Hubby clean the "chicken" coop, which he has filled with 2 calves. All I had to do was push the wheelbarrow to the door once he was in, then slide it back when he wanted out. As you can see, the barn kitties figured I needed help.
Later I helped cut slab wood. We have to find a better way to do that. I had to bend over and hold my breath, to keep from sucking in sawdust and exhaust. Not fun.

I did spend some time with Sadie yesterday. She has been becoming a feisty little bunny. I got out a drawer to have her sit in while being groomed and it seems to work better. She fluffs out to one big Bunny.