Sunday, November 23, 2014

Waiting and Waiting

While I have nor shortages of items to knit on hand, I am anxiously waiting for my swatch to dry for the Green Flowy Cardigan.  The swatch was finished, washed, and spread out.  I am waiting for it to dry to take final measurments of the gauge.  It will probably be tomorrow before that happens.
Granted, not as long as the swatch I made for my Blue Blood Red Cardi.  But I was able to get several "before" readings of stitch gauge and row gauge.  Let's see how much it varies when it is dry.
Once that stage is reached, I can actually figure out how many stitches I need for front, back, and the overlap which is extra long and when unfastened, becomes the "flowy" part of the sweater.
I also need to draw the cables on the chart I made.  The software was able to chart the knits and purls, but the icons for the cables didn't work. I guess I will need to draw in the cables. I hope to finish that this evening. Then tomorrow, actually pattern recipe writing will begin.
I say recipe because mostly I knit by guess and by gosh.  I have guidelines to follow, but almost all my knitting, especially for me, ends up an adaptation of gauge and size.  I have to calculate the dimensions needed, and figure out the number of stitches involved.  Ann Budd's book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns is a great guideline for a basic sweater.  The cable, hood, and overlap are all up to me to add.
Math.  It's what's for knitters.

Oh, and after yesterday's post, I was told the yarn specifics.  The yarn used is Brown Sheep Lanaloft, in worsted weight.  The color is called Scottish Hillside.  Great name, and great yarn.  I love wool. Did you know that?

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