Friday, November 7, 2014

Slow Progress But it is Coming

I continue with my knitting, every day. I find though that I need to make more frequent breaks than I once did. The Green and White Jacket is progressing, although not as quickly as I would like.

I am past the white stripes and will wait until I start increasing before adding another set.

While blogging takes up some of my knitting breaks, as well as that popular time suck, Facebook, I find I need to still lay down the needles other times. Especially when knitting heaving items. I first noticed this when knitting my Leftover Pi shawl, which became a frequently used lap blanket.

While too warm and heavy for a shawl, it is a great cover up on windy drafty days.

I think, besides the weight in my hands, part of the trouble is arthritis. Yep, old age is setting on me. I find that a bit of medicine helps, along with breaks. It is mostly in my right hand. (Good thing I'm left handed.) I also have a catch in one of my fingers that sometimes releases with a snap.

I guess that is why I am making some of my sweaters in pieces then seaming them together. Especially when they are sized for me. But the knitting will continue.

I have a bit of stash yarn to burn through after all. Not to mention fiber to be spun into yarn.


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