Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Hate When That Happens

The red hat for my Little Peanut was going great.  The required 6 inches was complete and the final shaping was begun.
And then......it wasn't coming out right.  I unknit the shaping row and could find no mistakes.  
Then I recounted the stitches.  Oh oh.  Only 64 instead of 72.  That will make a difference.
So, here I am back at the beginning again.  Luckily, it is going to be a bit warmer these next few days.  I can get it to her by this weekend, I'm sure.
In the meantime, I better get those needles flying.

Monday, December 26, 2016

What's a Grammy to Do?

So, when Grammy discovered on Christmas that her Little Peanut needs to find a hat that fits her, what else can Grammy do but go diving in the stash?
And today I started a hat with some superwash wool yarn left from the crocheted scarf and mitts.
We are guessing on the size, after looking at several patterns.  So far, I have this much.
Since the patterns are estimating 13 inches for a newborn head, and 15 1/4 for a year olds head circumference, I hope this will work.  All in ribbing, it stretches from 6 1/2 to 14 1/4 inches.  
Measurement of actual baby head to follow.  Unless Grammy finishes this and takes it for a try on first.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Birds of a Feather

While it is disgustingly warm around here the last few days, we do have some residents of the farm that seem to be enjoying the broken winter.
Although I have left the door open to the coop several times, Montgomery and the girls have been staying in the run area of the coop and barely poking their heads outside.
Just enough bare grass to hold their interest.  They have been enjoying these last couple days out in the open again.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Almost Ready

The finishing touches are done and both Red Teddy, for my Little Peanut, and Little Farmer's Wallaby hoodie sweater are ready for wrapping.  
Yes, I know the eyes aren't even,  and the mouth is lopsided, but that proves it's handmade, right?
After finishing the bulk of the wrapping today, I finished Teddy's face and grafted the underarms on the sweater.  I hope it fits ok.
So all that is left to wrap is the knitting and "to be knitted" items.  Now I need to figure out how to wrap and gift the two knit gifts that are barely started. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Making Progress

Last week, along with my granddaughter, I purchased yarn for her Christmas presents.  The sweater has not been started yet, but I have been making progress on the Turquoise Sockhead Hat.
It has been an adventure.  I usually can come up with just about any size needle I want, since I have a couple sets of interchangeable needles.  But these are knit on needles smaller than the interchangeable tips in the sets: 2.5 and while I had double points that size, I did not have any circular needles long enough for Magic Loop, or short enough to knit in the round.  
This hat started on a circular 32 inch needle.  That was too short to work comfortably so I switched to the double pointed needles.  Those were shorter than I liked with this many stitches so I decided to invest in a fixed needle with a longer cable.  Now I can maneuver the stitches around and it is going much more smoothly.
The hat is made with sock yarn.  That the reason for the name: Sockhead Hat.  There is a ton of ribbing, followed by a mile of plain stockinette so it is fairly brainless knitting.  
I may need to start the sweater once all my other Christmas knitting has all the finishing up done.  And all the presents wrapped.
Obviously these presents will be gifted in the pre-finished state.  I told her next year to give me her knitting requests earlier I. The year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The girls and Montgomery haven't been venturing very far from the coop the past week.  Actually they haven't even left the run.  
Maisie was most put out that I would even think of disturbing her warm nest to check for eggs.  But as it turned out, she was hiding one.
Instead of venturing out tonight, I will stay home and knit tonight.  The wind is whipping the snow over the flat roads we have around here.  Many areas of slick, or drifts roads, intersperses with dry roads.  I think I will stay home.
The Sockhead Hat has been cast on.  I am attempting to do it Magic Loop method rather than with double points, but my needle is only 32 inches instead of 40, like I would prefer but progress is being made.  Many inches remain to knit.  On tiny size 2.5 needles.  
Many inches of ribbing.  Many inches if stockinette.  Many, many inches.  Plain, brainless, boring knitting.  
I may start my granddaughter's sweater soon, just for the variety.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Resolution Review

Way back on my January 8th post  I listed some resolutions here on the blog.  They were primarily knitting goals and resolutions, although I l did add some non-knitting resolutions at another time. 
 How did I actually do with them?  Only so-so.
Number 1was to finish my most active WIPs (Works In Progress).  I then listed the ones I hoped to finish:  
  • Navy Tweed Vest, is for me, and still languishing in a project basket beneath another project.  Not accomplished.
  • Stonehenge Hickhiker, was also for me.  That was finished back on January 18, plus another later in the year.  Accomplished .
  • Sandy's Traveling Woman Shawl was finished in May, in plenty of time for her cruise.  Accomplished.
  • Rustic Blue Silk Triangle.  This was from stash yarn purchased for my birthday a couple years ago and shown above.  Accomplished.
  • Lilac Cardigan, for the Purple Princess.  I almos frogged it but I was successfully completed January 30.  Accomplished.
  • Baby Hap Shawl, also for the Purple Princess.  This is hiding the tweed vest.  It just needs the last bit of lace edging to be completed.  It would have been done but this fall was too hot to have a pile of fluffy wool on my lap.  Not accomplished.
So, I did complete four out of six that I listed then.  And, added several more, including some for my own Little Peanut.
Number 2 resolution was to knit one or two cardigans for me.  I even listed the yarn from my stash that was to be used.  And while I did cast one a new cardigan, using new, not stash, yarn, my Freyja is still sitting, although close to the arm divide.  This resolution is a total failure.
Resolution 3--more socks.  Hmmm. I started one with a Craftsy Class, that's past the heel on sock one.  I took a class at the local yarn shop, learning the Fleegle Heel and have 1 1/3 sock done.  And a started a plain vanilla sock, using the Fleegle Heel.  It is half done.  And the previously started Broken Seed Sock still sits as well.  No usable pairs of socks...not accomplished.
Number 4 was to finish more of my Craftsy classes.  I did finish a couple.  But bought a few more.  Oops.  Not accomplished.
Not very good returns, but at least I had goals.  I may rethink the WIP resolution again.  It kept me motivated.
I mentioned additional goals as well.  I had hoped to blog more often.  Since this post has me tied with the second most posts per year, I think I did all right.  Even if I didn't come close to posting daily.
One goal for the year was to explore my options in changing my church home.  I took the plunge the end of January and am very pleased with my new situation.   My soul is being fed again.
On the goal of handing out random compliments, I could have done better, but did do some.  I may need to resolve to review my goals monthly, to help on that one.
Lastly, I added the goal of crocheting a sampler scarf and mitts, after taking a crochet class.  My heart still belongs to knitting, but this goal was also accomplished.
Since Advent is the start of the church year, I have started thinking of ideas for resolutions, or at least goals, for 2017.  Maybe I can do better next time.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cruising in on Christmas

As Christmas looms ever closer, my knitting is nearing completion.
This was the status as of yesterday of Little Farmer's hoodie sweater.  I am starting the hood now and anticipate binding off very soon.
The gray or turquoise yarn shown previously will soon be warming my fingers and filling my needles. But, it will not be finished in time for Christmas.  The yarn and pending labor will be the present for now.  I wonder how I can wrap labor?
Yikes. Just a week away!  I better designate Wednesday my dedicated wrapping day.  Not that there is much, but what there is will need wrapped.

Friday, December 16, 2016

More Knitting

Yesterday, I picked up my older granddaughter from school and we went Christmas present shopping.  Teens are hard to shop for and since I had given her a gift card for her birthday, I wanted an actual present for Christmas.
She had mentioned, when I asked a few weeks ago, that she would like a white cardigan, plain, long with no buttons.  
I can do that I said, so yesterday, off we went to the LYS.  For non-knitters, that stands for Local Yarn Store. 
And she is a quick shopper.  I showed her a possible pattern (Harvest, by Tin Can Knits) and she liked it.  Before I knew it we had decided on yarn, a charcoal color, with a near black for patch pockets.  Then we talked hats.  She found that she liked slouchy hats, and the Sockhead hat also a free pattern on Ravelry.  After a quick trip to the sock yarn section, we had added an extra skein for a hat.
Turquoise for hat, and the grays for her sweater.
After the shopping portion of the evening was done, we visited my Aunt Glenna at the assisted living center where (of course) we found her going for a walk.  Then we completed our "girl's night out" with an early supper.
Now if you excuse me, I have some knitting to get busy with.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Country winters, gotta love them.
This morning, I knew something was up when I only had cold water to wash my face.  I woke Hubby as I got ready to pick up Younger Son at work to check it out.  Apparently he had bumped a line on the hot water heater, and it just needed tightening.  
But that wasn't the least of our troubles.  
The inside temps started dropping, down to 63 by the end of the day.  It seems the damper on our outdoor boiler has a broken sensor.  (We discovered this at 9pm and the afore mentioned interior 63 degrees.) Why do these things always happen when it is blowy and like 9 degrees outside?
Of course, after Hubby bumped up the thermostat on Monday, and I was in a 76 degree house in shorts and tee shirt, with the fan blowing, I wasn't as put out as he was today.
Until he can get in touch with the local Amish dealer for our furnace Hubby stuck a big bolt in the damper, to hold it open.  I think my big wool Leftover Pi Shawl/Blanket will be on the bed tonight.  

I know the pets will appreciate it too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Test Number 2

I might as well warn you that I am going to be practicing with this for a while with random pictures.  I haven't figured out how to save the font and size print I want, so that may be different from post to post.  And probably lots of nonsense will be posted along the way.  I guess that is one way to get my number of posts up for the year.
Also a few pictures from years gone by.  
Oops, notice the font changed" I guess that is the default.  I may as well post it as is and see how it turns out. 
Also, did you notice the full moon out there tonight?  Super!  And as Hubby always says, it's always coldest at the change of the moon.  We have 10.4 out here.  

Test post

Oh look, snow.
Ok, I think I have figured out a work around for pictures.  I will need to post to see if I need to edit size I guess.
Let's see if I can figure out adding a link.
Here is a scarf I have in my Ravelry projects.  The link will take you to my Ravelry page for the scarf, I hope.  I think I may either frog and reknit it as a circular Cowl, or just seam the ends together when the yarn is gone. 
That's it for this try.

Blog Interrupted

It has come to my attention that my blogging app is no longer supported or working very well. I am investigating my options and will try again soon.

In the mean time, here is my most recent Christmas present, in progress.

Almost two sleeves done. Then a few more rows before joining together. I think I will make it.

Monday, December 5, 2016

On Again, Maybe

I am waiting to hear about working the recount. I was asked if would help and was told not worry until I was called with the details. Well, supposedly the ballot recount is on, but I still haven't been called with the information on time or place for my county. Maybe they got enough and don't need me. Maybe they are still looking for a room big enough.

And so I knit and wait.

While the Red Teddy still is lacking a face, I have gotten a bunch done on Little Farmer's Hoodie. I'm using the Wonderful Wallaby pattern. Here is the front with the pouch pocket finished.

This picture shows the back with the pocket underneath.

I have knit quite a bit more than shows here. I probably only need to knit another inch or so before fusing the sweater and pocket together. It may be finished by early next week. Sleeves will take the longest. But after that, it is clear sailing.

Depending how much time out of my life, if any, is taken by the recount that is.