Monday, July 17, 2017

Brief Catch Up

Wow, it's been since April when I last posted!  Well, on this blog anyway.  I did share on my Continous Journey blog.  Once.  But while I have missed blogging, I also have enjoyed the break from it.  It is funny, because I find myself still taking pictures for blogging.  I just don't blog.
I recently finished knitting a turban for wrapping up my wet hair.
Large cat included for scale.  Well, that and the fact he wouldn't move.  This pattern is really easy.  It is basically a long narrow triangle shawl, folded and stitched from ends to center back.
I decided to pass on the button.  I just fasten it up with a hair clip, one of my larger ones. It is 100% microfiber and soaks up the water just fine.  I like it, but super bulky yarn is still outside my comfort range.  I still prefer lace to worsted weight yarns.  
I also started a blanket for our priest.  Being from southern India he always escapes each winter for a trip home, escaping the January cold.  I thought he might appreciate a blanket.  
The pattern I found is a free one, The Squared Shades Throw.  It is fun. And easy, but not boring.  The large piece shows one of the squares.  It is started as a circle, in stockinette with occasional garter ridges.  Then is squared off using garter stitches and short rows, each side separately.  When all four are done, they are joined with a three needle bind off, and finished with I-cord all around.  The smaller circle on the lower right is almost ready to begin the short rows on the first side.  As long as it doesn't get too warm when it comes time to join them, should be finished fairly quickly.
Other news, most of our kittens found new homes, although we have some of the wilder ones that have come out of hiding.  One little cutie, a calico, has eyebrows like the ones Groucho Marx used to put on with shoe polish.
And next week, while hubby tends the homestead, I and a friend are trekking "Up North" for a little escape.  Can hardly wait.
I hope just it is cooler.