Thursday, November 20, 2014

Starts and Finishes, Almost.

The red sweater pieces managed to dry before bedtime, thank goodness. The pieces blocked out great, with the pieces just falling into the right dimensions.

For now the pieces are folded and back in their baggy as I rush to finish the Green and White Jacket. I hope to at least cast off that this weekend. Then I will need to sort through the button bin to see if I need to get some for the jacket or if I have some that will work.

I have finished the back flap extension and started the last series of stripes. I must admit I am eager to finish this so I can get back to knitting with wool again. The acrylic tires my fingers, it's less resilient than wool.

I also spent some time working on my commissioned piece. I finally have the basic design down and have the measurements on paper. Picked the pattern/recipe I will be using as starting point, as well as the cable I will be using. I do need to type up the chart for that, so it is a more reasonable size. And I have plotted the basic modifications I will be making to the pattern. Once I have swatched and decided on needle size and gauge, I can calculate the stitch counts for cast on.

And then the new sweater adventure can begin.


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