Friday, April 29, 2011

Yup, I Watched It

Up at 3:50, dressed and in front of the tv, with my featherweight sweater, and a pot of coffee brewing, I was there. At least in spirit, I was in London, the land of so many of my ancestors.
Loved the dress, the look on their faces, and the cheers from outside the Abbey. And I really loved the hats. I almost got out the one I wore when our British priest got married. But I thought the veil would obscure my view.
I also got several rows of mindless knitting done on my blue featherweight cardigan, hereafter renamed the Dutchess of Cambridge sweater, in honor of the bride.
I may spend the day with it, before starting Betty's jacket.
After all, TCM is showing Royal Wedding tonight. Great way to cap the day.
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Weather Blues--Lake Hagen Returns

It is no secret that I like snow, and frankly, I have enjoyed the recent snows.  And this week was typical of why I like snow better than the rain.   In the snow you can stay dry, but not in this week's rain.
Or should I say floods?  While we were blessed in not having the severe weather that raced through the South yesterday, or even the F0 tornado that tore through Allegan county Tuesday, we did get the rain.
Enter Lake Hagen.
Since the pasture had finally dried out, we had let a couple of the cattle out last weekend.  (An adventure in itself involving cattle chases, a steer in the road, and replacing 2 posts and restringing two sides of barbed wire.)  (That steer will be spending the summer in the barn.  But he does have a pen with a pasture view.)
The above shot is another view of the pasture, with the garden and some of the driveway thrown in for good measure.  The cat in the foreground was enjoying a chance to breathe dry air.
And this is  the main path from house to the barn, and also where Hubby usually parks his truck.  He's parking by the back door again now. 
And don't let those blue skies in the last two pictures fool you.  There is still rain in the forecaste, although the water has receded a bit.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oatmeal Lozenge Done

Readers may remember way back on April 7 (just 3 weeks ago?) that I mentioned I had started another Loopy Lozenge shawl, after getting to keep the original Gilbert colored one.  I was working on other projects quite heavily, until I realized that I needed the needles from this to work on another new project.
So this past week, I got cracking.  And this evening, I was able to finish it.  And it was still light enough to get good pictures.
Here is a picture of Gertrude modeling both the Carmel Loopy and the Oatmeal Loopy.  The new one is the lighter side and is of just Oatmeal colored boucle, while the darker one is both Oatmeal and Caramel colored.  Both are knit double stranded.
And here isthe finished shot.  Gertrude said she wanted to keep it, but I told her we have to give it back to Betty and Evelyn for the fiber shows. 
Next--the starting of the alpaca silk jacket.  Now that I'm done with these needles.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Film Marathon

My all time favorite tv channel is, beyond a doubt, Turner Classic Movies. Today was a day of movies devoted to the Easter story. Well, after Easter Parade that is. But I was at church, and misses that one.
But after I got home, while fixing dinner, and all various goings on, was a multitude of great retellings of the same story.
Barabbas; King of Kings; Greatest Story Ever Told. Earlier was The Silver Chalice too.
But this evening was a couple musicals. Jesus Christ Superstar, an interesting interpretation,unsatisfying ending, but I loved the music. And next, the best topper to a great movie day: Godspell.
I'll be humming all day tomorrow.
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What a difference a week makes!
The snow and cold of last week is gone.  And with the balmy temps:

Comes the beauty and sunshine of Easter morn.
Well, okay, maybe it wasn't sunny.  But you get the idea.
Happy Easter everyone.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Needle Hunt

I got the wonderful yarn for Betty's jacket. I've gone over the pattern, trying to figure out the tricky parts. (Who Would've guessed it would be the cast on?)
The suggested needle sizes are 11, 13 and 15--all three! And keep in mind that I prefer using 7 and under. So I was totally gobsmacked to discover only the 11's were available.
I quickly realized the 15's were being used for the new loopy lozenge shawl, so I need to finish that quickly. But where were the 13's?
After searching needle cases, projects and even contemplating ordering new tips, I decided to check my project page on Ravelry. And there I found where they were. They were the second size needed for the Good & Plenty shawl.
So, as soon as the loopy shawl is done, I'm ready to swatch.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its Official--I'm Old

I've talked in the past about how I hate the birthdays for the "niner"
years: twenty-nine, thirty-nine, forty-nine, etc. I have to admit, I
have been in denial for the entire "fifty-nine" year.
But today, I must admit is worse. Sixty...60.
Is there anything worse that a fat old gray-haired soon-to-be
unemployed (I think) 60 year old lady? Who wants to hire someone like
It is going to be a long year, if I survive it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Rose Triangle

I have been doing a lot of knitting on the Red Roses Triangle this past couple of weeks.  And with the new yarn for Betty's jacket ready for me to start knitting that, I tried to spend some quality time on the shawl.  It is not a good travel project or a pick up anytime project.
The top edge of the shaw is the bottom of the picture,  The needle is too short to stretch it all out, so I bunched up one half to try to show one full half.  There is also lots of stretch in the shawl, barely stretched out each half is about 20 inches, and I am only about half through the first ball of the cormo/silk handspun.
I am getting the hang of the lace, and can usually figure out any mistakes I make.  These are usually a missing yarn over or a stitch that should have been passed over and wasn't. 
I think I am going to love this shawl when its done. 
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look What The Wind Blew IN!

That is the only way I can explain it.  First, this leftover yarn from my blue cardigan leaped into my hand....
and the next thing I knew, I was casting on stitches and swatching and planning and plotting.  I had recently been thinking I needed another mug cozy, to keep either in my car or my purse.  Even with the little cardboard holders, or styrofoam cups,coffee could still burn through and burn my fingers.
And so--complete with one by one ribbing and little baby cables once per needle, I have a perfect mug cozy.  I made some modifications from the camo one I made this past winter.  I used larger needles and followed a pattern.  It also had a cable but 2X2 ribbing and not drawstring.  That was the best modification.  I had used that for this travel mug, my favorite, and it wouldn't stay put.  I simplet made a row of eyelets after two pattern rows and crocheted a chain to string through it so I can adjust it to fit mugs. 
I'm thinking it will also be good this summer, if I get a Diet Coke at a drive thru.  Not only will it keep the pop cold, but it will also keep my hand dry.  So it won't interfere with knitting or spinning.
I kept notes, but not sure if the pattern is worth writing up.  It is so easy.  But if I get comments or e-mail asking for the pattern, I may be able to be persuaded to add it.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Gone With the Wind?

That's where this day seems to have gone.
The wind is tremendous today. And our drafty old farm house is showing it. Helped by the fact that Hubby forgot to fill wood furnace hast night, the house was down to 61 degrees when I got up.
Things are warmer now, but I think I'll stay off the computer. You never know in this weather when the power could go out.
In the mean time, I'll watch the world blow by.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Projects?

Yes, new projects are in my future.  As in immediate future. 
I knew I shouldn't have been on a "casting on" spree. 
Besides the Oatmeal Lozenge Shawl for Mohai in Motion to display at fiber shows, Betty has been busy dying some fiber for a jacket for her.  It should be a bulky weight all together, so I may be doing a two strand to knit with.  I am quite excited.  The pattern doesn't look too complicated, but the book it is in has some tricky techniques, so it should be fun.
I'm not quite sure if this jacket is for display or for her to wear, but either way, it should be fun, but possibly fussy, knitting.
Plus I am getting some comparable yarn that was custom dyed for me, out of the same fiber.  I can't wait to get the yarn for her project and mine. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Progress

Even with all the stress in my life lately, I have been knitting.  I have done some, about a foot on the Oatmeal Lozenge shawl.  And quite a bit on the Rose Garden Triangle since the last pictures. In spite of that being an "at home" project.
My zany co-worker and I have had to put our cemetery blog on hiatus for a while, but we are planning to continue our partnership.  With the economy the way it is, and needing extra income, we are going to reinvent the bus tour business she used to have.
We have designed business cards, gathered some bus activities and even planned some of the publicity and trips.  While this is a new business venture for me, it is something she did quite successfully in the past.  I can do newsletters and techy stuff, as well as guide a tour or two. 
And if we take a bus load to a casino or someplace I'm not interested in, well ,I'll just pack my Joy and spin while waiting.  And think of all the prime knitting time I could have on the road! 
Wish us luck.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oatmeal Shawl

I was missing my Caramel Loopy Shawl, after finishing it and passing it on to the wonderful folks at Mohair in Motion. They were planning on using it as a booth sample at the fiber festivals.
Last week at an impromptu knitting session at The Old Farmgirl, I was studying mohair boucle with an eye to find something to blend with some in my stash to make me a shawl to keep. Later, I was given the chance to reclaim the original shawl, knit with two for colors, in exchange for knitting a new one, using oatmeal only.
What could I say?
So as a result, I cast on again today. No rush, they said. Just as soon as possible.
How do I get into these things?
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On to the Next Project

I may not have been blogging much lately, but you know what that means:  I have been knitting.
 I started using some of my cormo/silk handspun that has been sitting in my stash, and it finally told me what it wanted me to make with it.   I am using the Knitting Lace Triangles book by Evelyn A. Clark.  I am using the flower lace pattern throughout.
I think the handspun shows off the lace quite nicely.  The first picture is after the beginning triangle and 2 full repeats.
Since we try to wear red for Pentecost, my goal is to finish it then. In with all my other projects that is. 
After finishing the Shrieks in the Night mobius, I also started working on the bottom lace strips for the tunic Flo asked me to finish for her granddaughter.  The lace pattern for that is finally sinking in and going fairly well.  I can work that in public, while my Rose Lace Triangle, is strictly an "at home, when its quiet" project.  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun Times

What a day of weather!
Snow this morning and afternoon. Thundersnow.
And more thunder with rain this evening.
Gilbert the wonder dog was not amused. And since I couldn't knit,or listen to tv with a wriggling, barking dog on my lap....neither was I.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Shrieks in the Night Finished

I posted previously the small wee ball of yarn I managed to have left after finishing this shawl.  Due to the nature of the mobius with the double needles, it is impossible to know exactly how large or small it will be. In this case, I may have been able to make it smaller but I think it will work.
Gertie thought it was a bit long,  but with a shawl pin it will work nicely. 
I liked the look with a folded down collar, but then you don't have much back.  All in all, I love the color and the style.
And if you forgot the reason for the name, it comes from the name of the yarn color: Silver Streaks at Night.  And the fact that I originally planned to start it on Halloween.  The two just blended and became Shrieks in the Night.