Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Apples and Knitting

There is nothing like a farm fresh apple this time of year.  And since all my apple farming relatives have sold their farms, that sent me to a nearby friend and farmer.  Since I'm not the self pick type, I quickly left with a peck bag of Courtlands for general eating and cooking, and a half peck of Honey Crisp. So good and snappy fresh. Yum.
One of my favorite activities just started up a week ago.  The local Community Bible Study is a great chance to study and meet and learn with like minded people.  This is my fifth year in the group and this year I am part of the leadership!  I am a newbie leader of one of the small groups! It takes more time and work, but I am loving it so far.    
The "more time" part may cut into my knitting time.  I am still working hard on the Squared Shades Throw for my priest.  Now that it is cooler it is easier to work on a blanket.  It is strictly a "knit at home" project though.  There is much counting involved with this for Knit Nite. But I am almost done with the third quarter so I am making progress. 
Which is good, because....
I have this waiting for Thursday.  I am part of a Craftsy Knit A Long again.  The Tealeaf Cardigan, big boxy and snuggly.  The pattern drops on Thursday.  However, that is CBS day (Community Bible Study), and then I need to take Younger Son to White Cloud to hopefully expedite the return of his driver's license.  So I probably won't be able to download the pattern till Thursday evening.  I expect the speedy knitters will be half way to the arm divides by then.  But my last KAL was finished several weeks late, so I will finish when I finish.
All I. Edit.  Another project in the works.