Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Just a Girl Who Cain't Say No

Some readers will recall my recent bout with the never-ending sweater otherwise known as Betty's Jacket. I finished it, although not pleased with the seaming and the gauge it was knit at.
However, when it made its appearance at the recent fiber festival in Charlevoix, it apparently was a hit. So much so that, even though the buttons were not sewn on, and it wasn't even blocked, someone bought it!
Betty was so pleased that she commissioned two more shawls.
And so I bring you, shown above, Purple Triangle, using Meg Swansen's Garter and Lace pattern. The color is a bit lighter than shown, and my wad of keys are there for scale.
With a deadline of mid August.
What was I thinking!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Week, Another Wedding

I tried to get this posted yesterday, but naturally, Blogger was acting up again.  So I will give it a try now. This time the happy couple were my favorite former Army captian nephew and his beautiful bride, my new favorite blonde niece.

The wedding ended up being outside, after being moved in and back out.  Since the temps were below 90, I guess they decided on outside.  I had a front row seat and great view. My baby brother (and only brother) and his lovely wife were the groom's happy parents. 

Despite the claims of both sons and the parents that their family has no dancing genes, they actually got up to cut the rug.  Their boys were stunned to see them out on the dance floor.
And just so the picture is complete, here is a shot of the other nephew--my favorite first born nephew with my favorite brunette niece and my two favorite sweater recipients.

Aren't they cute? Saturday was a fun time, and I gained a new niece.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New Treasure

The book shown above is my new treasure. The latest book of Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern just published by Schoolhouse Press.
Most of my knitting friends know I am a big fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann. I love her patterns, her methods, easy to read style, and her humor. Thanks to her, mostly, I am unafraid of adjusting patterns. Or even diving in with no pattern at all.
While recently congratulating myself on not succumbing to Knit Picks latest 40% off book sale, I "accidentally" started browsing, with no intention of placing an order. And then I saw IT.........Knit One Knit All.
I had to have it.
And when the fog cleared, I had an order confirmation in my inbox.
And now I have the book. It is great.
And I already have a sideways garter stitch sock started!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Shortened Post

I had planned to get online with the laptop and do some blogging. But I heard on the news that the power company wants us to limit usage tonight.
So instead I give you the above picture of my newest project.....a replacement watchband. Pattern is Boogie Time, from an old edition of Knitty.
Let it snow, let it snow...and think cool thoughts.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I believe my regular readers know that I am no fan of,summer heat.
And although Hubby has occasionally turned on the AC, let me tell you, I'm dying here. So as I longingly reflect on last winter, I present the above picture, along with my fervent cry......"I want a nice snowy blizzard!"
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Finished Object, Sort Of

Last Monday as Spin Guild, Evelyn asked if I would have the Alpaca Silk Jacket for Betty done by the Charlevoix fiber festival.  That is scheduled this coming weekend. I still had a sleeve to finish and the button bands and collar.  As well as the ever dreaded "sewing up".  However I plugged along.  The plugging was made easier when I discovered using a lapdesk on my lap with the sweater on top of it on my lap made the going a bit cooler.
By Tuesday Knit Night, I was able to pin somewhat together.  This picture is just before finishing the sleeve top shaping on the last sleeve. Then the fun began as I started sewing.  I am not a fan of sewing up.
But, inspite of the heat and time crunch, I finished it.  Or my part at least.  I am letting Evelyn add the buttons.  I had a bit left over to put with my two skeins, to make my own cardigan.  Later.
But my portion of this jacket is finished.  On to the next one. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Wedding

Older Son's best bud, since before school, got married this weekend. 

The first dance
The weather,while hot, was not humid.  Over all, it was perfect.  The wedding was Friday, also outside, while the reception was Saturday, in a field behind a small wood lot behind their house.  A tractor powered generator provided just enough power for music and a few lights.  The food was great.  The crowd large and happy. 
And so were the bride and groom.
My love and best wishes to my "other son" and his lovely bride.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never a Good Thing

Now that our hay is safely baled and stacked, Hubby was looking for
rain for the next cutting to flourish. Many area farms have had corn
curling. That is when the leaves try to conserve water by curling up,
causing them to straighten and give the standing stalks a spiky
Well, he got his wish. I tried to get Younger Son to leave earlier
for work, because I could hear the thunder and see the dark clouds.
Of course, Mom knows nothing, so he left at the regular time. About
half way to work on his moped, the sky fell in.
Rain was coming so fast and furious I could not even see the home less
than a quarter of a mile away. In less than an hour we got half an
inch of rain. Much needed rain. Younger Son was soaked. Maybe he
will listen next time. (Yeah, right. Like that will happen.)
We didn't get the power outages many areas did, and all seemed well.
Today, after working at my other job yesterday, I came into my office.
I was grousing because I thought my boss had shook his wet umbrella
out over my desk. I forgot the rain was the day before. My desk
calendar and all papers had that wrinkly crinkly look of paper that
was wet and then dried.
Then I went to type up some dictation from the old dictaphone. Nothing.
And that is where the title of my post comes from.
When you look inside the dictaphone, and the tape is soaking wet and
there is water still, 2 days later, standing inside the dictaphone, it
is never a good thing.
Apparently the roof had leaked and later that day, after I had left,
water started dripping. My boss had noticed the drip, but not the
fact that it was hitting the dictaphone.
I am now trying to type from a regular cassette player.
Fun times.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're Getting There

No new pictures, I've been too busy knitting.

I have progressed quite a bit since this picture.  I am now nearly done with the second sleeve.  And then comes....the dreaded sewing up.
I may be able to start that at knit nite tonight.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Sleeve

I am continuing to work on the first sleeve of Betty's alpaca silk jacket. The sleeve top shaping is in progress, for the second time.
After completing about half the shaping, I discovered I forgot to cast off the third stitch on the first set of decreases. Sigh.
So I pulled out the needle, picked up stitches and am starting over. Maybe I can finish it later, while watching Casablanca.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life on a Farm

After rain after rain, Hubby is finally happily putting away our big round bales of hay.  It seemed like the deluge would not give us a break.  Ever since the hay was ready it seemed like it was one storm after another.  And the most frustrating thing was that we couldn't find our rain gauge.  Hubby had brought it in last winter, so it wouldn't freeze and break.  All those big storms, and we couldn't even brag about how much we got compared to other farms.
Hubby was in despair.  About both the lack of hay weather and the lack of bragging rights.
Finally, this past weekend, I put an end to both problems.
I replaced the rain gauge.  And not a drop of rain since.  Wouldn't you know it? 

Our own little red bull is very happy.
Hubby bought him for a feeder, but we have had several people express interest in the little red holstein bull, that he will probably have a longer happier life ahead of him.  In the mean time, Hubby puts him on a stake out in the yard, under a tree.  Little Red Bull is quite happy, cutting and fertilizing the lawn.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Sweater in Less Than a Week

One side effect of having hours cut, and, even with two part times job, only working 23 hours a week is that I have lots of knitting time.  As a result:
I cast on last Monday evening, June 27, and by Sunday July 3, I cast off.  The pattern is a downsized version of Cottage Creations Wonderful Wallaby.  I have sized it down for about a 12-18 month size, and it takes about 1 1/2 skeins of Plymouth Encore.  I like using a washable wool blend for babies, especially when it is being gifted to a non-spinner.
When it is hot and humid, it is nice being able to have a small, quick project.
And, since it did cool some, I was also able to finish both fronts and get about a third of the first sleeve done on Betty's jacket.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Sweater Zooming Along

My little Wallaby has been on the needles less than a week. And it looks like it will be off them before very long.
Hmmmm. What will I do with a boyish hoodie sweater? I'm sure I can find someone who can use it soon.
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