Saturday, November 8, 2014

Enough with the Cat Pictures


Lizzie says there has been way too many cat pictures. She wanted to show off her haircut.

Aside from that, not a lot of news to talk about. I am still in the movie drought without the good movie channel. I have been watching "Up" and next is "Sleeping Beauty." I am really dying here for good ADULT movies. I am even considering canceling Dish until everything is straightened out.

I wonder what channels I could get on rabbit-ears around here?

On the knitting front, I actually haven't knit a stitch yet today. Cow Girl needed to get some items for that fast approaching baby. Since Lil Farm Gal was gone this weekend, Cow Girl went to town this afternoon and i went along for company. Before we left, since she was waiting for someone to stop by and pick up some things, we sorted baby things by sizes and put the larger things away.

But enough of this, my fingers are itching to knit.

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