Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And Looking Forward Too

After reviewing last year's knitting goals yesterday, I thought I should set some knitting goals for 2014. All planning is subject, of course, to impending babies, and other knitting emergencies.

First off, I WILL finish the black cotton cardigan. I am down to the last few small skeins and am constantly measuring for length. I probably should give it a "try on" again soon. But I hope to finish that some time in January.

After that, I hope to finish some more WIPs, (Works In Progress): during the year. I will also reassess if some of them need frogged, in view of my class I took on Craftsy, Fit to Flatter. I think my gansey may fall into that category...it may be way oversized. I also have hopes of a couple doll sweaters, one with a matching sweater for Lil Farm Gal.

I also will try to complete the some Craftsy classes I bought on sale, but haven't had time to finish. I am specifically thinking of s shawl class, and perhaps the Celtic sweater class. I could maybe use the yarn from the gansey if I frog it.

And last of all, although not last in 2014.....

I will start AND finish (I hope!) a sweater for me, out of this. Wonderland yarn, in fingering weight superwash merino in the Plum Cake color way. I will either use a Custom Fit pattern, or something out of one of the Knitter's Handy Books, with set-in sleeves knit in one piece. I'm thinking lace. It was my last big splurge. Over 2500 yards. Yummy!

Anything new that I make should also be out of stash yarn. The Good Lord knows I have plenty. And with no funds for new yarn, I will be doing lots of stash diving. Luckily much of the stash is in shawl and sweater quantities.

Happy knitting and stay warm in 2014 to you all.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back

Before I contemplate my New Year's goals, I want to look back at what I did accomplish in 2013.
This past year was my self-declared "Year of Sweaters". So how did I do?
Not bad, even if I only ended up with half the number of sweaters for me that I had hoped. I completed 18 projects, yet only three sweaters for me. While I started the year strong, with two sweaters for me: the green romney handspun rib waist and the rustic shawl collar sweater, also out of my handspun. My third "for me" sweater didn't get cast on until October. So what happened to that strong start?
In a word--babies. Five of my nine completed sweaters were for babies. The sixth was for my new family member, Lil Farm Gal. There were two for my latest grand nephew, one apiece for friend's new babies. And there was one for my grand baby in heaven. That one has been put away with future grand baby knitting, for when the need arises.
In between all of this was baby socks, fingerless mitts, a couple hats, head bands, scarf, and doll clothes. Whew, I was busy.
All in all, not too shabby. And don't forget I have the black cardigan close to finishing. Since I had wanted to complete 6 sweaters this year, I think I did okay with that goal. They just weren't the six I had planned.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and Beyond

Merry Christmas all!

Quiet time with family today. Now that I am not working, I have been staying close to home and getting lots of knitting done. With the Christmas knitting finished, I have returned to my black cotton cardi. Since this picture from back in September, I have added the second sleeve and even a bit more on the body.

I really like the feel of this Knit Picks Shine, in sport weight.

So just imagine this with sleeves, at this point just a long tube.

Of course, always thinking ahead, I plan to cast on soon for a doll sweater for a girl at church. I also want to make an "dolly and me" sweater set for Lil Farm Gal. She seemed to like the hat and sweater for her doll she got today. I also want to continue my Duchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan. Maybe this will be the year I finish it.

In a stroke of genius, besides the earflap hat, I gave her the ruffle scarf I made at the start of the fad. It wasn't my fashion thing. But Lil Farm Gal seemed to like it. Her mother liked her wool scarf to, pronouncing it perfect for venturing outside in this wintery weather.

So now, looking forward. Even after checking in several times, I have heard nothing from my job interview. I may have to consider myself retired and broke. Just a fat old "not quite a granny," knitting my life away. Anyone know of part time work available?


Friday, December 20, 2013

Presents...Finished and Not

Since my recipients don't follow my blog, I think it is safe to post my gift knitting.

The newly finished Easy Earflap Hat, (a free pattern on Ravelry) for Lil Farm Gal was quick and fun. Thanks to the ice today, I stayed in the house and knit. It was made using Liberty Wool. It is a very warm and soft and nice yarn. Plus it's machine washable.

Also coming along nicely is the Mistake Rib Neckwarmer. It is another free pattern, this time from Knit Picks. The yarn is a handspun, mostly bulky weight, from Northern Lights roving.

I wish I had a large green button for this, but I do have a purple button that may work. This scarf is for Farm Gal. I have a bit of knitting to go, but this is the last of my Christmas knitting. Once I cast off I will add a crochet loop instead of a button-hole, and the button. Weave in ends, and that's that. Unless I decide to block it out some.

I think I will be done in plenty of time.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Continued Knitting

The cabled beret is finished, and, my does it look big! I may try to block it over saucer, but I don't want it to be any larger. I will have to make sure they know it is a slouchy beret!

And since the sweater looks small, they will make quite a set.

So I have cast on for new scarf--the mistake rib handspun scarf. Easy and, I hope, quick to finish. Deadlines are approaching.

The color here is a bit better. I am still playing with the camera settings on my new phone.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Christmas knitting continues. The hat that I had previously made for Lil'Farm Gal was a big hit, along with a sweatshirt for her birthday party. I want to make her another hat, with ear flaps for Christmas to go with the doll sweater and hat. Plus the knitting for her mom.
But the knitting isn't going down easy. I spent most of the afternoon decreasing the top of the mango hat, only to pull out the needle and rip back to just above the last cable row. I wanted to rethink the decreases. But I think I have my plan in place now.
On the other hand, Farm Gal's project may take some rethinking. I decided the light airy dove gray basket-weave scarf is still a bit dainty. She is a outdoorsy kind of girl. So I went stash diving and came up with these. In real life they look more blue and teal, and less yellow.
The current plan is to use this hand spun that was the same yarn I used for my Sporto hoodie a year ago. This yarn was plied on itself, instead of with white. I found a pattern on Ravelry for a mistake rib scarf. I'll sew a button on one end, in the middle. Then along the opposite end, I will try to work a crochet edging with loops left to use as button holes. If I make several loops, the fit can be adjustable.
That is the current plan. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

One Back Done

Progress is being made on the doll sweater.  I have finished the back.  And as soon as this is posted, I'm casting on the right front.
While watching Christmas movies, what could be better?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Knitting? I Think So

I haven't been one to do a lot of Christmas knitting. With my farmers in my family, they aren't keen on most of what I knit. And they certainly would not appreciate hand knits.

But with Older Son finding time to get a girlfriend (henceforth to be known as Farm Gal on the blog) with a daughter (to be called Lil Farm Gal on this blog) I have been getting the knitted gift giving mood.

I have already gifted Lil Farm Gal with a sweater, and finished a hat for her on Thanksgiving. And as always, small dog included for detail.

I then started on a pair of fingerless gloves for myself, hoping it will help with the touch of arthritis in my one hand. And I managed to finish them this evening.

I now want to make some doll clothes for Lil Farm Gal, who is getting a special doll for her birthday, and maybe even another hat. Her mother says she is always losing them. Plus I found some sale yarn that is 50% angora bunny wool, in a soft gray. Dare I attempt a simple scarf for Farm Gal too?

I mean after all, what is another unfinished project or two?

I feel the need to cast on. So if you will excuse me, I have to go play with needles.