Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stop the Insanity

Once again we see panic all over the news. Another Snowmedegon is descending upon the East coast and the South. Now granted, that area doesn't do snow well. An inch of snow already this afternoon had commuters in a deadlock going home in Washington DC. Relax people! Where you live, it will all be melted in a couple days. Stay home and knit. Or something. It's the weekend, just hunker down and enjoy yourself. (Ok, in their defense, Washington DC is projected to get between one to two feet.)

I think the weather reports and storm warnings have gotten a bit ridiculous recently. Before this weekend's south and east disaster-in-the-making crept into my awareness, I saw a weather advisory for northern Michigan, in the Petoskey and Emmet County area a couple days ago. But it was a warning for 1-3 inches! Really? In Northwest Michigan? That is just normal winter weather for Michigan. And when they build this normal weather as a huge storm, you tend to treat it as crying wolf when a real storm comes. I wish they would save the advisories for the truly bad weather, not normal seasonal weather.

Ok, rant over. So for putting up with my raving lunacy, I will treat you to Little Farmer with his "buddy" Snowflake. He loves the kitty. Snowflake does not reciprocate the feeling.

Nice kitty.

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