Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reading Your Knitting

I find that is is a very useful thing to be able to read your knitting.

That fact has come back to me as I return to the Lilac Cardigan. Since I knit while watching tv, I don't always catch a misstep on the purl return row. But I do try to pay attention on the pattern rows. And I have gotten pretty good at reading the pattern to tell when I am off a stitch or two.

Now that I can see how the pattern stitches stack up, I find, if necessary, I can drop down a couple rows and correct the missing yarn overs. And occasionally even finagle my way through a "sl, k2 tog, psso" that is in the wrong place or incomplete. But only if absolutely necessary.

But bear in mind, I know my limits. As darkness falls, I still need to have sense enough to put this down I favor of a garter stitch shawl, or a stockinette vest. Fewer unplanned "design elements" that way.

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