Thursday, January 28, 2016

A New Sweater? Quick!

I am frantically trying to finish up some of my projects.  The baby sweater must be finished very soon, and I would like to get a good whack done on my Navy Encore Tweed Vest. Why, you ask?  Good Question.
I slipped in to the rabbit hole again and am getting ready to start another sweater.  Hey, one of my goals was to knit at least one or maybe two sweaters for me this year.  So, I am following through on that.  But the rabbit hole was one I didn't see coming.
I love reading posts from several blogs.  One of the ones that has been re-activated recently is Mason-Dixon Knitting.  The blog is managed by two ladies, one from Manhattan, and one from Nashville who blog back and forth.  They have also written some knitting books together, including a new adult coloring book, with knitting based pictures!
This past week, one of the posts on the blog was about beating boredom by "Banging Out a Sweater."  The idea was to knit, a loose gauge, Icelandic yoke sweater.  The suggested sweater was Stopover, and is pictured at the link to the blog posting.  Since it was a pullover, I have to say, I was resisting quite nicely.  The next day however, an alternative sweater was listed, for cardigan lovers. Or the idea of how to "cardiganize"the pullover.  I was smitten by the Freyja.  It is a bit tighter gauge, but equally lovely.  (That link will take you to the Ravelry page for the free pattern.)
I even went so far as to order "yarn" called for.
Why the quotation marks?  Because the yarn called for is unspun Icelandic wool.  It is more like a loose pencil roving, very delicate, but strong when knit, due the the long staple of the yarn.  So basically knitting with a strand of fluff.
The other thing is that the yarn was ordered from Reykjavik Iceland,with 6 to 12 day shipping.  Even with the humungous shipping charges, it was cheaper than ordering it from a local online store. Besides, there is something kind of neat about knitting an Icelandic sweater with Icelandic wool.  I will miss the February 1st start date, but that is ok.
And did I mention the sweater is steeked?  That means when I get done knitting it in the round, I cut it up the front to make it a cardigan.  Then the hard part, crocheting around the edges.
And since I have no pictures in this post, just links.  Here is a photo of my pensive Leo, basking in the sun.
Nice kitty.

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