Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This is an old snow picture, from 2009. But you get the idea. This weather has been up and down, warm and cold. Not a decent snowfall yet.

There have been other changes in my life too. After a run of 27 years attending my local church, I decided it was time for a change. The reasons are too varied and too many to discuss here. You are invited to e-mail or message me if you want particulars. Basically I was finding myself at odds with the national, diocesan and local levels of the church. And I was being fed spiritually in places other than my church. The time has come to move on, move forward.

This also involves a change of venue for Knit Nite as well. The new location will be announced as soon as plans are set.

Normally I hate change. But at times it's necessary. And hey, I think a quiz on Facebook said that my word of the year is Change. I guess so.

Wish me luck.

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mary lucht said...

Hope you find a new church soon. I wish everyone could go to my church. It is so alive and spirit filled.