Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mystery Project Finished

There are times when a good quick project is just the thing you need.

I shared some cryptic pictures previously. And now the project is finished. That link will take you the Ravelry page for the project.

Just to prolong the agony for those who don't click the link, here is another hint.

If that doesn't help, how about this one?

They look like little bags, don't they?

But here they are after seaming and trying on.

They are stretchy, comfy, and warm Mary Jane style slippers for me. The pattern is Pocketbook Slippers, and are a free pattern on Ravelry. I didn't want anything too warm, so a single strand of worsted is perfect for me, as opposed to the ones that were part of my Christmas knitting. I figure these are so compact I can tuck them into my purse or tote to have handy when I want to take my winter boots. I can see having a couple pairs of these to keep handy.

I need to see what else I can find in the stash for a pair. They took less than half a skein for the pair.

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