Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reading Roundup

While the deep (and not so deep) South and Eastern Seaboard are staggering under a real snowstorm this weekend, here in Michigan we are snow covered and sunny. A gorgeous day, all in all.

I believe I mentioned on an earlier post how I had started a reading journal this year, to track my reading, as well as to record books I want to read in the future. (It is the January 14 post, if you are interested, called Knitting and Reading, link in the sidebar.)

I am making pretty good progress on my To Be Read List. I have managed to finish the last two Miss Marple books. And I was very glad to see that Agatha Christie did not kill her off. It must have been Miss Christie's on demise that caused Miss Marples death.

I am continuing my mystery streak with book three in the Lady Darby mysteries, "A Grave Matter." And, I have returned to the book that I lost and ended up paying the library replacement costs. No, it didn't turn up. I ended up buying it on Kindle. That book is "Cleopatra: A Life" by Stephanie Schiff. I usually buy books for my Nook and Kindle apps that are discounted. I really hated paying twice for this one.

I also opened Spoon River Anthology again. I like it, but never stuck to it last time I started to read it. It is one book that may be easier to follow in a paper form rather than an e- book. Only because I kept wanted to leaf back to poems about people I had already read. Maybe I can finish it this time, even if it is on Nook. I still do most of my reading on the apps, so I can knit.

I think I may like this journaling my reading. It makes me more accountable.

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