Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back to Basics

I find that this getting up at 4:50 AM each morning is making it hard to keep up with my blog.  There is nothing quite like crawling back into bed at 6:30 after arriving home with Younger Son.  Lizzie seems to enjoy another couple hours of sleep as well.
It does cut into knitting time as well.  It seems to take me a while to get moving after getting up a second time.  Breakfast is later, so lunch is later, and so on.  I have also been reading a lot, the Lord Peter Wimsey series is almost finished, and I also read the Long Earth trilogy.  Back to Bleak House and Dickens now.
But one thing about my Blue Blood Red cardigan is that it is  simple knitting, just keep track of the rows and the rest takes care of itself.  Last week I had started the right side after finishing the back. It is also a project that I can knit and read at the same time.
I finished that and started the Left side yesterday.  I took the back and right side and pinned them together with my little clips I find so helpful when sewing up.  Gertrude tried it on for me.
Yes, I know that I use a bunch of markers.  There are row count matches, and increase/decrease markers. Once I finish the other side I can remove them and replenish my supply while I knit the sleeves.
But, it looks like the sweater will fit like a Custom Fit sweater should.  I need to finish some of my baby knitting, and then start another one for me.  Maybe lace pattern with that Plum Cake colored fingering weight.  And I can do another in this same Lamb's Pride, with perhaps a row of lace or cable insert up the front along the edge, or even a center back insert for variety.  I can easily calculate the gauge difference and adjust stitch count for that.
It isn't as thought I don't have any more of this brand/variety of yarn.  Off the top of my head I can name at least 2 sweater worth quantities in the wool room.
Plus, I know where I can get more.

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