Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blocking! Easy Edition

I gave both the Sweet Pea Cardigan and the Farmall Jacket a dip in the soaking pan to prepare for blocking. I soaked them separately luckily because the red did bleed slightly in the warm water.

It doesn't show the bleeding here, as it only showed when I gave it a gentle swish. But before I took this out of the water, I drained and pushed as much water as I could by kneading the Sweet Pea Cardi in the strainer. I do that by rolling my knuckles over it to get as water removed as possible, letting the water drain out the bottom.

Then it gets wrapped in some towels that I save just for wet wool. While wrapped up, I squeeze out as much more dampness as possible and then lay on a dry towel on the blocking mat.

And now they are all patted into shape, waiting to dry before the cat tries to take a nap on them.

One heart stopping moment did occur when I discovered a hole near the bottom cast off edge of the Farmall Jacket. Apparently there was stitch dropped when casting off. I calmed myself and put a pin in it and once it is dry, I can use a crochet hook to run it up the three or four rows of garter stitch and then use a scrap of the same yarn to tie it off and weave in.

No problem.

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