Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby Prep

Yesterday I went baby shopping.  Well, I didn't come home with a baby, but baby stuff.
I needed some buttons for the Farmall Surprise Jacket.  So I decided to do some shopping for other baby stuff as well.
In a way this was a bit of stepping out in faith.  This past week, contractions started early, resulting in a cautionary hospital stay and some contraction suppressing medications.  Yikes.  I spent the evening with Lil' Farm Gal, while Cow Girl and Older Son spent some time with the OB doctor and triage.  At least it was a chance to meet her new local doctor, and be assured she can call if anything else changes.  Cow Girl is home and so far so good.  But she may get her hospital bag packed and ready.
But as I said I went shopping.  I found the buttons I wanted for the sweater.  Pewter, but lightweight.  I think they go well with the red and black theme.
From there I planned to head to Meijers.  The type of high chair they wanted was hopefully still there.  And it was an M-Perks special this week.  You can't beat $10 off.
But on the way, I spotted what appeared to be a children's resale shop.  I checked it out and got several more Newborn size sleepers.  And just in case, after last weekend, I also picked up one Premmie size. But only one.  If we need more, I'll get some then.  But we sincerely hope that Little Farmer stays where he is at for a few more weeks at least so we won't need any Preemie size.  This is just insurance.
Then, when I finally made it across the road to Meijers, they had the space saver high chair.  And not in pink.
Shower gift purchased--score.
And just to prove that I did finish the front and back of my red cardigan, here is the picture.
Markers and clips removed, ready for blocking and sewing.  Now, do I block now, or wait till the sleeves are done too?

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