Thursday, October 9, 2014

Knitting Plans and Priorities

I have been working on the sleeve on the Sweet Pea Cardigan.  It makes good traveling knitting, as well as a backup project for Knit Nite.
 A couple evenings ago, I turned to it when I got too close to the sleeve and neck shaping on the last front of the Blue Blood Red Cardigan for myself.  Shaping is not the type of knitting I like to try while at Knit Nite.  Too much going on for full concentration.
Once I made it home, I was able to begin the shaping on the front.  I hope to start working on some red sleeves in the next day or two.  The double shaping on the front should go quickly.
Suddenly I find myself nearly overwhelmed with the amount of knitting for Little Farmer.  I have many items I want to get started on.  Plus another baby sweater for a friend who will be a grandma next month.  Plus a commissioned adult sweater.  We haven't exactly figured out the pattern for that one, so it is a bit lower on the totem pole.
And I need to make some thrummed mittens for my Cowgirl and Lil' Farm Gal.  And then there is a knit baby blankie for Little Farmer.  And....
I guess I better get off here and start knitting.

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