Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Knitting

While waiting actual usable measurments to start knitting a commissioned project, and with the completion of the Sweet Pea Cardigan, I found myself in need of some fairly brainless knitting.  So, I debated between a couple projects and ended up choosing to start a new baby project:  the Spiral Gray Blankie.
The color is a sort of cadet bluish gray. The yarn isn't wool, but is washable and extremely soft.  It is center out, but with a neat spiral design.  And now that the pattern is established, it is fairly intuitive.
I have strings on the markers to help keep them from falling off, but I like the spiral that has started. Can you see it?  It continues until, at the end, there is a picot bind off border.
And I still can continue on the last sleeve of my red cardigan.  I am almost done with the second sleeve increases, and will soon be able to start the top shaping.  After that it is a matter of blocking, and sewing, and then the front and neck bands.
And when that is finished, it will be my 20th finished project for 2014.  Whooo Hoo!

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