Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Buttons

I'm still plodding away here on my blog.  Four days and counting.  Not bad.
I also have been working hard on finishing the Sweet Pea Cardigan.  There is a baby shower coming up rapidly.  Trying to have it before Little Farmer makes his debut no doubt.  I want to have some knitting done. So far, I have two off the needles, both needing buttons sewn on and one of them, the Farmmall Jacket needing ends woven in besides.  I would like to finish this little one as well.  After that, I can work on the Tulip cardigan, which is the kit I have shown here previously.  And eventually a Wallaby hoodie sweater.
But I have the second sleeve of the Sweet Pea Cardigan half done, so it is progressing well.  And the other day, I also found some buttons that I think will work well with the green.
They look like little light yellow M & M's so I better make sure they are sewn down very tightly.
Now, back to that sleeve, followed by front bands.

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