Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy "I Love Yarn Day"

One of the loveliest days of the year.
"I Love Yarn Day"  Yeah, there really is such a thing.  In honor of the day, here is a bit of the stash to celebrate.  The sorted leftover tubs, stacked on the left, and other tubs of yarn in the background.  Those tubs have some of the well aged stash.
Some of the cones of yarn, mostly lace, fingering and lace weight---shawls and light sweaters waiting for the needles.
And then there is recently acquired skeins and cones.  All with a purpose in mind.  All just needing the time to be turned into pretty things.
Just like the Blue Blood Cardigan,  Both fronts and the back done.  And the first sleeve on the needles already, begging for more time.
Happy I Love Yarn Day, everyone.  I think I'll go spend some time with my yarn.

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