Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Little Shopping: Glasses and Boots

This past Monday, I finally tracked down my eye doctor.  After her practice was recently sold, due to the inability to afford all of the new insurance requirements, the others at her practice joined the new company.  Her name, however, was not on the list at the new practice.  She is my first cousin, once removed (her mother is my cousin), and I always felt I got a very thorough exam from her.  After recently seeing her mother, I found out where she was and more importantly, a phone number.  Yea!
I  scheduled an exam and this pas week determined, despite a few floaties, that all is well.  So, I am good for another year or so, except for my new glasses.  But those will be coming later.
But, while I was in the neighborhood more or less, I decided to check out the nearby factory surplus store.  I needed some warm winter barn boots.
Now I have some. Warm, insulated, and ready for winter.
Leo, however, was more interested in what was under the box.
Nothing compares to a new box in Leo's opinion.
Now, back to knitting.

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