Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Betcha Can't Guess!

You will never guess what I did during my lunch time.
Yup, cast on another project. I am making my boss Sandy's granddaughter a hand knit Onesie out of my hand-spun merino. The same yarn I used for Sandy's toe cap, when she had broken her ankle.
No picture yet available.
But I had a good excuse. Today is Knit Nite and I had no easily portable project. (Well other than the omnipresent socks.) Luke's camo Kardigan is in the stage where I have one band to due and then needs the zipper put in. Not enough to keep me busy at Knit Nite. And the Wrap Me up is also nearing a crucial point where I need to pick up a gazillion stitches.
So you see, I HAD to cast on something new. At least it is a small project.

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