Monday, September 28, 2009

Lamb and Wool

I mentioned I started a new project to work on while on my way to Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival.
It went well, especially being straight garter stitch with a few yarn-overs thrown in for good measure. Now it will sit while I finish another project or two.

Sandy and I had a great time. Originally she was going to try to embarrass me by wearing everything hand-knit that she owned. (This because I told her to wear something hand-knit to fit in.) She peeled off a few layers before we got going. She was surprised how normal everyone looked. For that remark, I proceeded to thoroughly corrupt her. She was fondling wool with the best of us, and coveting hand-woven goods as bad as I was coveting the roving and hand-painted yarn.
This festival is smaller than the one in Allegan, must more casual, and cooler as well. I loved that I knew so many of the vendors. Of course there were several there from our spin guild. One who planned to come was unable to, but it was still fun meeting and talking with everyone. Rachel bought a great new hat. I got many compliments on the shawl I was wearing and the one Sandy wore. They made great ice-breakers.
I bought too much, some rovings, some yarns, but it was all good stuff. A great red roving with wool, bamboo and silk. I also got some white roving with cormo wool, silk, bamboo, alpaca, and angora. Yummy. I also found some great colorful roving with banana fiber. And I got a giant skein of hand dyed with 12 (I think) different types of yarns to make a multi-texture shawl. And sock yarn from Yarn Hollow.

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